Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers Expires

A reporter on CNN quoted a Republican source that said if the Miers nomination would have gone as far as the judicial hearing process it could have been an intractable situation. An uncomfortable situation they couldn't control? Are they afraid she would have said something she shouldn't have? Did she just not return Matt Drudge's phone calls? The Democrats like Leahy say that the radical right ruined this nomination. One thing is for sure the withdraw draws attention away from what will come next, the results of the investigation. Perhaps there will be a major battle of consequence in Iraq tomorrow or tonight to draw attention away from the news tomorrow.

- Chris Mansel

"Don't be surprised when a crack in the ice
appears under your feet
you slip out of your mind and out of your eyes
with your fear blowing out behind you
as you claw the thin ice."
- Roger Waters

The Shores and Embankments of Pennsylvania Avenue

Upon receiving word that there would be no announcement of indictments today Karen Hughes rushed home to retrieve her hunting knife in case of a last stand. Patrick Buchanan paced around the Washington Monument and wrote a mental letter to his old friend Hunter S. Thompson. Robert Novak cursed his black maid and started out the door in the nude before being pulled back in by the ghost of George Wallace.
Meanwhile in the Oval office Laura Bush was calling up old boyfriends and spitting across the room at the president who was sitting in front of the fire swilling from a bottle of beer. Karl Rove banned now from the inner sanctum berated staffers with his infamous grab, squeeze and tickle routine all the while screaming until he blacks out.
On the hill news crews pull up their socks and adjust themselves to repeating the same talking point over and over again. Bill O’Reilly spits into his hand and adjusts his make-up while dry humping the back of his worn leather chair to the beat of an obscure German ballad.
In the Situation Room an absent Jack Cafferty is on vacation so there is no one in the studio to control the actions of Wolf Blitzer who keeps referring to himself as Alice.

- Chris Mansel

Merry Christmas Suicide

The wind shear doesn’t do anything
For the carolers this spring
I’d suggest that they move on
But I don’t own the land they’re standing on

Merry Christmas the insurgents advertise
With hate in their hearts and dust in their eyes
But in the rose garden it’s a sickly white
Television grows black when it gets light

So many children won’t be around they say
Since peace and freedom blew them all away
New Hampshire looks forward to the polls
And the Iraqi’s count the daily death toll


Merry Christmas suicide
With purple hearts and dislodged eyes
God is on our side
But the government wouldn’t clear his flight

- Chris Mansel

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Show Me The Worms, O Cries of Despair

In the White House tonight they are dismantling the tree house once occupied by Karl Rove through much turmoil. An insider says, “It’s like the last days of Hitler’s Bunker in there…they’re throwing fecal matter at the walls and calling up old markers all the way from the Orient to California. The President has handed out the doses and has locked himself in a sealed chamber with a screaming Condi Rice. Karen Hughes for the first time dressed entirely in military attire stands at the door with a menacing stare.
Over at the Senate and the House the Republican members are standing around 50 gallon oil drums tossing in the paper trail that could end up convicting them if the top positions go down. Several of the elected officials on up in years have to be reminded to take their medication. One congressman starts raving about Bob Dole’s campaign running out of steam. Away from the cameras these men become like children pulling at the pigtails of their sons, cursing the drug culture while swigging scotch and puffing tobacco. The foul smell of urine filling depends diapers cannot be avoided as this legislative branch comes into its own.

- Chris Mansel

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rosa Parks dead at 92

Mrs. Rose Parks dead at 92. A great lady who survived a time of ugliness and hatred who became more than what she ever imagined. The Civil Rights era captured so well in the photographs of Wayne Sides and others pay tribute to a time I hope we never see again.

- Chris Mansel

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Head On With Bob Kincaid Returns To The Air!

Tomorrow evening at 7:00 Eastern, “Head on With Bob Kincaid” will be back on the air. I greatly encourage you all to listen to Bob’s show. For some time now Bob has been the Chief Analyst for the Mansel Report. Bob is a well-seasoned Radio host and can slice through the normal radio talk and give you a true and unbiased opinion on what is going on in the news. Bob has listeners all over the world and is evidenced by the support mail that he gets. The link to listen to Bob’s show streams at
There is also an archive at White Rose that feature the earlier incarnation of Bob’s show.
Mansel Report readers please listen to Bob and call in if you like, mention the Mansel Report and show support for Bob’s message of a honest government.

- Chris Mansel

America's Chernobyl

After speaking to my brother in law this past weekend I understand more about the cleanup of New Orleans. When he arrived he found a endless sludge, a toxic stew as far as the eye could see, stretching all the way out to the ocean were rotting animals, rotting vegetables, oil and every kind of item you use in your everyday life stretched to its extreme limits and bound together. They expect the work to go for at the very least five years. Families are trying to get back to their homes but have to be turned away due to the environmental dangers. Of course there are those cheating and scamming these poor people.
The workers cleaning this horrid mess have to wear protective suits, masks, two sets of gloves, etc., If you can picture the men and women who helped clean up the spillage of the Exxon Valdez, you have a general view of their attire. They must buy their meals from the Red Cross and a shower costs $5.00. They must sleep in tents amid this environmental slaughter. I passionately believe that in many ways this is America’s Chernobyl.

- Chris Mansel

Friday, October 21, 2005

Gehenna On Pennsylvania Avenue

Gehenna, the clearest point in the oval office, the spot where you can see the crowds murmuring on the tops of roofs where you can hear the tires blowing out from their rims, where the crowd lingers in front a television set in a store window tuned to white noise. Gehenna, where the Bush administration accepts the secret service protective service with a shopping list of congressional contacts. The tower of Babel collapsed after a procession of noise, the Bush administration collapsed from under its own weight. Lending to the credo of do not build your house upon the sand, the earth beneath the White House could become toxic just by the all of the wrong doings, the lies.
Hunter S. Thompson wrote in Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas about the point where the wave finally broke and rolled back, Gehenna is where the point where the devils in religious clothing finally turned on one another and found that deep down they were just as savage as the devils they crippled with their continuous rhetoric of hate and fear.

- Chris Mansel

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Why Delay Wallace

The press logged some more airtime in the Tom Delay case down to Harris County Texas today. The smiling jackal that is Tom Delay, who more than likely flew on taxpayer’s money to be arrested, photographed, finger printed and allowed I understand to keep his shoelaces. But somewhere hovering amidst the press, the clanking of Tom Delay’s shoes in the corridor is the ghost of George Wallace. Wallace who knew a spectacle when he saw one thrusts his hip into the cameras of CNN and goes sight unseen through the walls of the building.
- Chris Mansel

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

White Collar Crimes

I heard a line on CNN this morning by John Schneider. He said that you usually do not have to swear out a warrant on white-collar crimes. That is the justice system in a nutshell. Let us now embrace the differences in the haves and have not.
So what do we glean from this pompous and damning statement? That if you have money you are above the law? No, if you have enough money and social status you can subvert the law to suit you. So if you commit a crime, someone like you or I, we won’t be able to issue a statement as to when we will turn ourselves in. The laws of this country are not what they should be; they are what some wish they were.

- Chris Mansel

Prediction, Indictment, and How To Influence and Promote From Within

U.S. News and World Report is reporting the possibility of Condi Rice being moved up to the role of Karl Rove if Rove is indicted. I don’t believe this will happen. As I have made several predictions and several of those predictions have come true, I believe that Karen Hughes will be placed in Karl Rove’s role. Condi Rice’s role in the Republican Party is too important to them for Rice to be moved from such a public role.
Karen Hughes is one of those so important to the presidency. She has been sent out to travel and promote the U.S. around the world I believe to shield her away from the furor rising from the Fitzgerald investigation; sort of a last act by Rove before he is indicted, Karen Hughes, who knows where all the bodies are buried and who knows the most intimate secrets of the President.

- Chris Mansel

Monday, October 17, 2005

Problem and Solution

We have entered a new age of newsgathering. No longer it is important to get the footage, capture the photograph or to get the quote. It is no longer necessary to rush to the edit room to piece together a story. Today’s image of the news is based on opinion. You clearly have people delivering the news that have a personal agenda and in retrospect we always have but today the gray misty line is so blurred. What the news media needs to understand is that we do not care who balances the budget we just want it done. We do not care who fixes the state of health care and the lack thereof, we just want it fixed. There is just too much money to be made to make it a partisan issue. If you are starving you could give a shit where the money comes from you just know you want to feed your family. That is the problem and that is the solution.

- Chris Mansel

Questions for Judith Miller

When were you recruited by the C.I.A.?

Is your security clearance above top secret?

Was your recruitment due to your Russian ancestry?

While attending school in Brussels did you do espionage work for the C.I.A?

As a member of the Atlantic Council, the only journalist to be a member of this organization, that includes members such as William McNamara, Henry Kissinger, and Alexander Haig, have you reported the opinions of its members rather than fact?

Your husband who wrote a review entitled, A Dissent on Schindler’s List contains the quote, “Despite its seven Oscars I doubt that Schindler's List will survive its season either as a memorable film or as a comment on the concentration camps, for the evil that Spielberg tries to portray lies beyond his imagination.” Do share his opinion? Are you one who does not believe the Holocaust existed? Would you have the support of the American public if this opinion were exposed?

Chris Mansel

Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Source Tells Me

I have found a way to get national attention to the Mansel Report. I am going to write a piece that is so outrageous and send it to every major news establishment in the country. All I have to do is say a source told me. It works for the Bush administration; even Judith Miller after suddenly finding more notes of hers after getting out of prison was not questioned. Yes, that’s right, after signing her book deal she found more information.

The story I am going to write concerns the gathering of votes from people in a vegetative state, i.e. Terry Schiavo. Here goes.

A source inside the Republican Party tells me that a bill is being worked on by many freshmen congressman on the right side of the aisle that will allow those who eventually lapse into a vegetative state the ability to sign a waiver that says how they would cast their vote if they could get to the polls. By signing this waiver a proxy will appear and vote for them and will be equipped with a photograph of the person in the vegetative state and a copy of the original document. As long as the person remains in this state they can through proxy vote their conscious even though by this time they may or may not have one.

Who is my source? Well, it could be me. Years ago when I was so naïve that I actually worked to elect Fob James governor, perish the thought, I registered as a republican. Like many who fought in the civil war and did not show up for the surrender, I am still legally a republican. When asked I will reply that yes, I acquired this news item from a republican who wishes to remain anonymous. Whatever happened to the days of Abbie Hoffman? Abbie announced they were going to elect a pig president and the media reported it. Abbie said they would levitate the White House and they reported that as well.

It has not worked to tell the truth about the criminal activities. Bloggers find this information newspapers will not print until it becomes public knowledge. The only reason there are indictments being brought by major Republican Party members now is that it has become unavoidable. We know this has been going on for years but now, only now, finally it is being brought to bear. How long will we have to wait for the next big scandal? They are always there with this party. A source tells me quite a few things, but we know about these types of things don’t we?

- Chris Mansel

How Many Testimonies Does It Take To Screw In A Light?

Somewhere in an anti-chamber of Washington D.C. Robert Novak sits and stares at a mirror and spews forth his bile concerning the Plame case. Hooked up to an I.V. of fresh puppy blood Novak has passed beyond his upbringing as a pop and lock fascist. He still undresses children and regularly donates to minor organizations that allow for error.

The Associated Press released an article concerning Karl Rove and his continued appearances before the grand jury, or as it is being described in Washington circles, the retch hunts of the new century. In this article is a delicate wording not to be missed.

His lawyer, Robert D. Luskin, said Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald "has not advised Mr. Rove that he is a target of the investigation and affirmed that he has made no decision concerning charges. The special counsel has indicated that he does not anticipate the need for Mr. Rove's further cooperation."

If you will notice above the wording, “he has made no decision concerning the charges…” So there are charges? Karl hasn’t decided whether or not he will allow himself to be charged? What we need from the Bush white house is a major event. Something like, oh I don’t know….a BLACKOUT IN BAGHDAD?

- Chris Mansel

Friday, October 14, 2005

Power Outage In Baghdad

Insurgents have knocked out the power in Baghdad. It is said that President Bush is preparing a statement that will blame the mayor and governor of Baghdad or it could be that Al Jazeera could be rewinding a tape. Wolf Blitzer it is said is infuriated that there has been no bloodshed to go along with the power outage. Karl Rove is on the phone with the insurgents and guarantying a time of reference for the outage so that President Bush will be sober enough to face the cameras. Karen Hughes is swing an anvil around the oval office and pumping herself up.

How much oil could an Iraqi use if an Iraqi could use oil?

- Chris Mansel

Thursday, October 13, 2005


In the words of the CIA under the heading of natural resources, “abundant hydropower; significant deposits of gold and rare earth metals; locally exploitable coal, oil, and natural gas; other deposits of nepheline, mercury, bismuth, lead, and zinc”

Bush’s favorite resource, exploitable oil.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

It's War

China blasts into space to recruit the relatives of Godzilla to finally kill as many Japanese as they can, the relatives of Godzilla said to be living just beyond the sun, north by northwest, in that general direction.

Bush's Downfall

Bill Clinton said he did it because he could, George W. Bush did it maybe because he had never been told no or it was greed. I predicted not long ago that if Fox News abandoned the White House that it would all crumble. Now even Bill O’Reilly has come out saying the Bush administration could be brought down. There is no joy in this admission. There is only sorrow for all those who died to fuel this man’s lust for power.

Streaming video of O’Reilly:

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


She said reincarnation is fraught with sin
I’ve been sleeping with my dad again
He said Dick and I hoped on
He said Cheney, and he got puked on
How could you know in Washington

I came back as a janitor’s aide
Then I got promoted to office page
A man named Karl asked to smell my knees
Why do these things happen to me
I guess its cause I live in Washington

I woke up in Crawford, Texas this time
Clearing brush meant putting it on me
My hair wouldn’t curl and my seat was swirled
I was told to stand at attention by a black girl
Virginia, we’re not in Washington anymore


When I die it gets worse
Each time it’s like the first
Reincarnation leave me alone
Washington is no kind of home

- Chris Mansel

Karl The Headless Thompson Gunner

President Bush: Karl do you think those Pakistani’s have television?

Karl Rove: I’m sure they do but as sophisticated as ours.

President Bush: Well, Karl we don’t need to see them Pakistani’s comparing this aid we’re giving them to that that happen in New Orleans.

Karl Rove: We can control the information and footage coming out of Pakistan.

President Bush: What do you hear? What are we getting in return?

Karl Rove: That’s on a need to know basis, are you sure you want to know?

President Bush: I might as well; I mean I can only imagine. Why?

Karl Rove: We have to finance our covert operations in the area and we can’t ask congress for more.

President Bush: Is it drug money Karl?

Karl Rove: The CIA financed the covert operations in Vietnam with heroin, so why should this war be any different? We have half the cabinet of Afghanistan addicted; Pakistan is not far from coming to fruition.

President Bush: God bless America.

- Chris Mansel

Monday, October 10, 2005

Bouquets of Talking Points

Last line of defense, that’s a term usually used to describe a situation in war. A moment when there is nowhere else to go, you must make your stand where you are. I’m not sure whether or not the person that coined this term survived or not. It’s not important as history does remember them anyway. History has a reluctant way of remembering who and where, the how and why fall easy into the guidelines of acceptable opinion. What will history say about the Bush administration? The control of information is as important these days as it has ever been. Even with the invention of computers, databases where it is easy to control the collecting and storing of information, the archiving possibilities are endless, even with all that ability the images and sound, the signatures and the footage can be discredited before the opening credits roll. Neither party accepts the role of the civilian who gathers the data and presents it. Neither party takes seriously the fact that there is someone always watching. When the voter realizes that the function of government is to keep the voter out of the process then and only then will the creation of a third legitimate party take place. Till then we’ll have to run alongside without being arrested for illegally withholding the need for honesty, truth and the right to be pricked by a talking point.

- Chris Mansel

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Dissent of Indecency

It’s a vague indecency that inhabits us all. The evidence only pursues the truth until the victim can become the attacker; then as the clarity of the situation becomes muddled with the reality of transference the situation explodes. The only uniform of creation is the pit of insolence known as change. Change becomes what some might describe in the middle of the night as what they thought they heard and what they know they saw.
Indecency being the source of conviction is abortive and carries with it the desire for more. The vital organs of the human body are indecent when separated from the whole but lashed together with the string like arteries they become a functioning apparatus that can be perverted into the kind of psychopath that would appreciate the indecency of individual organs.
As you watch the bombs tumble down through the cloud they appear as hideous angels. First the smoke erupts and then the flames. The dust used to create man leaps toward the skies and the earth sustains the blow. Metal and human skin become as one. The majority of sustainable life is touched by the acts of these hideous angels, their reach extending to those areas of peace. This indecency, visible from the heavens, has no goodness, no mythology. The inscriptions on a map of the world become political when one only focuses on the location of the borders.

- Chris Mansel

Not In Our Television

What is a patriot but a bomb? Can we define the word as anything having to do with democracy anymore? Will democracy like atrocity come in the form of a mushroom cloud or will it strangle itself with its own hands? Whenever someone comes on television to speak to the world it should be like when you rent a DVD, there should be a disclaimer that says, “The views expressed by this administration are solely the views of those who voted in this administration and by those who did not seek to empower such opinions.

- Chris Mansel

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

More Directions Home

A disturbance in the corridors of power, the kind of power that ruins the filth by defining it with a constant shoving of hands and unspeakable acts of pedophilia. The unholy striking serpent known as a man so ungrateful has caught up Tom Delay with for his own existence as to accuse the Bush administrations version of Himmler of a criminal act.
As to draw attention from the criminal acts of Karl Rove the announcement of Harriet Miers nomination to the supreme court has even upset the hierarchy of the republican party enough to make it cancel flights to Haiti to pursue another contract with Nike for slippers for the Congressional groups that travel aboard Air Force One.
Karl Rove traveled secretly to Las Vegas for the opening of a sewer grate said to house the remains of Lyndon Johnson’s male companion. Rove circled the street in a bold manner until he gave the go ahead to lift the lid. Diving into the hole with a sexual flourish he relayed his findings to Karen Hughes who had the president tied to a revolving stool covered in news clippings from the time of Bill Clinton’s impeachment hearings.

- Chris Mansel

Sunday, October 02, 2005