Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Portion of the Soul Carries the Heart

America, above purpose, defines itself as the last toll on the road to democracy. It creates its own vision of an idea and betrays it as often as it recites it. Defying international law and reconsidering its reasons it invades and assumes the populations wealth. Natural resources, the acquiring of by force are not listed in the constitution or in any of its amendments. Democracy wastes itself on the definition of morality and indecision. Defending its agenda on the basis of the rights of the wealthy democracy completely undermines the rights of the poor to earn a living and concentrates itself upon the furthering of its principles of the class warfare it defends so abundantly through a two party system that only falls in the path of the law when it forgets itself and rushes ahead without the payment of graft and favors. William Julius Mickle wrote, “The less criminal spirits animate bees, singing birds, and other innocent creatures; while those of deeper guilt become wolves or tigers.” These wolves don’t disguise themselves and they eat their prey in front of the young to remind those looking that if you have none they will still take what you don’t have. The antidote to patience is not resolve, but action. Words define only what the memory will allow. Choice is the omnipresent wage that drives the open minded and cannot be assumed by anyone through force or by law. The ability to vote, to write in a vote, clarifies what the two party system might describe as an un-American activity. To not employ the television media for news is to off load the spin for the truth.

- Chris Mansel

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