Friday, July 29, 2005

The Lump In Your Throat Is Not A Tear

When President Bush stood at his pulpit/podium and declared mission accomplished, I wonder how many minutes afterward did another U.S. soldier die? He said, “We do not know the day of victory, but we have seen the turning of the tide.” The tide was not rushing over the bodies of two American actors kissing on that beach, that tide was lashing at the bodies of men, women, and children. The bodies, the dust, the skies filled with the screams and satellite phones linked to Washington and Virginia.
Like any victim it is difficult to admit that you have been molested, it is difficult to face your attacker, so I suggest not traveling to Washington or taking the tour of the White House to ensure against a scene of a traumatic nature. In similar cases where a victim will report a crime the victim does not have the opportunity to confront their attacker. You often hear the words before Sept. 11 or post Sept. 11; this country didn’t need to be attacked to know that the Saudi Royal Family had made us the victims. Just as a lobbyist will go from office to bedroom to office to bar stool the Saudi Royal Family will simply make a phone call and all the lines on the paper will fall into place, and on Sept. 11 the paper burst into flames.

- Chris Mansel

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Monstrosity of Conformity

It seems to be the practice these days in this country to bury the living below the dead. If a Republican commits a crime he is rewarded with either a promotion or a rousing support behind him and in some cases, if not all, a Democrat is blamed for the crime or incident. How a Republican can claim that the media is attacking the conservatives in America when the news media in this country is owned and operated by conservatives is beyond comprehension. Like William Blake said, “Perverted into fable…” Each day brings a new story to light which by the time it hits the airwaves of radio or television it has been sanitized by the editors of the news outlets and scrutinized by the official policies of a dishonest government for posterity. The National Archives contain more lies than the walls of the oval office.

- Chris Mansel

“The world’s more full of weeping than we can understand.”

- Yeats, The Stolen Child

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Shoot To Kill, Protecting The Capitol By Aiming For The Gullet

As soon as the news that the police in London had shot a suspect eight times in the head, a man who was only guilty of having an expired visa, every off duty policeman in the district of Washington was recalled to work and instructed to report to target practice. The Fox Network began initiating drills to disperse teams of correspondents to cover the upcoming fatal shootings. Bill O’Reilly stammered and kicked an assistant in the mouth and rubbed his groin on the chin of a female co-worker and screamed for a raise until he was guaranteed the right to interview the cop who would produce the kill shot. Meanwhile at Fox studios Joe Scarborough was still in negotiations to join the network of fair and balanced news.

- Chris Mansel

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"From its consecrated cerements
I will not drag this sacred dust again,
Only to give me pain..."

- Longfellow

The Author angered by what he sees happening in the world and struggling to deal with a change in medication, two in one day, decides to take a break until the urge hits him once again to write. To look for the words is to cheat myself and to cheat you the reader, when the words are ready I'll be back.

Friday, July 15, 2005

The Mansel Report: Dispatch From West Virginia

As you the Mansel Report reader are keenly aware of what is going on in the world of politics and especially right-wing rhetoric, Bernard Goldberg appeared on the Jon Stewart show recently and espoused his brand of conservative darkness, i.e., all liberals are what is wrong with the country. Keeping all this in mind I asked the Mansel Report’s resident chief analyst for his reaction to the appearance by Goldberg. So fresh from his fortified bunker in West Virginia, ladies and gentlemen…Bob Kincaid.

Beginning of transmission:


Try this one on for size:

Before you read any further into this essay, I’d like for you to do two things.
First, go here and watch Jon Stewart’s interview with Bernie Goldberg, compiler of a recent tome (I use the word ‘tome’ mainly because it starts with the same letter as ‘turd’) that declares once and for all what’s wrong with America and who’s responsible for what’s wrong with America. Interestingly enough, 97 out of 100 of America’s worst human beings just happen to be . . . wait for it . . . LIBERALS!!!!!!!!

How Bernie Goldberg ever worked up the stones to go mano a mano with Jon Stewart, I’ll never know. Maybe he’s taken to reading his own press: how he’s “hard-nosed” and “hard-hitting” and “curmudgeonly,” and all the myriad other things PR flacks are paid to say about no-account whores from the ex-journalism tour who write books that are bought by people who are mostly ex-readers.

But I digress. I really DO want you to see that interview. But, having watched the interview, I should like very much for you to read this story

Done yet? Gooooooooood.

So, let’s review:

Bernie Goldberg says Al Franken is a greater threat to America than George Bush. OK, bad example since, given a free and open forum for debate, Al could whip Dim Son like a borrowed mule (sorry, PETA). How about a greater threat to America than Osama bin Forgotten? Yes. Really. Bernie Goldberg thinks that; thinks Al Franken is worse for America than a 6-foot-6 Arab with a portable dialysis machine whom the CIA can’t find, who figured out a way to fly jumbo jets into our biggest buildings and killed 3,000 people. Thinks that. Believes that with all of whatever replaced the spot where his beating, human heart used to be.

But of course, the acolytes of Phlush Phlegmball are still as certain as they are of their own eternal salvation that the LIBERALS are the wackos. And at the VERY SAME TIME that Jeb Bush had the best minds of his administration trying to figure out how to shove a garden hose back into Terri Schiavo, one of his fellow Floridians was pummeling his three year old son for being queer. Really. At roughly the same time a year ago that Jeb Bush was working up a good-ol-fashioned GiveAPoliticalDamn about Terri Schiavo, somewhere in that God-forsaken semi-tropical hellhole that is Repiglican-controlled Florida, a 21 year old man beat his 3 year old son TO DEATH because he was afraid the little feller might turn out to be a FAGGOT. Beat the little guy until he was vomitting and both sides of his brain were coalescing into the jello-o state. Because he was afraid he had a QUEER three year-old, and damned sure didn’t want a QUEER four-year-old.

Oh, hell. I don’t want to play in this game anymore!

But play we must, because the Eternally Saved Right, led by the Holiest of the Holy, the Southern Baptist Convention (which, you’ll remember, came into being because they didn’t want to be worshippin’ dear, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, whiter-than-a-bar-of-Ivory-Soap Jesus in the same building as a bunch of, well, you-know, “those” people) has declared that PANSIES are more dangerous to us than Osama bin Laden.

Let it seep in. Let it rattle around your skull. Repiglicans are more concerned about a couple of gay guys wanting to hold a wedding reception and buy real estate and have health care benefits than they are about GUYS WHO BEAT THEIR 3-YEAR-OLDS TO DEATH TO KEEP THEM FROM BEING ALL QUEER, n’ stuff!

You know who I need on this story? I need the Reverend Fred Phelps. I NEED to see the face of the Southern Baptist Convention on this case. I NEED to see the Good, Godly, Upstanding, Southern-baptist-ordained Reverend Fred march on Florida to declare that that little 3 year old feller is dead because God killed him for being a “driver down the ol’ dirt road.” I need to hear Reverend Fred explain to us all that God can spot a faggot from miles and years away, and had that little guy killed to keep him from spreading his faggotry later.

Y’know what’s sad? I give Fred Phelps about three more days before he does exactly what I’ve described, marching outside the courthouse where the trial’s going on in support of the infanticidal daddy. After that, the Reverend Fred and his minnions will picket an abortion clinic.
Which brings us back to Bernie Goldberg. He lives on the moral high ground, y’know.
Which is worse, Bernie? Babs Streisand and Al Franken, or Fred Phelps and some screwed up queer-hater in Florida? Which is worse, Bernie? Talking about the murderer you worship as President, or evil men in evil times who kill children for being FAGS before they know anything more than “I love my Daddy?”

I guess Bernie picked his list because if he’d done a list of conservatives and/or Repiglicans killing America it would’ve been thicker than the Oxford Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language. Instead of the magnifying glass they give you with the OED, though, Bernie’s book of Conservative, Repiglican Killers would’ve come with a scanning electron microscope, and that would’ve put the price point beyond most of his semi-literate readers.

End of transmission.

– Bob Kincaid

The Bob Kincaid Show is no longer on the air but is archived at
Bob's website is

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rwanda and State Sponsored Genocide

If you have read the Mansel Report from the beginning you'll know that I have a deep concern for what happens on the continent of Africa. There is no other place in the world today that suffers more. In particular Rwanda is dear to my heart. To know that we as a nation could have prevented close to a million deaths and that we did nothing makes me cringe with shame every time I think about it. I own a copy of the documentary Ghosts Of Rwanda, and if you have never seen it I wish you would. PBS and their show, Frontline, produced it. I believe Frontline is the purest news source you can have access to on television.
Today's link concerns Rwanda and the genocide. The story mentions the fact that the genocide was discussed in cabinet meetings while it was being carried out making the entire government in my mind complicit in the killings. The old saying goes how could it happen here but the response is chilling. The response is why doesn't it happen more often. I juts don't know what to think of this world sometimes.
We are supposed to just accept the fact that the money pledged for Africa will be delivered in 2010. Meanwhile two million people die each year in Africa right now, 6,300 everyday from AIDS. It is five years till 2010, so we can just accept that those 10 million that will die before the money is hopefully delivered were worth it? 10 million? I find it hard to live with that number.

- Chris Mansel

Agenda Offenda

The title of this article is Oil Find Near Kenya Border Excites Business Interest.
A quote from the article,
“The US, which pledged $1.7 billion, said its contribution would be unlocked by the government's ending hostilities in the western Sudan region, that have claimed about 100,000 lives.”
As we all know the U.S. is very good at pledging money. Somewhere in Washington on the books somewhere is a pledge to the 13 colonies. You can almost sense a vote coming up in this session of Congress on the right to invade any country that has ever had a terrorist travel across their borders that also contains exploitable natural resources. We’ll call it the Lugar bill after Richard Lugar from Indiana.

- Chris Mansel

Nigeria: Oil


Oil. It’s all about oil and the rape of another country and its natural resources, the next country to be entered oh so slowly by a corrupt administration like the Bush regime is Nigeria. Nigeria is rich with oil and as you can read in the above link the President of Nigeria is trying to interest Russia in investing in their Nigeria’s oil. Now you and I both know that the United States and England cannot stand by and let another country like Russia take honestly what they can take either by force or by corrupt means. I would call this a prediction but I can almost tell you in the affirmative that it will happen. It’s oil after all. You won’t see this mentioned in the U.S. press until our interest in the oil in Nigeria is judged a worthy subject by the networks.
Another important point is that Nigeria is on the coast with easy access for the American and British ships. This means that the U.S. and England could skip right by the thousands of deaths in the Ivory Coast, disregard the atrocities in Chad and the Sudan and take what is most important to them, oil. This could be such a beautiful world if only those who hate is so much could conceive of anyone else’s life outside of their own.

- Chris Mansel

The Non-Elected Liars and the Liars That Love Them

“What happens to a dream deferred?”

- Langston Hughes

Ken Mehlman’s appearance on Wolf Blitzer’s show today was filled with Mehlman spewing, “I don’t recall, I don’t recall.” Also, “I am not going to comment on an ongoing investigation.” You can see the fear in his eyes and you can easily see that he was furious at Blitzer. The fact remains the blood is in the water, hell, I don’t see much water.
The ferocious Conservative spin to clear the name of their Goebbels is entertaining but as I have said before when it comes to affecting the votes for those supporting the president, when it comes to endangering the years and sometimes decades of lobbyists throwing money at their door, when it comes to actually having to work for a living and not travel on the tax money their own families have paid in for generations it will become clear that to rock the boat means you are the first to be eaten when the sharks begin to circle and the wind has gone out of the sail.
Helen Thomas said to Scott McClellan that Karl Rove has placed integrity into question. McClellan and his nervousness in having to answering the questions about this controversy show in his repeating of himself.
The quote of the day is by Ken Mehlman, “I don’t think you’d see the Republicans pre-judging the situation.” How soon they forget. The Whitewater and Monica lewinsky fervor sent Republicans frothing at the mouth in front of any camera they could find. You can be sure that when FOX News finally decides that all the air has gone out of Karl Rove and his terror machine and they too begin to attack Karl Rove, it will already be too late.

- Chris Mansel

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Karl Rove

Spin this Fox. That is when it happens, and it just might.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Air Force One (The Sadistic Wagon With The Squeaky Wheel)

(for Jack Random)

Air Force One left London and as soon as it was in the air the flight crew disrobed and the alcohol started to run in-between the aisles. President Bush went into his secret office near the fuselage and put in a DVD that contains a montage of Condi Rice strolling in front of the camera. The creases in her pants suit moving in slow motion. The President thrusts his groin into the television screen, aides gather together intelligence on the bombings and begin to make secure phone calls to Saudi Arabia to schedule another. When the President gets all worked up to the point of climax he opens a door located inside his closet to enter a small pool of oil so he can commit coitus with himself. President Clinton kept vagina cigars in this secret room and former President Reagan kept stag films of Hedy Lamar and Clara Bow. Jelly Beans tied on gold string reeking of excrement.
In the President’s office Karl Rove and Karen Hughes watch footage of the attacks in London and sculpt data for Scott McClellan and the White House press core, for speeches in the upcoming elections and to use in the files that Rove keeps in his secured bunker of misinformation. Rove laughs greedily and spits in his hand and grabs Karen Hughes by the neck and bends her toward him. Karen Hughes performs a sadomasochistic act on Rove’s person. The President walks in and opens a beer.

President Bush: Now Karl, when I go sign this book at the embassy what do I write…a message of some sorts or what? Sorry you didn’t die Tony, something like that?

Karl Rove relieves himself into a bucket on the floor and Karen Hughes hits a button and a Secret Service agent arrives instantly to dispose of the waste. Karen Hughes arranges herself and the talk continues.

Karl Rove: You just sign your name and express your sympathies.

President Bush looks at Karen Hughes and at Karl Rove with a confused expression.

Karl Rove: Sympathies, how sorry you are…(laughs) ok just write whatever you want to.

Karen Hughes: Mr. President can we please turn off this tape of Condi?

The President looks across the room at Condi and then returns his gaze to the television screen.

- Chris Mansel

The Owl and The Crow

The brief but hidden storm of obscenities were waged into the fists of restrained house democrats as Karl Rove decried to the world that he did nothing wrong. Statues of the founding fathers leapt as one across the Potomac and sought shelter in the restful arms of the Motel 6. Washington and Jefferson spent the night sniffing the glue made from Paul Revere’s horse kept for them in a bunker hidden in the hills if West Virginia. Ben Franklin spit out chalk and vomited the entire night screeching out the eternal damnation of the Internet.
Networks reached their satellite trucks on the road to Florida to cover the impending coverage of death and high water to encircle the grave and or house of Supreme Court head Rehnquist who many in the media had privately dubbed Renfield after the story of Dracula, Renfield who would do the bidding of his master by acquiring flies and spiders and other small animals to provide the blood to save his soul. Rehnquist keep a constant vigil by walking back and forth to his chauffeur driven car and back in attempt to weaken the live feed of the major networks.
The several heads of state that took part kicking and screaming in the G8 summit declared to pledge millions in aid to Africa but did not leave their account numbers or financial info. They raced as one to the airport and took great comfort to be down with the photo-op and to instruct the pilot to fly over the smoking rubble and rush of ambulances of London. Taking their direction from Bill Frist they sought to get a little bit of the carnage in the background.
Talk radio hosts reveled in the G8 summit and boasted how they had described in their own words how it would occur and took credit silently of how they knew privately that the money would never see the light of day unless it came in the guise of terror relief.

- Chris Mansel

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Predictions: The Bush/Clinton Alliance

I have seen the line in the darkness and it is hellish. I have a prediction and it is so goddamn twisted it just might come true. Okay, former President Clinton was appointed by current President George W. Bush to serve with his father former President Bush to aid in raising money for victims of the Tsunami. They have gotten to be friends despite their “differences” and Barbara Bush has even referred to former President Bill Clinton as her son. The Bush family is friendly with the Clinton family and Senator Hillary Clinton will most certainly run for President. This is where it gets weird.
Senator Hillary Clinton will run on the friendship of the Bush family, the photo-ops, etc., and will garner the attention of Bush Republicans. She will win the presidency with her “further than center” views but now the kicker, a preemptive strike. I can’t believe I am saying this; Hillary will get her second term by pardoning either Karl Rove or current President George W. Bush for his role in using 9/11 for a reason to invade Iraq illegally and the approval of torture beyond the restrictions of the Geneva Convention. When does torture get to beat something even the Republican Party will not allow? When it interferes with the votes being tallied in the home districts of the candidates in the house and the senate.
This is so twisted like I said that it just could come true. Slicker than Willie, darker than Nixon, and crueler than Idi Amin the Bush/Clinton alliance could dispel any and all rumors that true evil rests only in the hearts of men.

- Chris Mansel
G8 Talks Successful.

Friday, July 08, 2005

It's Easy To Be Cryptic When You Are Miles Away

"All of this does not change the world tomorrow, it is a beginning, not an end. None of this today will match the same ghastly impact of the cruelty of terror."

- Tony Blair

Look Into The Camera Eye

What you see is not always what you should if you take a moment and look at the photograph slowly. In the above photograph you see onlookers, you see participants, you see the curious, and you see the bothered.


Onlookers are one of the crucial factors in any disaster or crisis situation when they want or demand to take part. A traffic incident will attract those that want to see something terrible, they want to see something they can talk about, they want to share something with someone else and be the only one who saw it. An onlooker can get you killed.


Participants are those who were involved in the situation but feel they no more about handling the situation because they were there instead of those who were trained to deal with the situation. Sometimes you can see it in their eyes or in their face as they try to hide a proud smile or a glint in their eye by knowing they were apart of something not many others were not.


The difference in onlookers and the curious is that the curious will become involved, they will get in the way of the victims, the professionals who are there to handle the situation, save lives, etc. When told to move back or to clear the area will resist sometimes violently the restriction of their ability to take part or to experience the situation. Onlookers drive by generally, and the curious get out of the car and walk over.


No matter what police, firemen, medical workers will say after an incident about their courage in handling the situation or being a part of it they will not tell you that in the moment they were sometimes truly bothered by having to take part. Because they have experienced the same kind of situation before or other crisis they feel that they and only they know the proper way to conduct them and will resist any logical advice in how to do so. This is not always true but on the whole it is common.

This photograph like many others of the incident in London remind us that however bad this carnage is, it takes place every single day in Iraq.

- Chris Mansel

Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Collaboration of Ideas

The question is not why the attacks to place in London, but you could almost say they were expected. The world press is in England this week to cover the G8 summit so any action taken by terrorists would get extraordinary coverage internationally. The announcement of London acquiring the right to hold the Olympics yesterday is of no importance when placing blame or explaining a reason for the attacks. An attack such as this could not have been conceived that quickly, the real reason for the attack is to remind the participants of the G8 summit that their real reason for meeting should be to pull out of Arab states, such is the thinking of radical terrorists. Previous bombing s through the years by the IRA has prepared London for such an occurrence.
President Bush’s comments about how we care about Human Rights is laughable and that reason alone, and England’s complicity in the tortures of prisoners, could very well be the center of the reasoning by the terrorists. By re-wording, or just plain abandoning of the Geneva Conference and its rules on how to treat prisoners the U.S. and England has unquestionably decided to forego any safe haven of their own citizens and sacrifice them for their own gain. Any blame for an attack in England or the United States by terrorists should be placed at least in part by the actions of the government. You can’t expect to take the law, international law into your own hands and not expect the retribution to come your way. The only question is whether or not American or British flags will be photographed as they cover the dead of ordinary citizens.

- Chris Mansel

Beware of Whores Who Say They Do Not Want Money

(The title is a line by William S. Burroughs)

The good spirited celebrities who can play an instrument gathered all over the world recently to play their biggest hits and to support a cause that asks individuals who scream about politics and don’t vote to write a leader they didn’t elect for or against to support an idea of losing money, an idea of turning against the very debts that afford these leaders to mistreat the citizens that do not vote. The ego slush fund of Live 8 drew advertisers on video feeds, corporations vied for the right to webcast the events, the corporations that regularly commit environmental crimes against the poorer countries. Those who do know history but fail to take a role in the future are doomed to repeat the present and to hand it down to their children. So organize another benefit for another charity and guarantee the celebrities face time like any other pundit and they will come.

- Chris Mansel

Feeling Dirty Under The Tap

Gauging the level of evil by the torment it does to others is one way of determining politics. Politics is the anvil swinging from the narrow thread, the milestone carved from the labor of others, the words of a child used in a marketing campaign to sell an item the child cannot afford. Dress road kill in a designer dress and it is still road kill. Add amendments to it and you can call it policy. Cart it out in front of television cameras and it can become a cause. Hold a telethon and it can be a tax write-off. Politics is one more way to avoid the truth by leveling the playing field under the boiling point.

- Chris Mansel

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


No, they are not coming back from the local 4th of July fireworks show.


The caption says,

"Blessed are the meek for they are good for business"

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Predictions From The Mansel Report

An assassinator’s bullet has changed history throughout time. The actions of a leader have led to more downfalls than any other event. Allow a person to have their way and in most cases they will defile themselves in the eyes of their peers and enemies alike. The regime, not administration, of George W. Bush will crumble in the next two years and will further the campaign for Hillary Clinton. Not the best pick in the eyes of many but a starting point if nothing else. The war in Iraq will continue for another eleven or so years and the invasion of Syria and Iran will bring Israeli troops into the mix and more terrorist bombing will occur on the shores of the United States.

Inside of the next decade will see the death of Bill Clinton by heart failure, the dismissal of the Patriot Act, and the overturning of Roe V Wade, the decline of Republicans in the house and senate will be replaced by more Mexican-American citizens, and the onslaught of pedophiles using the Internet and charitable organizations for their own criminal gain.

- Chris Mansel

Rove and Son

Yea son, see that guy I ruined his life...and him, and him and...ha ha ha screwed that guy! You'll never never know what it is like my boy, whew! Fourth of July, what a more american thing to do than to use your unelected power.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Suicide Bombers

Perhaps the reason Americans cannot accept the idea of a suicide bomber is that the western way is to send the bomber unknowingly, whereas the suicide bombers around the world are fully conscious of what they are doing.

- Chris Mansel

Bill of Rights

...and lefts

Friday, July 01, 2005


What will this generation of Iraqi children think about their "liberators"