Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Schiavo and the Chaos Outside

Terri Schiavo’s mind reduced to that of an infant would be horrified at the going on outside her window being carried out by people who have never even met her. Imagine a few hundred people you have never met speaking for you in front of the country. The press goes on and on about how long Terri has lasted now without the feeding tube. Her body has been fed this way for 15 years; it will take a while for it to realize it is no longer going to be fed any longer. Or maybe her body is hanging on and showing the chaos outside that she would have been better off without the feeding tube altogether. If life as we know it is a life of the mind where it guides our every action then what kind of life can it be without one? Like an orphan in a storm Terri Schiavo is somewhere between here and there, and unable to come out of the rain, just how many signs and television cameras will it take to bring her home?

- Chris Mansel

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