Monday, March 07, 2005

George and Bandar Bush: The Cartographer’s Nightmare

To understand the idiocy and the dangerous outlook of Mr. Bush’s next war you have only to look at a map. (

Bordering Iran is Russia and Afghanistan. The converging force idea that is obviously swirling about in President Bush’s head is not a good one. I can picture him moving his little army men around on a table while his generals look on, sound familiar? We have in the past used our bases in Turkey to re-fuel our planes so they will be drawn into this war too. Apparently Bush tires of hearing about a two front war and now he wants to consolidate. How many American lives can he fit into his little grid?
Never mind the Golan Heights, never mind that Saudi Arabia is actually controlling this war and the Bush White House, never mind that Egypt could erupt into this action as well, and never mind that all of the violence in the Sudan is conveniently nearby on Mr. Bush’s map of little army men. This whole situation reeks of a World War.
Just out of coincidence it is somewhat interesting to note that in Iran there are two places on the map that just call out the Bush legacy. One is Bushehr and the other is Bandar Abbas. Bush and Bandar, the two responsible for this war. Soon we’ll see Tom Selleck and Sean Hannity selling war bonds.

- Chris Mansel

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