Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sun Wyung Moon Over Washington

Sun Myung Moon who has served time in prison (13 months) and who has ties to the Bush family, and who owns considerable holdings in The Washington Times has had a few things to say in the recent past that were very interesting. For instance, on January 13, 2001 at The Coronation Ceremony of the Kingship of God in Chung Pyung, Korea he stated about African-Americans, gays and homesexuals, and AIDS, (

"Among the Unification Church members, is there anyone who wants to suffer more than me? Western members in particular must desire to receive more persecution than I have. Did you come here to go sightseeing? Or did you come here to listen to me and go through a suffering course? It is a problem. There cannot be individualism here. Graduating from Yale or Harvard makes no difference. Lowly laborers can do better than such. Who likes free sex more, white people or black people? If black people like it, they do because they learned it from white people, right? Free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism will end due to AIDS and drugs. In large parts of Africa, 60% of the people have AIDS. They will collapse in 15 to 20 years. The AIDS virus hibernates for 8 to 12 years. They will be destroyed in two generations."

He also said this about Unions, "One reason why a free, democratic nation like America struggles is because of the unions. I will tell you how you can resolve problems with the unions. In the same way blue-collar workers form a union, stockowners and executives should also form a union. They can work together to raise money for their family members. Then each year will be much more productive than the last. There must be mutual benefits for both parties, the employees union and employers union. They can compete with each other and see how much money they can make within three years without returning any profit to the owners. If employees have worked hard, we can give a bonus to their union. If the employers have worked more, they deserve to receive more. In this way they will never fight. In western society, there is no one who has given this any thought. If this doesn’t work out, I will call all the religious organizations and blessed families of the world. We will make a religious union. We can do that, can’t we? Let’s say I make a religious union. Will you join with me? Will you make it? (Yes.) Your answer should be yes."

He shares his true Washington Times views about unions ( in the same speech, " Our unification members work all their lives and receive modest pay. Not only that, they even offer some of their earnings. Can a union exist in this kind of environment? No way.. I can clean the mess America has within three to seven years.
So, unions eventually will disappear. Does Russia have unions? Does China have unions? Does North Korea have unions? What is this? Why do advanced societies have unions?"

Another interesting fact is that in 1996 the father of President Bush gave an address at a Sun wyung Moon conference, "YFWP (Youth Federation For World Peace)was founded in 1994, and the second world conference was in 1996, with keynote address by George Bush, Sr., as well as Edward Heath and Jerry Falwell. In 1997, our Founder made our purpose clear: to establish youth as initiators of change and as creators of true families, nations and world."

John Ashcroft also got into the act and appeared as most Bush family friends and family do, he appeared at an event (
"John Ashcroft, the president-elect's nominee for U.S. attorney general, dropped in on an overflowing interracial and interfaith inaugural prayer luncheon yesterday and brought down the house of 1,700 religious and political figures with a tale of amazing grace.
"This is a country worth praying for," Mr. Ashcroft said, and told how he was drawn the other day to the poignant wail of a street musician's trumpet playing the notes of the hymn "Amazing Grace."
"He stopped in midnote," Mr. Ashcroft said, "and put out his hand with a cry, 'Senator Ashcroft, I'm for you, man."

These quotes are all made by Sun Wyung Moon who owns the Washington Times newspaper in our nation's capitol. The remarks he made about unions you can only guess that the Bush family might support these views. If you are a union worker and have lost your job in the Washington area you may now have an inkling at why you did.

- Chris Mansel

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