Thursday, May 31, 2007

Drug To The Bottom Of The Shore

Death is everywhere and even our Generals don't know how many of our troops have died. It is uncovered the conditions our troops are suffering in at Walter Reed and lo and behold two long years later it hits the television news and something gets down about it and then comes the campaign season. Photo-ops with the wounded, W.H. Auden wrote, "The stars are wounded; the animals will not look." Need I say more?

- Chris Mansel

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Severed Head Left At Doorstep Of Mexican Daily

By E&P Staff Published: May 29, 2007 5:30 PM ET

CHICAGO - The severed head of a municipal official was left at the door of the offices of the Villahermosa, Mexico, daily Tabasco Hoy this weekend, the press freedom group National Center for Social Communications (CENCOS) reported Tuesday. Mexico City-based CENCOS said shortly after midnight on May 26, two pickup trucks drove up to the front of the newspaper's offices, and a man dressed in black emerged from one of the vehicles carrying a white cooler. He placed it at the main door of the building, saying to guards, "they've sent you this." The guards immediately contact the police, who discovered the head of Terencia Sastré Hidalgo, a municipal official in the nearby town of Nacajuca in where seven alleged drug traffickers were arrested last month.

Sastré Hidalgo was abducted at his home May 24 by armed men. His headless body was later found with a note reading, "This happened to me for making an anonymous call to the authorities."Tabsco Hoy Editorial Director Hector Tapia said the incident was an act of intimidation aimed not only at his paper, but all news organizations. The paper has asked Mexican president Felipe Calderón and Tabasco state Gov. Andrés Granier Melo to send protection for its staff.

Newspapers in Mexico are confronting an escalating wave of violence and intimidation from drug gangs. Last week, the big media company that owns Cambio Sonora in the northwestern city of Villahermosa shut the daily down "temporarily" after a second grenade attack on its offices in a month. The paper has not reopened.

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Massacred Villagers Found Dead in Their Beds

UN Integrated Regional Information Networks NEWS
28 May 2007

Posted to the web 28 May 2007

Kinshasa - Seventeen villagers who died in a brutal attack by suspected Rwandan rebels in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) were killed in their beds, the United Nations Mission in Congo (MONUC) said.
The attackers had escaped by the time a UN military patrol arrived in Walungu sector on the morning of 27 May, said Maj Gabriel de Brosses, a MONUC spokesman. Another 12 bodies were found in surrounding forests, said Samuel Zungrana, a spokesman for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Bukavu.
"A group of 12 armed men suspected to be Rwandan fighters entered three small villages where they attacked and killed 17 villagers," the spokesman said on 28 May. "Almost all the victims were found in their beds. The fighters used sticks, machetes and other light weapons and the wounded are villagers who managed to flee."
The arrival of the UN peacekeepers, he added, prevented further massacres as fighters fled.
About 29 people were severely wounded and 12 kidnapped during the 27 May attack on Kanyola village, 50km east of Bukavu (administrative centre of South Kivu province), Constatin Charondagwa, a civil society activist in Bukavu told IRIN.
"The attackers were from the Front démocratique pour la libération du Rwanda [FDLR]," Charondagwa added.
The FDLR is made up of Rwandan fighters who were accused of involvement in the genocide that killed at least 800,000 Rwandans in 1994, and have since been active in the forests of eastern DRC.
A report by CNN said the killers left notes with the bodies saying the attack was in retaliation against recent Congolese armed forces operations directed against them.
Clashes between the FDLR and DRC army have occurred in South Kivu, displacing thousands of people. Last week, MONUC reported that thousands more had been newly displaced, forcing them to seek refuge along the border between North and South Kivu.
In a separate report, OCHA said murder, torture, arbitrary detention and looting were devastating civilians in growing numbers in the region.
According to OCHA, continuing clashes between militias and government forces had displaced 260,000 people in the past six months. As a result, the humanitarian situation in the North Kivu province, in particular, was deteriorating.
Eighty-five percent of MONUC's 17,000 peacekeepers and military observers are deployed in this volatile region.

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The President and The Arab Strap

So before you get the idea that this is the normal John F. Kennedy or Bill Clinton tag line. Marilyn Monroe or Monica, no. This isn't even Karen Hughes and her paisley hooded tarantula swap spit weekend O bliss, no this is the President letting his hair down with a little of the old "let me see what an Arab woman truly goes through" and so it is arranged away from the media as these things sometimes are.

The President is tied to a replice of a cruise missile in the middle of a room in the basement of the White House while three Arab woman are led in. The women are covered head to toe as is the traditional style except they were trained in a bunker near Quantico and were first tried out on former CIA director George Tenat.

While the President adjusts himself and remembers he can't spit easily in his restraints and mask one of the women reads him the Koran, another spits at him and the other stones him for having an illicit affair with the aforementioned Karen Hughes and lusting after Condi Rice. This goes on for one hour until the President is called away to go to Arlington National cemetery. Soldiers armed with bayonets are watched closely by Secret service as canons are fired out of respect for the fallen. As The President begins to speak those famalies who can't control their tears or their anger are lead off to the waiting arms of unmarked vans, not unlike the three Arab women.

- Chris Mansel

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Gavels and The Echoes Down The Drain

"First blood for oil, now a minimum wage for maximum blood. Aren't the American people giving enough blood for this war without having to give more to have a wage increase?"

- Dennis Kucinich

If you are serving in our armed forces and are on a street sprayed with bullets in New Orleans, Iraq or in Beirut, or if you have someone who you care about who is essentially working to stand on a bread line, i.e. mininum wage, this latest push in Washington should so offend you as to suggest an uprising on the level that should dwarf the sit-ins during the anti-war movement in the 1960's.
Kucinich says is true and horrifically so. What is the price of an american life? You'll hear that question alot in this debate until you realize that illegal aliens can also serve in our armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and then you reconsider tieing it to Immigration or maybe you don't. If you have seen anyone shot in front of you, if you have ever seen anyone lying wounded you would have noticed that the blood was red, it's all red for everyone so extinguish any racist notion you may have and let's consider the question at hand.
As I said earlier in another post, the mininum wage is NOT a living wage. It is no where in the ballpark, not on the same street. Hell it doesn't even live in the same part of town usually unless the employee is allowed to stay there in the back on a cot several nights a week. In the past ten years or so the Democratic party has lossened its rein on reality, a few have slipped through and spoke truth to power but on the whole it cannot be counted on. Check the voting record and see who votes for this new agreement of "mininum wage for maximum blood" and see who really is representing you and then have the guts to do something about it.

- Chris Mansel

The Glass Half-Broken or Half-Spilled

I'm not a red stater or a blue stater so I categorically deny your attempt to place me in a catagory invented by the mainstream media. When I watch the horriffic news and slaughter of innocent lives around the world I do not under any means interpret what I am seeing by which state I am living in.

I'm not a flag waver unless you include waving the white flag upside down in an unfailing symbol of protest for those who cannot speak for themselves. I am unable to travel to every nation on earth where indigenous people are being destroyed along with their homes by forces more powerful than them so I write what I can and in doing so I wave the white flag and in doing so it waves upside down in a symbol of chaos, of protest and of peace.

I'm not someone who will only get my news from american nightly news. I will not take the news I hear at its surface truth. I will read on further. I will read the International press and I will discern what I believe to be true. I will call a news photo into question if I see it more than once over more than one byline as has happened more than once.

I'm a dissenting opinion, a dissenting writer and a quoter of facts and I stand by those who have fallen and those who stood up. I believe if you take a history textbook in the United States and hold it up and shake it the truth may come tumbling out but it will never find its way into a classroom the way it needs to be. The truth begins at home.

- Chris Mansel

Jeb & Joe

If you're under the hideous impression that national politics can get no worse then contemplate a Jeb Bush/Joe Leiberman ticket thrusting itself off from a Battle carrier parked just off Palm Beach while its crew members are forced to carry out their duties amidst the whims of the right wing press.

Navy Lt. - Sir, another reporter is crawling in and out of the missile firing station naked and screaming about the undiscovered amendments of the constitution hidden in Paris Hilton's cell phone.
Admiral - Jesus, not again. See if you can coax Hannity out with a copy of the dead and dismembered in Iraq.

Imagine Joe Lieberman trying for at least a few hours to get into one of those flight suits.

Imagine Jeb Bush beating or having beaten up every reporter who covered his daughter arrested for drugs and having their bodies buried at sea.

- Chris mansel

Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Lords of Discipline and The Mothers of Invention

Imagine a multi-ethnic Green Zone, forces united in freedom, much less fries all banded together in blood and torutre cartoons, american and Iraqi, all having to show their I.D. cards to prove thier americanism.

Imagine a rash of wild fires now dying out in Florida and Georgia now that Jerry Falwell has been put into the ground. Never mind the fact that one of his own was armed with bombs. But that story went away as fast as it arrived didn't it? Just how fast did the minor White House spokesman hit the Interstate when the bombs were discovered? How much ground can a post mortem on the truth cover? Imagine that much fire following Falwell into the already sulfur stinking smell of hell.

Imagine the photographs of the Democratic leadership backing off of the Iraq plan so fast they fall head first into one another's asses so far as to breed new dwarfs of entitlements. Just imagine.

- Chris Mansel

Friday, May 25, 2007

Dance Band Adrift in The Heart of Darkness

Many Democrat and republican candidates are out today campaigning on the rise of the mininum wage and some are even going on and on by reflecting on how it will benefit the middle class. Someone please break through the rope line and please explain that if you are working for mininum wage you are not middle class, unless that is if you are working on a 72 hour day while they work a four or even three day work week.

Hey congressman how many votes did you miss on the floor while shoveling down that last rubber chicken?

Hey Joe Biden it is true that a full surrender is on the table in Iraq if you promise not to make an 8th trip to the green zone? Is it true they are calling you Baghdad Joey?

Hey Hillary is it true you promised a staffer in Iowa to erase a parking ticket for the frequency the media is operating on so you can monitor calls in or out of the press bus? Or was that Rommney? Maybe it was McCain, well you all voted for the war didn't you?

Is it true Lou Dobbs has a silencer he keeps in his metal boot just in case he is called away to his shed in Arizona?

- Chris Mansel