Thursday, March 10, 2005

State of the Blog

The strength of my resistance is buried alongside every activist who was killed fighting for better working conditions, not higher pay. The strength of my devotion is stretched from the grave of Emma Goldman to the depths of every coalmine in America, from every soldier who has been wounded to every civilian in harm’s way. To every person who opposes a union, to every person who will starve an unborn child for ideological reasons I say to them I am one of many who will not turn their back or shut their eyes.
I hope in some way that my words can reveal to a new set of eyes what I have seen and read. Nothing about me will ever go away quietly. If the Internet is regulated in the next ten years and if censorship rears its head then the bloggers will all disappear and back we will go to self-publishing what some used to call leaflets. The Mansel Report continues amid the growing confusion of the author whether or not to continue as I have or to focus more on one major report instead of one or so a day.

- Chris Mansel

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