Friday, March 11, 2005

No Democracy, Human Rights or Basic Liberties for Syria

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The first thing to go in any U.S. invasion is human rights. Look at your history, read it, don’t repeat it. Apparently it is no longer possible to peacefully protest in Damascus. The Washington Times is reporting, “About 100 activists trying to stage a sit-in demonstration demanding greater freedoms were chased from a downtown square yesterday by hundreds of pro-government demonstrators carrying large pictures of the Syrian president, a human rights committee said. Some of the activists were also beaten, according to the newly formed National Coordination Committee for Basic Freedom and Human Rights. The committee, which was established earlier this year, denounced the actions as "repressive and uncivilized behavior which threatens civil peace."
The Washington Times details the occurrence in Damascus, “In Damascus yesterday, at least 500 pro-government demonstrators arrived shortly after the opposition activists began their sit-in. Waving Syrian flags and pictures of Mr. Assad, the demonstrators shouted, "We sacrifice our souls and blood for you, oh Bashar." They overtook the activists, threatening them with sticks and forcing them to move to a nearby square, where they were also overwhelmed and chased away. The sit-in "was met with a flood of security agents and surrounded by marchers armed with sticks and clubs in a provocative attempt ... aimed at preventing the opposition from peacefully expressing its calls for democracy, human rights and respect of basic liberties," the human rights group said. The rights group called on the government to abolish emergency laws and release all political prisoners as well as "unleash general, basic freedoms without any slowdown." It also demanded the government find "a democratic and just solution for the Kurdish question and return citizenship to the Kurdish citizens who were stripped of it." Sticks and clubs used to combat activists who are peacefully sitting in protest. “... aimed at preventing the opposition from peacefully expressing its calls for democracy, human rights and respect of basic liberties.” You read that right; they were threatened and told to move so that they could not express a call for Democracy, human rights, and liberty. Of course they can’t hear that Syrians want democracy, we are going to bomb them they can’t want peace.
Acts of protest, non-violence is right and the duty of every citizen. But if you are in the crosshairs of the U.S you better fall in line until we can blow you out of it.

- Chris Mansel

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