Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Grieving Road Show of the Culture of Life

It was bound to happen. The protestors outside the hospice of Terri Schiavo had to leave, or they had to be coerced to leave. Guards with plastic bullwhips were scattered over the property to entice the right-wingers to pack up the RV, the signs, the placards, the Holy water, and to move to Rome to protest the Pope’s condition. When word spread that the Pope was on a feeding tube travel arrangements were made as a representative from TWA circulated through the crowd with a laptop hooked up to a cell phone, a non-stop to the papal land to see the white smoke for just $1099.00. That price does not include a room but does offer a tour guide to lead you through the crowd to where the cameras are positioned. Talk of the statement released about Terri Schiavo should not be discussed except in hushed tones it is advised in the pamphlet.

- Chris Mansel

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