Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bush's Repertoire In The Cannon of Gannon (for Bob Kincaid)

“…but in no other civilization has the will-to-power manifested itself in so inexorable a form as in this of ours...” – Oswald Spengler

Looking toward the next scandal in the White House we could stop and reflect on the many torrid and cold-blooded acts but instead we’ll focus on the one overwhelming act that has defined the presidency of George Bush. Jeff Gannon.
The Jeff Gannon scandal or as I am now referring to it “rump gate” brings together two of the three oldest traits of Washington politics. The first being lying, where would Washington be without lying? The second is prostitution. The stories of whoring in the nation’s capitol are so long that even Oswald Spengler would have abandoned it after the first five thousand pages. The third is lobbying or as it is known in its truest form, bribery. The very fact that bribery has been re-named lobbying and has been made legal gives you an idea of the kind of town we are talking about. A city that houses a President after President that says they will get touch on crime and drugs when just down the street are crack houses and criminals standing on street corners.
Politicians campaign in Middle America and the homes of the wealthily. They campaign in pre-arranged town hall meetings and scripted debates. They campaign on federal money and lie to us about how they plan to spend it if elected. In fact, the political campaign for the presidency is the biggest mutual masturbation act in the world and it goes on every four years and culminates with millions of dollars spent so that speeches can be made and delegates from rural America can have the brief belief that they can actually make a difference. What does Jeff Gannon bring to this table besides a lap dance for Scott McClellan? The Jeff Gannon’s of the political game grease palms, seats and the degenerate locals who make up the sign placers, the commercial spots, and the purveyors of misinformation that always runs rampant in times of campaigns.
Jeff Gannon walking away from this scandal with his ownership of porn websites and his acts of prostitution is par for the course when you consider the closed race of two party politics. Close enough to ask a question of the President in the White House briefing room yet far enough away to avoid investigation by the Congress and the Senate, Jeff Gannon goes on to prove that the citizens of this country like the customers of Jeff Gannon will just have to take what is given them, because from here it doesn’t look like it will get any better anytime soon.

- Chris Mansel

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