Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Early Reports

Last Chance for the Apostles to Order Out

The New York Times will report on November 1 that a security team from Halliburton will have men with rifles on the roofs of every polling place in the state of Florida. These desperate animals drunk and hyped on the American dream, pleased to be back from the oil fields of Kuwait will shoot anyone, even their own. Laser sights are a thing of the past to these bastards.

Just fire into the crowd Dick Cheney demanded as he slammed his fist into his desk on a live feed from the situation room. Illegal war be damned, Lyndon Johnson was a stroke of dynamite away from immortality. We discredited Nader and Jesse Jackson, now all we left is the Hollywood left. Jackson was easy with a sex-fueled child out of wedlock but Nader we had to find the right people to get him to run. Get the Green party to refuse to name a candidate, that’s all it took, hell, even the Grateful Dead walked away from him.

The Christian Science Monitor will disclose the past of the woman who tried to bleed a patriot like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity claimed. O’Reilly who was encouraged to settle the case on the advice of William Bennett, stalked to the nearest boardroom window in the Fox studios and masturbated in full view of a primary school just letting out for the Halloween weekend.

Karl Rove took a driving tour of the New England coastline accompanied by a laptop playing the new video of Bin Laden. While on the phone to Vice President Cheney he discussed the benefits of abandoning Afghanistan for North Korea.

Rove on Arafat and the Exodus of the Left

Karl Rove still drunk with power from the 2004 election placed a call to Ariel Sharon today. Rove reportedly said, “It’s been a good week Ariel, we won the election and Arafat is as good as dead. The President is still sleeping so we’ll handle this ourselves. Wherever Arafat gets buried, it doesn’t matter so don’t kick up such a fuss over it. You can always bomb the gravesite later; blow the little guy right out of the ground. I imagine we could get Robert McNamara to say some words over him.” With that Rove slammed down the phone and switched on CNN. CNN was reporting a story about thousands of Americans contemplating the move to Canada after Bush’s victory. An aide to Mr. Rove said, “Well, if they all move to Canada that will end the shipments of antibiotics from Canada and get the lobby for the AMA off our ass.” Rove laughed and headed down to the Oval office.

Chief Rehnquist at the OK Corral

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist with a fresh tracheotomy scar in his neck, his meat cut on his plate for him, sits in a chair overlooking the Potomac listening to Dick Cheney on the phone. His eyes are misty.

Vice President Cheney: “Now Will, you know the President has a mandate to appoint a Justice while the Congress is in recess. We both know you’re unable to hardly sit up without help. Clarence Thomas is going to replace you as Chief and the President would like you to support him without question.”

Chief Rehnquist: “Listen Dick, in four years you’ll be out of a job and back to Halliburton. President Reagan appointed me and I will step down when I am good and damn ready. You didn’t even stand up for your daughter Dick, how can anyone trust you? So no one, you, the President or that bastard Karl Rove is going to dismiss me in a thirst for power. I’ll stay around long enough to see the three of you before me on treason.”

Vice President Cheney: Hold the line a moment Will…

There’s a long silence and the door to Chief Rehnquist’s study opens and two men in dark suits walk into the room. One of the men takes the phone from Chief Rehnquist’s hands and says, “Yes sir.”
Chief Rehnquist looks around the room and stares back at the phone line the man lay down on the desk. One of the men produces a sheet of paper and offers a pen to Chief Rehnquist.

Fallujah and the Coverage of the Networks

An American Marine officer compared the upcoming battle in Fallujah as the biggest since Hue city in 1968. What they are not saying is that Hue city was the Tet offensive, the offensive that marked the beginning of the end in the War in Vietnam.

Karl Rove, a usual presence in the situation room at the White House watches reports come in on Fallujah. The President and Vice President Dick Cheney sit in the Oval office and ponder why CNN is reporting on the life of Celine Dion and not the Bush plan of attack in Iraq. A call is made to CNN studios in Atlanta. Karl Rove calls Dick Cheney down to the situation room and the two discuss the count of civilians dead in the attacks.

Vice President Cheney: We’ve got the word on the networks that Iraqi forces will be heading the attack and that we are little more than advisors in the situation, but I tell you if any of them get in the way, it’s easy to pick one off in the confusion. These attacks near the police stations, the interim leaders homes are playing good on Fox.

Karl Rove: Murdoch is going to have to get jerked off for this one.

The President comes in the room. Everyone snaps to attention, except for Karl Rove.

President Bush: What’s the score over there, we coming in hard and low?

Vice President Cheney: Mr. President all reports show that we are meeting some resistance and we’re controlling the media response. Secretary Powell is on his way from his residence.

President Bush: Hell, I know that, CNN has got Celine Dion on, the patriotism is damn low. Fifty-one percent of the vote and a war can’t get on television? Where’s Powell?

Vice president Cheney: He is on his way from home; he should be here in a few moments Mr. President.

Karl Rove: Damn son of a bitch, he won’t be here long anyway.

Vice President Cheney looks around the room and sees the look in the eyes of those gathered and smirks a bit to himself.

The Center Of The Room Is A Long Ways Away


An unnamed source reports to me:
”Shortly after Rove and W met, when they were young men, Rove developed a crush on W. Rumor has it that W initially welcomed the advances, but after a couple of trysts W cut it off. Being gay just didn't figure into his future. But Rove fell hard and realized, after several years of separation, that the only way to be near W was to become his tireless promoter and make him the most powerful man in the world. After a dreadful run for senate W realized he could use Rove's passion for his own ends. The rest is history.”

The proof of this being the fact that on Election night Karl Rove said he was coming down from the “White House tree house.” This not so fictional tree house is the scene for many a Roman orgy. With a 62- inch plasma scene showing clips of Caligula (especially the scene where Malcom McDowell shoves his hand up the ass of the man who has just married his bride) and the film Gladiator, the room sometimes filling with smoke as the circuit heats up from a designer hot plate cooking up aromatherapy oils. Lines of cocaine are featured at the entrance to the tree house. More than once the President has had to be subdued from calling a press conference while under the influence. Karl Rove staggers or crawls up to the leg of the President and while being held on a leash by another unnamed individual offers to do anything for the President’s attention. The resignation of John Ashcroft swings into action the most aggressive hunt for a cross-dresser with impeccable Beltway credentials. If it was good enough for the Democrats then it is more than good enough for a conservative Texas oilman.

Burn The Town and Load The Supplies On The Train

Off the reservation, that’s what they used to and perhaps still call an agent or a soldier who has gone away from orders, away from the plan. Karl Rove was a young man when he first learned about the uses of intimidation. It’s his personae to use whatever means he can to get when he wants. The President’s desire to drill for oil in the Artic wilderness due to a Republican House and Senate is sending companies like Philips Petroleum, Exxon, Texaco, Amoco, Shell, Ford Motor Company, and Chevron into convulsions and Karl Rove has put his blessing on the Bush family fortune to take the lion’s share, not to mention the Saudi Royal Family.


War Crimes

The flames of the fire crackle with a dull sensitivity to light and in that quiet and eerie self-absorbing air is the cruelty of what modern man has become. Mass graves around the world are like deposits one would usually dig up from the earth, but these holes in the ground are a poison that chars the earth from the inside out. War is a self-enabling machine, which operates on the idea that the spilling of blood, the taking of innocent life, and the re-birthing of the landscape only wants more.
The eyes of the suffering fill with tears and exist far beyond the camera lens, the image captured on film or video. No documentary can capture the effects of war each and every day of a human life. Not even the words of the survivors are accurate enough to portray the suffering. Someone I’m sure has suggested that war is toughest on the survivors. The victims, for them the suffering is over.
Statistics of war are pornography. To equate a human life with a ratio on any scale is to run the numbers through your head and blood leaping off the cerebral page. How can one sit and contemplate the skies when it has rained down ash upon their skin? In a crime scene the bodies of the dead talk to the investigators and tell them stories but war is not just a crime scene, war is a crime.

A Night of Television in Middle America

Karl Rove kicks back in his chair and laughs out loud. President Bush turns away from the television and says, “What is it Karl, you remember something funny?” Rove says, “The Conservative Nader, Arlen Specter is going down, he finally over shot his field.” President Bush replies, “Yea Karl, I never did like Specter, I don’t like any man who won’t have a drink with you or stands in the way of progress. Why with Gonzales in office and Clarence heading up the court, Jeb will have a damn easy go of it in a few years. You are gonna stand behind Jeb aren’t you Karl?” Rove replies the affirmative and walks over to the window.
President Bush turns up the television. Hilary Shelton from the NAACP is on C-Span talking what kind of America they want to see. President Bush says, “Karl, who’s this guy Hillary Shelton with the NAACP, haven’t met him have I?” Karl Rove fixes his gaze on the television, “No, he’s too far down the line to worry about.” Lyndon would have met with him but you’re above that. President Bush has a confused look on his face for a moment then replies, “Yea, I am aren’t I?”
Outside the White House a reporter writes on his pad that the President hasn’t mentioned Osama Bin Laden in several days, almost a week. Is the search in Afghanistan over?

The Lust To Rule

President Bush: I just saw on CBN that the new leader in the Ivory Coast is a born again Christian. We should invite him to the White House, hell; he won a 59 percent of the vote. They got to love him there.

Vice President Dick Cheney: Mr. President, the Ivory Coast is in bed with France and has been since 1960. The French are getting all the type of contracts we are getting in Iraq now. There are rampant cases of AIDS in the Ivory Coast also. To bring him here would open up the AIDS discussion in a time where we are enjoying overwhelming popularity, it’s too soon after the election.

President Bush: Well Dick, maybe you’re right. I haven’t asked Karl about this yet. How is Burns doing over in Cairo? Did you tell him how to act, what not to say to the press?

Vice President Dick Cheney: Yes, Mr. President. As you remember you didn’t want to send Powell.

President Bush: No, we can’t send the Secretary of State to a Palestinian funeral, how would that look to Ariel and the people of Israel? Karl’s already called Ariel about the funeral. I’ll discuss it with Tony tonight at dinner.

Burns is Assistant Secretary of State William Burns
Tony is British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Even The Dead Stand On End At The End Of The Day

Karl Rove sits in front of several television sets taking notes on the coverage of the attack on Fallujah. He counts how many times each network mentions the number of dead, the number wounded. Like a ghastly documentarian he organizes the numbers and leaks stories to the press in ways that will change the story of Iraq so subtlety that it would take constant attention to each newscast to tell the difference. Staffers come and go and bring fresh wine coolers for Rove to swill down and laugh a menacing uncontrollable laughter.

On the phone:

Karl Rove: Yea, the latest report is that the citizens of Iraq are offering meals to the soldiers as they enter their homes. Many of the wounded Iraqi soldiers are asking about the prize on Saddam’s head.

A Reporter from the Fox Network: Ok, we’ll get it on the air. Any news on any changes in the cabinet yet?

Karl Rove: I should know something in about two weeks tops.

A Reporter from the Fox Network: Is there any word on the massacres in the Sudan?

With that comment the line goes dead.

The Poodle, The Terrorist, and His War Lover
President Bush sits with a beer in his hand flipping through the Bible. Looking into the book of Revelation he gazes up at Karl Rove lying on the couch. “You know Karl, never in my life did I think I’d have a black man working for me compare the National Education Association to a terrorist organization and then decide to quit and someone call Tony a poodle.” Karl Rove laughs.
Karl Rove: Well, I wouldn’t exactly call him a poodle but what I think they mean is he’s your bitch.
President Bush: You think so?
Karl Rove: What else could they mean?
President Bush: You know after all we have gotten away with, all the back stabbing, the lying, the cheating and the just plain criminal behavior, I never thought anyone, especially Rod Paige would have the balls to call them terrorists.
Karl Rove gets serious for a moment.
Karl Rove: We seriously need to do something about these folks calling you and Dick war criminals. Nobody called Lyndon Johnson a war criminal when he lied about the Gulf of Tonkin and that has been forty years ago this year. But they did call Kissinger a war criminal.
President Bush: My dad told me Henry is a war criminal.

Long Live The House of Closed Rule

Vice President Dick Cheney is taken to the hospital for shortness of breath supposedly due to a cold.

Karl Rove: We have to start working on someone to appoint Vice President. It can’t be anyone who was voted in narrowly. Maybe not even someone in office right now.

President Bush: Karl, Dick’s not dead yet is he? I mean shouldn’t we wait till he is at least on a machine to breath or something?

Karl Rove: Three heart attacks, a pacemaker, and we should wait? Think of all the kick backs he will miss out on with Halliburton. Especially when we move troops into North Korea next year.

President Bush: You mean Iran don’t you Karl? Well, No one lives forever.

Controlled Hysteria In A Palace of Deceit

Sitting in chairs in the Oval office Karl Rove, President Bush, Grover Norquist and Dick Cheney arriving late, meet to discuss strategy.

President Bush: I guess Porter is kicking some ass over there at the CIA. McLaughlin’s running like a dog with his balls between his cheeks.

Karl Rove: Well, you knew he would, he’s been sliding off the bridge for a while. Let him drown himself.

President Bush: Yea Karl, we need our people in all the key positions.

Grover Norquist: Thirty-two years of McLaughlin, he’ll be writing a book or two. He’ll be on C-Span in no time or that Charlie Rose.

Karl Rove: Grover did you see that about Arafat? Skimming two million a month, shit you got to admire that. We could tie him to Bin Laden easy. It’s not too hard to connect the dots whether they are there or not. We’ve done it before.

Grover Norquist: Such as?

President Bush looks nervously at Karl Rove. Rove just smiles like the jackal he is.

Karl Rove: You remember that friend of yours whose daughter was accused of rape? The DUI your son got?

Grover Norquist shifts in his chair and gets up suddenly for more ice for his drink.

Grover Norquist: Shit. I didn’t mean anything I already knew of.

Karl Rove: Need to know basis Grover, need to know.

At this point Vice President Dick Cheney comes into the Oval office.
The President gets up to greet him.

President Bush: Dick, how are you? Everything go ok?
The President looks deeply into the Vice president’s eyes looking for a weakness.

President Bush: Dick I want you to go over to the CIA tomorrow and see if you can help Porter kick some ass over there.

Karl Rove: Walk unannounced into some offices and see the reaction. Let it be known that a general accounting may have to be done. All special operations may be included.

Vice President Dick Cheney: I can do that.

When The Locust Come They’ll Be Drunk With Glory and Fear

In Washington it was a day that every citizen, every politician and registered voter not counted in this or the last Presidential election would have considered unusual. A man set himself on fire outside the White House gates; one tried to jump the fence and was beaten senseless. Five cabinet members turned in their resignation; it was a full day in Washington politics. Condoleezza Rice will replace Colin Powell. In the words of Karl Rove, “She’s a damn sight better to look at and a helluva lot more ruthless.’ Also, two high level members of the CIA left in a flurry of strong words. Profanity, disgust and treachery were the order of the day and like revenge were served cold and lapped at by the White House press core like a Peterson verdict or the death of the wounded Iraqi man who was executed by an American marine on video today.

Inside the “tree house” located somewhere in the White House.

President Bush: Karl it’s been a day I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

Karl Rove: I guess Dick’s ass kicking did some good after all, Porter called and said he almost pissed himself when Kappes and Sulick tore into him. He got it all on tape and will cash it in when the time is right. But Porter’s got to be kept in his place.

President Bush: Of course he does, how you want to put the yolk on him?

Karl Rove: We could slice off a bit of the Iraq oil money and hold it out in front of him like a carrot to a rabbit. If he doesn’t behave like a rabbit we’ll sick the dogs on him.

How White Is The Water When It Runs Like Coal

Karl Rove: Now all this with Delay, Christ, can’t any of these bastards in the press understand what we’re doing? Goddamn it. To achieve our goals we have to bend the law, break it, trample it and damn it, do what we please.

President Bush: But..

Karl Rove: I don’t care what we have to change, we are going to turn this country into what it has needed for the last 100 years, a fully functioning police state without the guards. The inmates running the aisles yelling fire.

Porter Goss: It’s not like we don’t know how to treat undesirables. There are…

Karl Rove: Who taught you to think Porter; you’re nothing but a damn lap dog anyway. Run out and get me some witnesses why don’t you?

Porter Goss leaves the room. Several aides enter the room and are waved away by President Bush. President Bush tells them to shut the door behind them.

Karl Rove: Did you see the story in the Washington Post? It slants it our way. They only quote Pelosi, you know she’s no threat. If Kennedy or some of the others get on us it’ll be picked up by CNN and spit out everywhere. Control the subordinate that’s the first rule of everything progressive.

President Bush: It’s happening in Texas, that’s my biggest problem with it all. Well they won’t get away with it that’s for damn sure.

Karl Rove: It could be our damn Whitewater you know.

Pardon A Turkey But Get Screwed By A Russian Bear

November 17, 2004 in the Tree House, a little frank discussion about sex and power.

President Bush: I don’t mind telling you when I kissed Condoleezza I got a little woody. When was the last time you had a black woman Karl?

Karl Rove: What day is it? (laughs)

President Bush: What’s with this ex-KGB son bitch coming out with a nuclear missile nobody else has? All this in Iraq and we got to deal with this?

Karl Rove: McClellan said that Putin and you had discussed it before. We already know about it.

President Bush: The hell we did.

Karl Rove: Well you don’t want to seem like you don’t know what is going on.

President Bush: Get Porter over here. If Putin is still humping little boys like he has been for a while maybe we can get him there.

Karl Rove: Well not as bad as Hitler he liked to be pissed on. So you got off on Condoleezza?

President Bush: Yea, you should smell her walk by on Air Force One.

Later that day in the situation room, Vice President Bush speaks to Joint Chief of Staff General Richard Myers on a video hookup.

Vice President Cheney: General what do you hear from Abizaid and Casey?

General Myers: Mr. Vice President the situation is just hellish. We got wounded everywhere. We found a soldier duct taped with ordinance in a house. Looks like he had been there for a few days.

Vice President Cheney: They didn’t execute him did they? The soldier who shot the wounded Iraqi is an African-American? It sounded that way on the tape. Can you confirm this?

General Myers: No sir, I can’t confirm that.

A Monkey In The Rain, A Tiger By The Tail

On Air Force One after the Clinton library dedication, President Bush is on the phone to Karl Rove. Mrs. Bush is sitting in the office of Air Force One relaxing.

President Bush: Damn wet day to honor an adulterer. Dad kept hitting me in the side and asking if they had the dress there.

Mrs. Bush laughs a little and avoids eye contact with the President.

Karl Rove: I heard they had it in the FBI storage next to the tapes of the phone calls to Jennifer Flowers. (laughs)

President Bush: I’ll see when we get back to the House.

The President hangs up the phone and shifts around in his chair to look directly at Mrs. Bush.

Mrs. Bush: George you shouldn’t talk about Clinton that way. You know you’ve had your time with some women and for all I know some men.

President Bush: Laura!

Mrs. Bush: Well you sure laid one on Margaret in front of the whole damn world. Just because you couldn’t screw her when you were a coke head doesn’t mean she’ll screw you now. You kissed her on the lips and Condoleeza on the cheek. It’s obvious whom you prefer.

President Bush: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

The President goes to the front of the plane to backslap the pilots for a little male bonding. The journalists on board vie for his attention but are told to sit back down by the Secret Service.

The Mansel Report on location in Crawford, Texas

The population of Crawford, Texas, most of them shudder at each visit by President Bush. An elderly man who has lived in Crawford for years tells me, “ I rode in an elevator with Senator Joseph McCarthey years ago. Man had a pistol tucked down in his belt and had the look of an evangelical who just might handle snakes if so inclined. He had a look in his eye I haven’t seen since I met the President. Jerry Falwell has that same look on television. “ Another Crawford resident explained the situation like this, “ Not waving to the President, not supporting the carpetbagger farmer, whatever the hell he is, is to put your life at risk. There are always cameras here and you are expected to smile and praise him. The Secret Service can be downright terrifying. It’s like a rabid dog shaking a broken bottle in your face.”
A three to one vote for Bush has misled his mind to believe that you can appeal to the fear and trust of the average American. The residents of Crawford, Texas don’t have that luxury.

The Mansel Report: The Fight For Right in Gehenna

W. H. Auden wrote, “I smell blood and an era of prominent madmen.” In Iran there is already a sense of North Vietnam. You can almost feel the singe of the napalm melting the landscape, the ghost of Richard Nixon, ghost of Lyndon Johnson escalating the beast. Terrorists are surging into Iraq to fight American forces and like the Ho Chi Minh trail of Vietnam, the borders of Iraq and Iran which have seen war, these two countries were at war from 1980 to 1988, have united under a goal of a religious uprising. Basing the hatred they feel for the American military and the few countries that still have troops fighting in Iraq they have like the Republican agenda, based their presence and belief on religious tolerance. The overwhelming victory enjoyed by President Bush in 2004 was won by playing on the religious and social ignorance of the very same enemy we are fighting in the war on terror. The religions they choose may be different, their gods may wear different clothes of armor, but the message is the same, “We are on the side of right, all others against us shall be destroyed.”

If I Had A Hammer
President Bush: So we finally got that prick Kofi. This should type of any business about weapons inspectors and Iraq.
Karl Rove: Absolutely, show he was in bed with Saddam and they were both on the take and we can write our own ticket. First we stole an election, started a war right out of LBJ’s playbook, got the rights to billions in oil and now we have discredited our enemy. To the victor go the spoils!
President Bush: While we’re ahead I don’t want any of the new people getting distracted away from the message. Damn it we’re almost invincible.
At this point Condoleeza Rice comes into the oval office.
Condoleeza Rice: Mr. President I need to talk to you about a few matters.
President Bush smiles a wicked smile at Karl Rove and rubs his crotch below the desk.
President Bush: Sure, Condi. Karl would you excuse us.
Karl Rove exits the oval office with a chuckle, as he passes he checks out Condoleeza’s ass. For the next ten minutes Condoleeza Rice rambles on about pressing matters as President Bush presses his crotch against the edge of his desk and hums lowly.
Chile In A Bowl
President Bush: I tell you Karl they pulled him right out of it. They wouldn’t let the secret service guy through, hell I told him to pull his weapon. Shoot some of them fuckers. The leader of the free world and I got to mess with some Chilean punks.
Karl Rove: How as the food?
President Bush: Well it wasn’t chili I can tell you that. (laughs) Protestors tear gas, and damn Putin with his nuclear bomb what a damn thanksgiving trip.
Karl Rove: How do you think I feel staying in Washington and getting drunk and making prank calls to the Kerry household. (laughs) But seriously, let it be known that if North Korea keeps swinging their balls around we’ll cut them right off.
President Bush: Yes Karl.

Another Mule Kicking In Your Stall
The setting: long distance secure call from the United States to Chile.
Vice President Cheney: Mr. President, they found the item in the tax bill and it is all over the news.
President Bush: What does Karl say?
Vice President Cheney: Mr. Rove didn’t come into work today; he says he is taking some lost time while you are out of the country.
President Bush: Who is kicking up such a fuss about it?
Vice President Cheney: McCain is all over the Sunday talk shows about it, he compared it to the days of J. Edgar Hoover.
President Bush: Hoover? Jesus Dick is it that bad?
Vice President Bush: Mr. President it will blow over, I have experienced worse when trying to route Halliburton business around U.N. sanctions.
President Bush: I guess you have Dick. When you find Karl ask him to give me a call.

A Hen In The Fox House

President Bush: Karl, it looks like Putin is going to play right into our hands and we’ll get our invasion into Iran after all. Hell, maybe we could send Jimmy Carter to negotiate with’em. (laughs)

Karl Rove: Yea, maybe we could get him to take some peanuts to’em if he can get that hammer out of his hand with his Habitat for the Poor house building. (laughs)

President Bush: You saw the election same as me Karl, they don’t seem to mind if we kill a couple thousand men and women, we got a mandate Karl! A mandate!

At this point Laura Bush comes into the room and the President cuts the call short.

President Bush: Laura, what are you up to?

Laura Bush: George did you tell Porter to threaten everyone at the FBI into supporting you?

President Bush: Of course not, Porter just wants everyone on the same page. Why you asking me something like that?

Laura Bush: I don’t want to end up like Hillary having to defend your every move.

The Trouble With The Ukraine Is The Trouble With The U.S.

In the Oval office, sometimes a translator would be helpful.

Secretary of State Colin Powell: Mr. President there is a serious situation in the Ukraine.

President Bush: The Ukraine did you say? Where is that again, I mean on the map, you know.

Secretary of State Colin Powell looks amused and tries not to laugh. He walks over to the globe and points. The President walks over and bends over and peers at the globe.

President Bush: Oh ok, that’s Putin’s part of the world huh?

Secretary of State Colin Powell: Yes sir.

President Bush: Well how serious is it?

Secretary of State Colin Powell: Their new leader has been kicked out and another has taken his place in a coup.

President Bush: A coup?

Secretary of State Colin Powell: Yes sir, a military..

President Bush: Ok, I think I got what you’re saying. Do we send in troops? We can transfer some from Korea can’t we?

Secretary of State Colin Powell: No sir I don’t believe troops are necessary at this time. We could make a comment on the floor of the United Nations.

President Bush: With Kofi there? Hell no.

Secretary of State Colin Powell thinks to him self how he wishes his time was up. President Bush thinks how can I get out of this conversation that I don’t understand. President Bush steps on a special button that President Ronald Reagen had installed which signaled to the secretary outside of the oval office to come in and tell the President Bush about a personal phone call.

The secretary comes in and tells the President about a phone call from one of his daughters and Secretary of State Colin Powell excuses himself. Just outside the oval office, in a secret room, Karl Rove listens on a headset. As Powell leaves Karl Rove picks up the extension and reassures the President.

The Mansel Report

What can actions provide to the listener that words cannot? If you see it before you then you know its real and you can believe it. What would every American believe if he saw into the corridors of power? Would he see the administration totally going against what is good and gracious in our society?
You hear words like, “fair and balanced” or “equal coverage” and you think that an editorial on a newscast is news and suddenly you realize that like in a courtroom the lawyers representing their case will try and turn you against the evidence you just heard with a closing argument. We are living in a time when the courts, the government, the entertainment world is operating on a level previously not seen. In a time when a rumor or a biased voice on television can become fact and later be entered into evidence and realized into law the faith of a non-believer, a liberal thinking man or woman is at risk of becoming quiet, forever.
That is why I have been writing these pieces that are funny I guess but remind me of the words from Shakespeare, “In time we will provide our darker purpose.” I wish I knew what the next four years will bring us, I have a pretty good idea and I think so do you. Will the Democrats or the liberal thinker someday become like the American Indian, the southern black man, or a child in the Jewish ghetto in Poland or Germany? If life has proved one point it is that poverty knows no color. Politicians always campaign on the basis of speaking to the middle class. Just how many people do you know that are truly in the middle class? The majority of this country is not middle class and thus the politicians, Democrat or Republican, are not speaking to the entire country, just the ones that can afford to hear it. Satire is all I have.

Back On The Ukraine Gang
On the ranch in Crawford, Texas the situation room at the ranch has a fully stocked bar but sadly no pretzels.
President Bush: What is this Powell is saying that we don’t want to get into a pissing contest with Russia?
Vice President Dick Cheney: I think Colin was just trying to establish a strategy.
President Bush: When is he leaving? Damn. Putin is trying to bring back the cold war or what?
Karl Rove: Well if he wants a war he can get it.
Vice President Dick Cheney: General Myers has inquired about what action we are to take.
President Bush: Well it’s a damn revolution so that’s fighting ain’t it? There’s no damn oil over there Dick so Halliburton can’t get in there that way. But if we do find a way into the Ukraine you damn well better cut the pie a little better this time. That damn slice at a time ain’t cutting it.
Karl Rove: It’s yet another thing to come up and take the focus off of Bin Laden. That’s what we need.

The Continuing Legend of King Karl’s Court
Karl Rove: We have to get the focus off of the Supreme Court until we can get Rehnquist out and put Thomas as the head of the court.
President Bush: Clement just isn’t keeping back the press any damn good. Did you see what he said Karl, he don’t think…he don’t think! Who the hell told him to think? He’s just a damn lawyer what the hell does he know about thinking? He shouldn’t ever say a word on the matter unless we put those words in his mouth.
Karl Rove: Anything can get spun any way you like it. You just have to know the right words not to say, that’s what your dad never figured out.
President Bush: He didn’t get a second term did he?
Karl Rove: No, and the reason why is those years he spent in the CIA, he crossed and burned the wrong bridges, turned back around and tread through the same water that held the debris. That debris was the press, and you can’t even cheat this country responsibly without the press on your side

The Duality of Seminal Nitrate

President Bush: Can you believe we’re still getting asked about the Iraqi elections?

Prime Minister Tony Blair: As I told you before Mr. President I thought we would all along.

President Bush: Well I know that Tony but I figured it would die out after a while after we whipped a couple of towns over there.

Prime Minister Tony Blair: If you remember Saddam warned before we invaded that when it came to street to street, house to house fighting we would lose men by the thousands…

President Bush: (interrupting) We’ve only lost about a little over a thousand men so far, hell we found him in a damn hole. If I was him I would have used the gun.

Prime Minister Tony Blair: What do you think about an AIDS summit sometime next year in the United States?

President Bush: An AIDS summit? No, I don’t think so Tony, we can’t draw too much attention to that right now Karl said.

Prime Minister Tony Blair: Well you must admit Mr. President that it wouldn’t hurt too appear sympathetic…

President Bush: I don’t see why Tony, I’m not running for re-election, you may be but I’m not.

Prime Minister Tony Blair: It was just an idea.

The Birth of the Ukraine Wall?
Karl Rove: The international press has picked up on the beating at the polling stations in the Ukraine. It looks like they haven’t as yet discovered that Porter’s guys were there to help.
President Bush: What they don’t know is that our guys started all this? Is that what you’re saying?
Karl Rove: Yea, a regime change. The United States has been doing it for years and years. We did in Iraq, Mexico. We tried it in Cuba but Kennedy didn’t have the fucking balls to do it.
President Bush: Well as long as it goes along with our vision Karl I’m all for it. What else?
Karl Rove shows the President a picture of the face of Viktor Yushchenko. He sees the mysterious ailment that has befallen the leader.
President Bush: Jesus, damn Christ Karl, what the hell is that leprosy?
Karl Rove: Well not exactly. It’s a strain that is similar that has been produced in one of our labs in the North Dakota mountains, one of our secret labs.
President Bush: Secret lab? Can I go there and see it, kind of pep up the folks there?
Karl Rove: I don’t think that would be such a good idea, it would draw attention to something that doesn’t exist officially.
President Bush: How do you know about it Karl if it doesn’t exist actually?
Karl Rove: We kidnapped some Russian former KGB scientists a few years ago and tortured them until they gave us the beginnings of the formula. Everyone that has worked on this project has been disappeared as the Russians put it or secured away.
President Bush: Damn Karl.


Vice President Dick Cheney: Mr. President it looks like we are constantly one step behind the guys who are doing the beheadings and the torture in Iraq.

President Bush: Well why can’t we speed up and get them with that one more step? Can’t we get our guys to do as they were trained?

Vice President Dick Cheney: It’s not always so clear in the field.

Karl Rove: Now you know Dick everything is gray when you look at it, there is no black and white, there’s just the gray that appears before your eyes, that’s all there is.

Vice President Dick Cheney: Well that’s not how the Washington Times sees it.

Karl Rove: Dick we’ve known each other a while now and you should know that the Washington Times is about as reliable and listened to as the liberals on the California coast. It’s been clear that there are no responsible news organizations west of Maryland in this country, at least none that we own outright.

At that point Vice President Dick Cheney excuses himself from the oval office. The President looks at Karl Rove with a deceitful smile and places his hands on his desk and clasps them together like a schoolboy waiting for the lesson.

Karl Rove: What Dick doesn’t know and what he cannot know since he won’t run for the office when your time is up is that we need the war in Iraq to continue for another six or seven years.

President Bush: Six or seven years?

Karl Rove: Yea, just in case we don’t win the office with one of our guys the continuance of the war can be blamed on whoever comes next. However, if our guy wins in 2008 we can quicken the pace a bit. It’s already been in danger of stopping a few times. That’s why we had to create so much distress in Fallujah. It’s not like we can’t wipe out these bastards anytime we want. If we can put a missile through a doorway we can put one in a training camp on the other side of the world. (laughs)

The Fine Print Has Never Been So Bold

President Bush: What do we have to do to get Rehnquist out, shoot’em?

Karl Rove: Not that it’s not a good idea but it would be a bit difficult under the circumstances.

President Bush: Come on Karl, you remember that scene in Godfather II, they said there was no one you couldn’t get to. There’s got to be a way.

Karl Rove: He’ll resign in January then we can appoint Thomas to the head of the bench then get to work on doing away with Roe v. Wade and several others.

President Bush: How about doing away with the minimum wage Karl?

Karl Rove: They’d shoot your ass for that one.

President Bush: Well then we should be able to get the artic drilling passed and get rid of a bunch of this bullshit agenda on the environment. If nothing else we could turn Iraq into another Rwanda and let the sympathy from that propel us into the death of the Democratic Party.

Karl Rove: Yea that should be no problem. The one thing we have to worry about is who will run in 2008. The polls say Hillary will run but does she stand a chance? If she does then we had better begin a case against her for something. The only problem is she is being damn careful since she knows she is going to run.

President Bush: We should be able to kick up enough shit about Bill to sink Hillary, shouldn’t we?

Karl Rove: I don’t know his approval rating is pretty high. But on the other hand we have got the country shifted toward religion again and with that we can prey on them like guard dogs. If they support Hillary and Bill they are supporting the devil. They are against God. It all comes to the point of getting rid of Rehnquist and overturning Roe v. Wade. Get abortion on their minds, the killing of babies, like the peace movement did against the war in Vietnam. It worked then; it knocked Lyndon out of running again and fueled the fear that sent Nixon into a spiral.

President Bush: I think you’re right Karl, but if that doesn’t work we’ll just shoot’em. They know how to do that in Texas you know.

Beginning Of The End Of The End Of The United Nations

President Bush: Dick I’m going to Canada as you know, so I want you to stick around and kick some ass in the senate. Get the fires burning for the Alaska drilling. You’re gonna make millions with Halliburton so it’s in your best interest.

Vice President Dick Cheney: Yes sir, they’ll be no problem in getting contracts, the land will have to be prepped before drilling. You know that sir.

President Bush: Uh, yea, I sure do Dick.

Karl Rove: We’ll see you later Dick.

Vice President Dick Cheney once again is dismissed from the room.

Karl Rove: Now remember, these damn Canadians haven’t supported us a damn day in this war and now they are at least gonna talk to us about it, shit, who the hell do they think they are?

President Bush: I don’t know Karl, it smells of Putin and his men to tell you the truth. First he tells the world about a nuclear weapon no one else will have and now he lets the Dalia Lama into Russia to bless a Buddhist temple that they destroyed.

Karl Rove: It’s like an asteroid worshipping the point of impact. Where does Canada think they would be without our help? Hell, where would half the world be without coming and begging us for money? Putin is engaging in triangular logic, he’ll succeed as long as we keep paying attention to him.

Hysteria Boils Over Into Sedition

While the L.A. Times is reporting a battle being waged with deliberately misleading information to throw off the enemy, President Bush is in Canada enjoying the hospitality of those who do not want him there. The Canadian people it is said side with the French when it comes to President Bush. The lack of gun related crimes in Canada shocks President Bush who is a card- carrying member of the National Rifle Association.
But meanwhile, in a crumbling building just outside Fallujah a small patrol of Marines have dug into what will become a long night that will last two days. Low on ammunition they are encircled and taking fire. They radio for assistance and the bombing comes, hitting a house nearby and killing what turns out to be a family held against their will by armed terrorists. On this patrol is a young man who read a columnist back home where he is from says that he defends the soldier who shot the unarmed Iraqi militant. Up until that point the young man hadn’t even heard of the incident. The bombing meant to draw the fire away from the Marines draws other terrorists loyal to the Iraq militia into the fight.
Yet, in Canada President Bush is on the phone to his mentor Karl Rove while resting in a chair in the very same sitting room that Winston Churchill once sat to edit his memoirs after a long talk with journalists.

President Bush: Karl any news from Iraq?

Karl Rove: No nothing new today, just a few dead on both sides. Myers came out against our program of misinformation. Just like Ridge we may have to can his ass too.

President Bush: Yea well I was sorry to see Tom go actually Karl. We’ve known each other a while.

Karl Rove: What does Prime Minister Martin have to say about it all?

President Bush: He just wanted me to come all the way up here to get an introduction to the Saudi Royal family, can you believe that? I told him to make his own damn introductions. If he won’t support us in Iraq how can I trust him in introducing him to my extended family?

The Marines have taken two wounded by the time President Bush gets off the phone and flips on the television. He channel surfs for a little while and then heads over to the bed to do some reading, the sports page.

Escalation and Resignation

President Bush: You know Karl it was a great idea to up the troop deployment to 150,000 on the day Brokaw retires. Everyone will be so focused on that and not even notice we are escalating this war.

Karl Rove: Listen, I know what I’m doing. Just think of all those families losing health care because the breadwinner is over in Iraq. There’s more we can get credit for with just a few adjustments. Their all pawns in our game you know?

President Bush: Damn it Karl, you’re just an evil bastard aren’t you?

Karl Rove: Just don’t ever get on my bad side. (laughs)

President Bush: Should I make a call to Brokaw and wish him well or something?

Karl Rove: Hell no he was on Hardball last night talking down your administration.

President Bush: Thanks for keeping up with things Karl.

On Dangerous Ground In The Emperor’s New Clothes

White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card: Mr. President we have to be sure that when we make a statement about the Ukraine we don’t upset Putin, you know how his temper is.

President Bush: His temper? Well Andrew what about my temper? We can’t let someone get in on something that we have already taken a position on.

White House Chief of Staff: But I do think what you said about the United Nations was a good choice. I think we should stay out of it now and let Kofi crumble under the weight of the investigation and public opinion.

President Bush: Yea, he’s not long for this world…I mean he’ll be out of office in no time.

Karl Rove: Sort of makes you miss the Presidential campaign don’t it? (laughs)

The Tortoise Knows The Hare Is Blind
(Inspired by Robinson Jeffers poem, Be Angry At The Sun)

It’s enraging to see day after day the constant barrage of dishonesty and lack of caring for the suffering by the Bush administration. The very idea of not delaying the Iraqi elections ensures there will be many, many deaths of innocent Iraqi, yes they do exist, you know, children and mothers, innocent people who just want to feed and educate their children, mostly American forces and the few international forces that remain in the country. Bush has shied away from the idea of using National Guard troops in overseas location where regular American troops are placed and using non-professional soldiers in harm’s way.
A new puppet in place of the Homeland Security leader brings to mind the early works of the CIA. A new leader in a country, or in this case Homeland Security, can lower or raise the value of stock, namely military stock. The impending invasion into Iran, or what I am sure will be clarified, as “expansion” into Iran, will bring the call-up of more and more troops. Almost every invasion of any country throughout history has meant intense casualties in the opening days, casualties that we cannot afford. The slaughter in the Ivory Coast today by the French is just a foreshadowing of what is to come. The number of dead is 65 though the official report says only 20, and many more wounded. It’s easy to see the reports on television or read about them in the press and just shrug it off as, “What can I do about it.” However, it seems to me that we thought the same thing during the protests of Vietnam at Kent State when the military fired into a group of unarmed protestors. In a land where it is a legal right to protest and question the governments position it seems that internationally as well as in this country can be deadly. How many suicide bombers will it take in the United States for us to realize that yes, we have started a war overseas?

If the Internet, namely email can’t be trusted and should be given over to government control, then where will the first amendment be? The very suggestion that the Internet should be under government control is laughable when you consider the far-reaching hand of the Patriot Act. When the trail of a murder takes away from coverage of the escalation of a war, the innocent dying and wounded, the illegal gathering of information both here and abroad, when the regime change in the Ukraine could possibly, just possibly be a broad step towards beginning another Cold War, then what kind of democracy do we enjoy?

“Hear me, people: We have now to deal with another race—small and feeble when our fathers first met them, but now great and overbearing. Strangely enough they have a mind to till the soil and the love of possession is a disease with them. These people have made many rules that the rich break but the poor and weak but the poor many not. They take their tithes from the poor and weak to support the rich and those who rule”
- Chief Sitting Bull, speaking at the Powder River Conference in 1877

One last thing to consider as we look at the forced attrition going on today around the world in the name of democracy is that Hitler admired the Americans treatment and extermination of an inferior race, the American Indian.

War Crimes Become Legal

I fully intended for today’s Mansel Report to be the regular bit of dialogue, but events are just too desperate. Resigning Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said today that he didn’t understand why terrorists haven’t attacked our food supply. Why doesn’t he just leave a trail of breadcrumbs right up to the doorway that has a sign on it detailing just how to go about it? The utter ignorance and arrogance of this administration is staggering.
Now we find a story about more photos with prisoners in Iraq. This time it is Navy Seals that have committed these heinous acts. It isn’t enough that the leaders of this country have no regard for human life or decency, our best-trained troops have to act the same way.
These stories are so upsetting to me that I couldn’t just list them in the familiar fashion of the Mansel Report. Who would have thought that after the Iranian hostage crisis in the seventies and the tortures of the Hanoi Hilton in Vietnam, that our government would say such things? The approval of torture opens the gates of hell to any of our military that are captured by anyone around the world. I don’t know about you but this sickens me.

(The above line from Tommy Thompson was detailed very vigorously on WWNR talk radio in Beckley, Virginia tonight. A show that is streamed online through
www.wwnrnewstalk620.com Bob Kincaid hosts a show from 6pm to 9pm CST.)

It’s Like The Dead Don’t Exist

How many Americans have died in wars? Would you say they were all heroes? I just don’t know if they all were heroes by definition, but they were all there in harm’s way, this I know for sure. The dead have traditionally been sent home with an American flag draped over their coffins, that is if there was enough of them found and they were not buried on the field of battle or lost at sea. The image of the body returning to be buried on American soil is symbolic of the appreciation we have as a country for their effort and their sacrifice. But today, when bodies return home from the war in Iraq it is decided that we do not owe them a debt of gratitude. We do not need to thank them for their effort, their sacrifice. The dead from the attack on September 11, 2001 graced our television screens for many weeks, those that we could find enough to bury unless they were burned to death or crushed under the weight of steel and concrete or blown up from the point of impact. The men and women that died on September 11, 2001 died from the result of a terrorist attack. The men and women returning home from Iraq died from an act of war. How can this administration explain to us that their losses or more important or far greater than the other? The dead returning from Iraq return home silently and without being photographed. I don’t know if the families are even allowed to be present when the body of their son, or father, or wife, or sister or brother returns home. I guess it is like the new official policy of torture being accepted practice. Just as long as it doesn’t happen on American soil, it’s okay.

The Night Before Christmas or
The Long Night of Saint Nick’s Knives
(for Ivan Arguelles)
With deepest apologies to the following,

'Twas the Night Before Christmasor Account of a Visit from St. Nicholasby Major Henry Livingston Jr. (1748-1828)
(previously believed to be by Clement Clarke Moore)

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the White House
Not a creature was stirring besides Karl Rove’s mouse
The Secret Service were interrogating Kofi Annan with care
In hopes that President Bush soon would be there

The press was nestled at home in their beds
While visions of impeachment and war crimes danced in their heads
And Laura Bush in her teddy, and Bush drinking from the tap
Had just settled down for their evening spat

When out on the White House lawn with gunfire and blood splattered?
John McCain rose from the darkness to see what was the matter
Away to his car window he readied his response in a dash
He tore into the press room and stated his opposition in a flash

The moon over the Potomac where Iraq dead are hidden in the snow
Gave the luster of the days of McKinley to those below
When, what to the eyes of the FBI does appear
But an aged sleigh, and several mechanical reindeer

With a little old pacifist driver, who came so quickly
The FBI knew they must shoot poor ol’ Saint Nick
More crass than commercialism down he came
And he whistled and called out them all by name

Now Enron! Now, K Street Elite, now Condi Rice you vixen
On, W, on Rumsfeld, Porter Goss and the rest of you listen
From the bottom of Iraq oil wells to the top of the Wailing Wall
Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!

As snow freezes and becomes icicles that through the air fly
When they meet with Kevlar straight thru they arrive
So over the house of the people the mechanical reindeer all flew
With indictments from The Hague and the UN too

And then in a year of hearings it was said even on Fox
The lying and the cheating must stop
As I wrote with my hands another Mansel Report
I saw them all in prison renouncing each other in court

Bush was dressed in the suit with which he took office
The accusers stood alongside every black hooded accomplice
With the press at their heels Halliburton declared bankruptcy in fact
And from the crowd they were spit on and cursed by Falwell and his pack

Meanwhile Bush’s eyes flickered and they swooned
Over the bodies lined up outside Fallujah and in Pentagon rooms
The drool from Karl Rove’s mouth dripped like a Mafia Don’s
At the sight of poor welfare children being sprayed with radon

The remains of a presidency Bush held in his teeth as the sparks started to fly
And the smoke cleared Laura Bush disappeared aboard a yacht with gleeful eyes
With a broad smile she rubbed herself down with aloe
As her husband’s head was forced down into a toilet bowl by an inmate so shallow

Dick Cheney’s wife and daughter hosted a talk show on cinemax with a dominatrix as their guest
And I laughed when I saw it in spite of myself I would guess
A wink of her eyes Cheney’s daughter volunteered to be tied
To Paris Hilton and that dude from the Single Guy

So the rest of the country settled back into a nation that cares
We pulled our troops back from everywhere
And it was heard on the streets and on the television screen
Isn’t the Bill of Rights great and to all of you serving time, sweet dreams.

An Oil Man Sees Not Blood But Rather Sees A Velvety Blackness

President Bush: Karl you saw what I said, hell we did away with slavery we can do away with anything.

Karl Rove: Well, you left out one thing but it’s not that important since none of the press has picked up on it yet. Slavery has been around in this country a bit longer than 100 years. The elections will go on in Iraq and they’ll be a high body count, we already have in place the means to have the election fixed no matter who shows up to vote. What does the liberal media think, that we went over there and invaded a damn country and not put our own government in?

President Bush: Yea, to the victor go the spoils.

Karl Rove: And in this case the spoils pump right out of the ground. (laughs)

Dante’s Pennsylvania Avenue Address

Somewhere in a dingy basement level of the White House is Richard Nixon’s copy of Dante’s Inferno. It’s very threadbare and has only been picked up and read twice in all these years. There was some rumbling about featuring it in the Nixon library but it was quickly diminished when the Nixon kids failed to realize the importance. The two times it has been picked up from the stack of memorabilia was firstly by George Bush Sr. He was compared to a certain level of hell and he needed to be sure just which level it was. He is said to have flipped through the book puzzling at the Italian translation. The second time was when Karl Rove found it in a drunken midnight stupor in 2000. Rove reached down to retrieve it from the pile and fell down hitting the Braille version of the Gutenberg Bible left by William Taft. Rove picked up the copy of Dante and in a loud and crude way tried to raise the ghost of Nixon with many chants of four more years until he began to vomit up blood. One has to wonder what Dante would say about this administration. Would he compose a special volume of the Purgatory to include a daily snapshot in hell? We may never know.

A Rorschach Test From The George W. Bush House Of Saud
The passing of the Intelligence bill just may end up being even more tragic than the events of 9/11. When civil liberties are at stake you always have to ask yourself, who is holding the torch? As Senator Robert Byrd said today in essence that he didn’t see how the entire 99-page bill could be read and understood in twenty-four hours. This recalls a moment in the film Fahrenheit 9/11 when a Congressman tells Michael Moore that they do not read every bill that they pass. I fear only later, after this bill is passed and the White House can bask in the false luminescence that it so readily feeds on will we learn the exact contents of this bill. I wonder and I am sure you do as well; I wonder what lurks between the lines, the fine print in this legislation, since they admit that they don’t read every bill they pass. Does it stand to reason that some of the bills they didn’t pass might have had some good measures to carry out? I can’t see the Congress actually showing compassion for the families of the victims unless the cameras little red light is on.
Walter Pincus writes today in the Washington Post, “An FBI Reserve Service is established to provide for temporary employment of former agents during periods of emergency, a program similar to one in effect for the CIA. Since the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, the FBI has brought back retired agents but it was not a formal program established by law. In the bill, the FBI is limited to having 500 retirees in the reserves and none can be reemployed for more than 180 days.” This is a troublesome piece of news if you think about it. When these agents are recalled into service do they still operate under the same code of conduct as before? Will they not be given the free rein of this administration to act accordingly to the situation without a watchful eye on them? The 9/11 commissions proved that there was little interagency communication on Sept. 11 and throughout the whole unraveling of the tragedy. Now imagine throwing former agents into the field that haven’t been briefed since retirement. Do you really want to take the time to do so while the country is under attack? Pincus goes on to write, “The measure, approved Tuesday by the House, passed the Senate 89 to 2, with Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.) and James M. Inhofe (R-Okla.) voting against it. Byrd, who has opposed the measure since it was introduced in July because of the haste with which it was handled, said yesterday, "No legislation alone can forestall a terrorist attack on our nation." It just goes to show you that the voice of reason, Robert C. Byrd is always there to protect our lives and reason when we cannot.
The final issue of the Intelligence Bill is who will be appointed to the position of Director of National Intelligence? Pincus writes, “For example, the director of national intelligence is charged with establishing "uniform security standards and procedures" in the intelligence portion of the bill. But in a later section of the bill, it says that 90 days after the act is signed, the president is to select a "a single department, agency or element of the executive branch" to direct oversight of personnel security investigations and adjudication, without reference to the DNI.” An element of the executive branch will surely be an individual. CNN tonight mentioned that Joe Lieberman would consider the job if it was offered. I don’t think this administration would appoint a Democrat, though albeit a center of the road Democrat to the position. The Associated Press writes, Main components of the intelligence reorganization bill: Creates a new position, Director of National Intelligence, who will be the principal adviser to the president and coordinate the nation's spy agencies. The position will be above the CIA director.” I ask you, whom would President Bush appoint to a position over his own henchman Porter Goss but another one of his henchmen? Time will tell who that person will be. But you can best that it will not be someone in our best interest.

Bohemia Bulimia
Oh, dear friends of the Mansel Report, those that had to suffer through a campaign featuring the old moral religious right. The fire and brimstone cancer that could resemble a monarchy of belief if only the evangelical Christians could manage to join ranks under one roof. What would the voting public, yes, all those red states think if they knew their precious right-wing devotees where carrying on rituals like the Bohemian Club? The worship of an owl is confusing when you bear in mind the Republican agenda against the environment. It’s just puzzling. This Mansel Report is very brief because I just wanted to get this information to the readers.

These Waters Run, These Waters Go Slow

President Bush: Who the hell is this reporter think he is? Asking Rumsfeld that question?

Vice President Dick Cheney: The reporter didn’t actually ask the question he got the soldier to ask it.

President Bush: Damn it I know that Dick. Is it true what the soldiers are saying, do they really have to dig through the damn garbage?

Vice President Dick Cheney: Yes sir, they call it hillbilly armor.

President Bush: Well if they got time to dig around in the garbage then they got time for extra duty. Tell General Myers that every soldier he finds digging in the garbage is to be assigned extra duty.

Vice President Dick Cheney: Yes sir. The press is saying that Secretary was uncaring in his response.

President Bush: Well you can tell them…

Karl Rove: It’ll die out and in a week it will be dismissed. It’s not the first time the Secretary has been singled out. It’s important for these matters to be brought out into the open, it’s not like anything will ever be done about it. Let the left have their say and be done with it. We are in control of this country and they know it.

Bandar Bush To The Rescue

President Bush: Karl did you know they paid Al Sharpton to campaign for Kerry? Hell no wonder they lost.

Karl Rove: Well we paid people in almost fifty states to help us.

President Bush: You’re kidding me?

Karl Rove: No, Bandar helped out with the cash flow through August.

President Bush: He always said he’d do anything for me. But you had to pay people to help campaign for us?

Karl Rove: No, we had to pay people to stand next to you while you campaigned.

President Bush: Well what if this ever gets out?

Karl Rove: It won’t, believe me Bandar paid them well.

President Bush: What are we going to do now since Kerik got found out?

Karl Rove: Yea imagine that, a crooked politician.

The Trouble That Comes From Not Cleaning Your Own House
This is the first time an official pick of the White House, and a close confidant and ally Rudy Guiliani have been this close to a possible criminal situation such as Kerik. Mark Hosenball reports in Newsweek, “Kerik was also coming under close scrutiny for his windfall profit from stock options in Taser International, a company that makes high-voltage stun guns. He netted more than $6 million on the options, without ever having invested any of his own money. Kerik joined the Taser board after leaving his police commissioner’s job in 2002. New York City was a purchaser of the stun guns, as was the Department of Homeland Security. Kerik sold the stock in early November, shortly before an Amnesty International report charged that there had been more than 70 Taser-related deaths since 2001.” How far will President Bush’s mandate carry him through what is to be a thorough investigation of Kerik now that the blood is in the water? Could it bring about an investigation of graft in the New York Police Department, which President Bush has praised so much and stood alongside? Rudy Guiliani said. From an article by MSNBC, ”Every time immigration issue came up this would be a problem," said Giuliani.”
You have to wonder what Guiliani meant by “every time.” Had this issue been raised before? Had he been considered long before Tom Ridge issued his announcement of resignation? Was Tom Ridge fired? Something else comes into question when you look at this piece of the report by MSNBC, “Status of a housekeeper-nanny that he employed. As homeland security secretary, Kerik would oversee the Immigration and Customs While assembling paperwork for his Senate confirmation, Kerik said he uncovered questions about the immigration Enforcement agency.” How could a top level official in the New York Police Department not know he had a warrant issued for his arrest in New Jersey? How could Kerik not expect the issue of Immigration to come up? What did Guiliani mean when he said that Kerik was very qualified? The man was his boss and he wouldn’t know about a warrant for his arrest in New Jersey either?
Finally, there is this item from the MSNBC report, “Democrats also were focusing on Kerik's recent financial windfall from exercising stock options in a stun gun company that does business with the Department of Homeland Security. He earned $6.2 million from the options received from Taser International.” I think this speaks for itself. Rudy Guiliani didn’t know about the money? Vice President Dick Cheney still receives from Halliburton a little over $200,00 a year while he is in office which he is not supposed to. The back door deals of this administration reach as far as a nominee. When will the truth come out of this mess and will those guilty even be the ones convicted? Time will only tell.

A Mansel Report Exclusive: Jeb Bush Will Not Run In 2008

It has been decided in the highest ranks of the Republican Party that Jeb Bush should not run for President in 2008. When Jeb Bush asked his brother, the President of the United States, the President responded with a typed answer direct from Karl Rove. “Jeb, you helped us with the count in 2000 and put me where I am, you need to stay where you are and do the same in 2008.” What the President didn’t say was that Jeb Bush’s daughter, who was caught with possession of drugs in a Rehab facility would hurt his chances and any candidacy outside of Florida, it would be nearly impossible.
Also, the Republican Party already has accepted that Howard Dean will be the new head of the Democratic Party and has set up a war room to combat the onslaught of positive media attention to the Democratic Party. Files used in the 2004 campaign are being updated and will be used in “leaked” internal memoranda on Democratic Party stationary as it was done before in the 2000 election. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) has announced his desire to run for President in 2008 and all one has to do is look at his recent statements to the press and his hard line approach that mirrors the views of Karl Rove and the Republican Party elite to know that he will be a front runner. Frist is from Tennessee, a section of the country that constantly goes to the red states, the Republican agenda. All you have to do is analyze the fact that neither major party Presidential candidate came to the state of Alabama during the 2004 campaign because it was understood that Alabama would go Republican as it always does. Only Ralph Nader came to Alabama to speak. I myself received an ominous call asking me if I wanted to participate in a protest in nearby Huntsville, Alabama, about an hour away from me. The call said this is so and so and there was a long silence and then the voice said I am calling from Washington. The voice then asked me if I wanted to participate in a protest the next day. I watched very closely the three news channels in Huntsville the next day and there was not a report of a protest. It just makes me wonder who made the call and why. Was it because I had signed online my support for Ralph Nader’s opportunity to run for President? Was it because someone who I don’t know used that list to get the information of Nader supporters? Or was it the Nader campaign actually calling me? I started writing about the Bush administration of November 2, 2004, the day of the election. I believe in what I am doing and will continue hopefully to write these reports at least until Bush is out of office.

If Blood Were Oil

In Rwanda, in 1993, 800,000 people died in an act of genocide. When the world finally took notice, it was too late. The slaughter occurred over 100 days and according to reports as many as 10,000 people died a day. After the genocide of World War II the world pledged to never let it happen again. But it did. In a report today from the Associated Press Daniel Balint-Kurti, we find out that it just may happen again. He writes, “The U.N. and Congolese forces risk reigniting large-scale conflict if they fail to disarm the fighters or if they generate armed resistance to their efforts. Last month, Rwanda - much tinier but far more powerful than its Western Europe-sized neighbor - threatened to invade Congo if the estimated 8,000-10,000 Hutu militia fighters still hiding in the forests there were not disarmed.” The Clinton administration had an opportunity when it took office to look into what was happening in Rwanda but did nothing. In a documentary by Frontline that aired on PBS, James Woods who served in the Clinton administration as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense is quoted as saying, “In the Spring of '93, when the Clinton administration came in, we were asked to develop lists of what we thought would be serious crises this administration might face and forward that to the new secretary of defense, Mr. Aspin. I put Rwanda-Burundi on the list. I won't go into personalities, but I received guidance from higher authorities, "Look, if something happens in Rwanda-Burundi, we don't care. Take it off the list. It's not- U.S. national interest is not involved and," you know, "we can't put all these silly humanitarian issues on lists like important problems like the Middle East and North Korea and so on." It seemed then and it seems now that no one cared or didn’t care enough. Hot spots all over the world pop up all of the time and many are killed but you do have to go back to the Nazi extermination of the Jews to find another wholesale slaughter such as Rwanda. It’s a terrible thing to say but if there was oil in Rwanda you can bet that many, many people would be alive today because of it. Associated Press writer Daniel Balint-Kurti concludes his story, “While stepped-up U.N. patrols in the area are taking aim at the militias - last week, Pakistani U.N. troops forcefully broke up a militia camp - there is only so much the United Nations can do in such a vast territory. "We are achieving nothing in this mission," a U.N. officer said at a meeting this week between MONUC and Congolese army staff in Walungu. In a village just six miles away, he said, Hutu militias were on the attack.” I hope I am wrong about this but only time will tell. I can’t see the Bush administration helping with the National Guard stretched as far as they are. If blood were oil it would attract national interest, if blood were oil it would attract flies and wouldn’t be on the lips of every dictator in the world. If blood were oil, men would still kill for it.

There is now news coming out of Rwanda, “Reuters news agency quotes a senior official in North Kivu as saying the fighting had resumed on Monday afternoon. "We still don't have an idea of casualties, but the fighting is heavy and heavy weapons are being used," said Albert Semana, the province's director of security. The former RCD rebels are reported to be preventing the advance of the regular troops towards the Rwandan border. The RCD troops were supposed to have been integrated into the Congolese army under a peace deal to end the war.” It would seem that the hostilities are not yet at a fever pitch as before but there is still time for action on the world stage. If the U.N. is to continue as a credible entity and if the United States is to continue its role as “global cop” then it needs, we need, to extend our helping hand wherever it is needed and not only in places where we can benefit financially or politically. This may be classified as a liberal idea; the idea of saving lies and acting selflessly, but it is genuine and can be put into action without inquiring the wrath of others. Just imagine if the kind of slaughter happened in Saudi Arabia that happened in Rwanda, would we adopt the draft in order to protect the Bush’s family interest in the Saudi Royal family?

Presidential Medal of Shame

Here’s a quiz. How do you get the attention away from the act of nominating someone who didn’t deserve to be nominated and it blowing up in your face? You give the Presidential Medal of Freedom to three guys who do not deserve it. Do you see a pattern here?
Retired General Tommy Franks, former CIA Director George Tenet, and former Iraq Administrator L. Paul Bremer received the medal, but ok let’s analyze this. President Bush said about Tommy Franks, “led the forces that fought and won two wars in the defense of the world’s security and helped liberate more than 50 million people from two of the worst tyrannies in the world.” First of all, he did not win two wars. The war in Afghanistan is still raging and Bin Laden has not been caught. The war in Iraq, well, when President Bush stood on the aircraft carrier and claimed victory in Iraq, you know as well as I there was no victory and the war in Iraq is still going on. In the last ten days we have lost nine soldiers.
Of George Tenet, President Bush said, “one of the first to recognize and address the threat to America from radical networks.” Tenet was so successful he was more than likely encouraged to resign so that Porter Goss could establish a policy in the CIA of total belief and practice of the Bush administration policies or else. For his role in the Patriot Act and other aggression against the American people, just for that he doesn’t deserve this award.
Of Jerry Bremer, President Bush said, “For 14 months Jerry Bremer worked day and night in difficult and dangerous conditions to stabilize the country, to help its people rebuild and to establish a political process that would lead to justice and liberty," Iraq is not stabilized. There is no liberty in Iraq. The only political process in Iraq is the appointment of a puppet leader of the Bush administration and the forced, rushed potentially bloody election coming up in January. For presiding over bloodshed, the killing of American troops, the international troops, the murder of unarmed civilians, Jerry Bremer gets the presidential Medal of Freedom. I’ll leave it up to you; do you think they deserve this award?

Inauguration of the Doomed

It is reported in the Las Vegas Sun that Bush’s Inauguration will cost between 30 and 40 million dollars. That’s quite a bit of money to inaugurate a man that wasn’t elected for his first term. But how about we take half of that 30 to 40 million dollars and put some armor on some of our military Hummers? Or we could take just a meager 10 million and assure that for a fact no student would be left behind. We could buy some therapy for Kerik. Because remember, if you are a conservative you have real problems that need real answers, you deserve the public’s sympathy and trust. You deserve their prayers. But if you are a liberal, a democrat, then you are just a low down filthy scum and should be treated as such. At the very least your family should be taken from their home and photographed and dismissed orally by Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly. These beliefs are like the Old Testament belief. What, you don’t believe in me? Go and kill every living thing in their land for they will not worship me. The Old Testament would have dissolved the ACLU before it was even created, unions for workers that didn’t tow the company line? I don’t think so. I guess the CIA’s new reign is based on the Old Testament.

The Trent, McCain Express

President Bush: Kofi is getting heat from Trent Lott and McCain.

Karl Rove: Yea, Trent will hit’em with the bigot vote. (laughs)

President Bush: Yea, Karl. But nobody can take McCain seriously anymore.

Karl Rove: As it gets closer to the election in 2008 we’ll release some obscure and crazy positions and watch as McCain rushes to state his opposition to each of them.

President Bush: You going to set him up Karl?

Karl Rove: We’ll get Brent Scowcroft or someone to invite him to dinner and leak some information about the Frist campaign and watch ol’ McCain go nuts.

President Bush: Yea but don’t you think Hillary will be laughing at this stuff too?

Karl Rove: It won’t matter, we’ve got a mole.

How An Intravenous I.V. May Get You Travel Bonus Points

A story in the Washington Times reports that the wounded from Iraq are overflowing from the beds of Walter Reed Hospital. Jon Ward reports, “Officials at Walter Reed Army Medical Center are referring some outpatients to nearby hotels because casualties from operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have overloaded the hospital's convalescence facility.” During the entire Vietnam War Walter Reed never to my knowledge had to put patients in hotels. What does that say about the influx of wounded streaming in from Iraq? The Walter Reed spokesman says in the report, “"We have flights coming in almost every night from Landstuhl, so you don't book that sucker up solid so when you have your No. 1 priority come in, you say, 'You can't stay here,' " Mr. Stueve said. "We have an informal agreement with any number of hotels in the area. If we come to this point, they will take [patients] for us," said Walter Reed spokesman Jim Stueve. "They're very supportive and cooperative when we need that assistance." Mr. Stueve could not specify how many soldiers are in hotels, but said Walter Reed is referring about 20 patients or their relatives to hotels each day. Hotels in Silver Spring, just across the D.C. line, offer discounted rates for outpatients and their families, and the military pays the bill.”
He goes on to write, “Walter Reed has been at maximum capacity since Operation Enduring Freedom began in Afghanistan in 2001, Mr. Stueve said, adding that the hospital's 3,900 staffers have "put in a substantial amount of overtime." Before Enduring Freedom, the hospital's occupancy rate had held steady at 83 percent for five years.” 83 percent is not 100 percent but still patients still are turned away and have to wait months for treatment. However, the final nail in the coffin of this story is this item, “President Bush declared an end to major combat in Iraq on May 1. But U.S. troops there continue to come under attack almost daily by resistance fighters, especially in cities north and west of Baghdad, where Sunni Muslims were the strongest supporters of ousted dictator Saddam Hussein.” The line ‘under attack almost daily” doesn’t quite cut it. Since it is official Bush policy to not allow the dead to be seen when shipped home in their coffins, their mangled bodies and missing limbs, their torn and twisted flesh…but it appears to be ok to see the wounded being moved from the hospital to a nearby hotel. The story reports that the hotels are “across the D.C. line.” I guess the old line out of sight out of mind is also Bush policy.
In Asia Times newspaper online Pepe Escobar writes,

“The Pentagon is pulling out all stops to "liberate" the people of Fallujah. According to residents, the city is now littered with thousands of cluster bombs. In an explosive accusation - and not substantiated - an Iraqi doctor who requested anonymity has told al-Quds Press that "the US occupation troops are gassing resistance fighters and confronting them with internationally banned chemical weapons". The Washington Post has confirmed that US troops are firing white-phosphorus rounds that create a screen of fire impervious to water. Dr Muhammad Ismail, a member of the governing board of Fallujah's general hospital "captured" by the Americans at the outset of Operation Phantom Fury, has called all Iraqi doctors for urgent help. Ismail told Iraqi and Arab press that the number of wounded civilians is growing exponentially - and medical supplies are almost non-existent. He confirmed that US troops had arrested many members of the hospital's medical staff and had sealed the storage of medical supplies. The wounded in Fallujah are in essence left to die. There is not a single surgeon in town. And practically no doctors as well, as the Pentagon decided to bomb both the al-Hadar Hospital and the Zayid Mobile Hospital. So far, the International Committee of the Red Cross has reacted with thunderous apathy.”

The wounded can’t be treated in Walter Reed hospital in America and it sounds like the American troops, our troops are preventing anyone to be treated in Iraq. Amnesty International and the War Tribunals in The Hague I am sure will be revealing only what is hinted at in the International Press. Not reading the reports coming out from Iraq and only listening to the U.S. major networks is to bury your head in the sand.

The Blood Of The Many, Advance The Few

We can certainly appreciate the fact that this administration constantly assures us that the violence in Iraq will escalate. This half-hearted guarantee is to provide an answer when the country truly erupts and we begin to lose perhaps a hundred men and women a week rather than eight or nine a day. Focusing now on the trial of ‘Chemical Ali’ draws the attention away from our own terrified troops as they begin to sense the blood in the air. I imagine that no one is more scared than the Iraqi citizens. I have read reports that suggest that they are indeed terrified and would welcome more help as long as it would last longer than an afternoon.
Elsewhere in the world, in Rwanda, the Sudan, the Ivory Coast where people of color, people with no quickly identifiable resources that can be utilized by the U.S., Great Britain or the U.N., continue to die, continue to be beaten, continue to be raped and thrown daily into either fleeing or facing the struggle head on, whether against a wall or out in the open. Not unlike in history when a government wanted to sneak in changes in policy by escalating a situation into even more violence, the Bush administration has attacked and invaded Iraq, which featured no direct threat to the U.S. and thus have instituted changes that before 9/11 would never have been approved by the congress. The real threat being in Afghanistan and now the border of Pakistan being all but ignored we continue to lose troops every day. When U.S. troops were only in Afghanistan the losses were about one or two a week. So this suggests that the blood of the many only serve to advance the thirst of the few.

Inauguration of the Doomed

It is reported in the Las Vegas Sun that Bush’s Inauguration will cost between 30 and 40 million dollars. That’s quite a bit of money to inaugurate a man that wasn’t elected for his first term. But how about we take half of that 30 to 40 million dollars and put some armor on some of our military Hummers? Or we could take just a meager 10 million and assure that for a fact no student would be left behind. We could buy some therapy for Kerik. Because remember, if you are a conservative you have real problems that need real answers, you deserve the public’s sympathy and trust. You deserve their prayers. But if you are a liberal, a democrat, then you are just a low down filthy scum and should be treated as such. At the very least your family should be taken from their home and photographed and dismissed orally by Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly. These beliefs are like the Old Testament belief. What, you don’t believe in me? Go and kill every living thing in their land for they will not worship me. The Old Testament would have dissolved the ACLU before it was even created, unions for workers that didn’t tow the company line? I don’t think so. I guess the CIA’s new reign is based on the Old Testament.

The Trent, McCain Express

President Bush: Kofi is getting heat from Trent Lott and McCain.

Karl Rove: Yea, Trent will hit’em with the bigot vote. (laughs)

President Bush: Yea, Karl. But nobody can take McCain seriously anymore.

Karl Rove: As it gets closer to the election in 2008 we’ll release some obscure and crazy positions and watch as McCain rushes to state his opposition to each of them.

President Bush: You going to set him up Karl?

Karl Rove: We’ll get Brent Scowcroft or someone to invite him to dinner and leak some information about the Frist campaign and watch ol’ McCain go nuts.

President Bush: Yea but don’t you think Hillary will be laughing at this stuff too?

Karl Rove: It won’t matter, we’ve got a mole.

How An Intravenous I.V. May Get You Travel Bonus Points

A story in the Washington Times reports that the wounded from Iraq are overflowing from the beds of Walter Reed Hospital. Jon Ward reports, “Officials at Walter Reed Army Medical Center are referring some outpatients to nearby hotels because casualties from operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have overloaded the hospital's convalescence facility.” During the entire Vietnam War Walter Reed never to my knowledge had to put patients in hotels. What does that say about the influx of wounded streaming in from Iraq? The Walter Reed spokesman says in the report, “"We have flights coming in almost every night from Landstuhl, so you don't book that sucker up solid so when you have your No. 1 priority come in, you say, 'You can't stay here,' " Mr. Stueve said. "We have an informal agreement with any number of hotels in the area. If we come to this point, they will take [patients] for us," said Walter Reed spokesman Jim Stueve. "They're very supportive and cooperative when we need that assistance." Mr. Stueve could not specify how many soldiers are in hotels, but said Walter Reed is referring about 20 patients or their relatives to hotels each day. Hotels in Silver Spring, just across the D.C. line, offer discounted rates for outpatients and their families, and the military pays the bill.”
He goes on to write, “Walter Reed has been at maximum capacity since Operation Enduring Freedom began in Afghanistan in 2001, Mr. Stueve said, adding that the hospital's 3,900 staffers have "put in a substantial amount of overtime." Before Enduring Freedom, the hospital's occupancy rate had held steady at 83 percent for five years.” 83 percent is not 100 percent but still patients still are turned away and have to wait months for treatment. However, the final nail in the coffin of this story is this item, “President Bush declared an end to major combat in Iraq on May 1. But U.S. troops there continue to come under attack almost daily by resistance fighters, especially in cities north and west of Baghdad, where Sunni Muslims were the strongest supporters of ousted dictator Saddam Hussein.” The line ‘under attack almost daily” doesn’t quite cut it. Since it is official Bush policy to not allow the dead to be seen when shipped home in their coffins, their mangled bodies and missing limbs, their torn and twisted flesh…but it appears to be ok to see the wounded being moved from the hospital to a nearby hotel. The story reports that the hotels are “across the D.C. line.” I guess the old line out of sight out of mind is also Bush policy.
In Asia Times newspaper online Pepe Escobar writes,

“The Pentagon is pulling out all stops to "liberate" the people of Fallujah. According to residents, the city is now littered with thousands of cluster bombs. In an explosive accusation - and not substantiated - an Iraqi doctor who requested anonymity has told al-Quds Press that "the US occupation troops are gassing resistance fighters and confronting them with internationally banned chemical weapons". The Washington Post has confirmed that US troops are firing white-phosphorus rounds that create a screen of fire impervious to water. Dr Muhammad Ismail, a member of the governing board of Fallujah's general hospital "captured" by the Americans at the outset of Operation Phantom Fury, has called all Iraqi doctors for urgent help. Ismail told Iraqi and Arab press that the number of wounded civilians is growing exponentially - and medical supplies are almost non-existent. He confirmed that US troops had arrested many members of the hospital's medical staff and had sealed the storage of medical supplies. The wounded in Fallujah are in essence left to die. There is not a single surgeon in town. And practically no doctors as well, as the Pentagon decided to bomb both the al-Hadar Hospital and the Zayid Mobile Hospital. So far, the International Committee of the Red Cross has reacted with thunderous apathy.”

The wounded can’t be treated in Walter Reed hospital in America and it sounds like the American troops, our troops are preventing anyone to be treated in Iraq. Amnesty International and the War Tribunals in The Hague I am sure will be revealing only what is hinted at in the International Press. Not reading the reports coming out from Iraq and only listening to the U.S. major networks is to bury your head in the sand.

The Blood Of The Many, Advance The Few

We can certainly appreciate the fact that this administration constantly assures us that the violence in Iraq will escalate. This half-hearted guarantee is to provide an answer when the country truly erupts and we begin to lose perhaps a hundred men and women a week rather than eight or nine a day. Focusing now on the trial of ‘Chemical Ali’ draws the attention away from our own terrified troops as they begin to sense the blood in the air. I imagine that no one is more scared than the Iraqi citizens. I have read reports that suggest that they are indeed terrified and would welcome more help as long as it would last longer than an afternoon.
Elsewhere in the world, in Rwanda, the Sudan, the Ivory Coast where people of color, people with no quickly identifiable resources that can be utilized by the U.S., Great Britain or the U.N., continue to die, continue to be beaten, continue to be raped and thrown daily into either fleeing or facing the struggle head on, whether against a wall or out in the open. Not unlike in history when a government wanted to sneak in changes in policy by escalating a situation into even more violence, the Bush administration has attacked and invaded Iraq, which featured no direct threat to the U.S. and thus have instituted changes that before 9/11 would never have been approved by the congress. The real threat being in Afghanistan and now the border of Pakistan being all but ignored we continue to lose troops every day. When U.S. troops were only in Afghanistan the losses were about one or two a week. So this suggests that the blood of the many only serve to advance the thirst of the few.

Try Again Mr. President
(Dedicated to Bob Kincaid)

In Crawford, Texas there is a small building on the property that is filled with television monitors and cameras. Tape recorders and everything you would find in a small television studio. The building is used for an editor to re-edit all of the footage where President Bush has stumbled on his words in an interview, press conference, state of the union, etc., Every time President Bush comes to the Crawford ranch he must submit to several hours of voice over work and stand-ups in front of a blue screen to fix what he has not gotten correct in the first place.
In the studio sitting next to the editor and soundboard is Karl Rove. The master formulator of Bush’s presidency and in fact the last several years of his life tweaks the EQ and does his best to preserve his legacy most of all since it is known that it is his candidate that is at stake. The idea of this whole process was Rove’s idea in attempt to not make the George W. Bush Jr. Presidential library out to be a joke.

Richard Armitage For Czar

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage it’s said will resign his position in about a month. That will be enough time for him to be the perfect candidate for the Homeland Security position made very controversial by Kerik in his less than honest discussions with the President. There is to a new “czar of Intelligence” soon and Armitage’s name has been kicked around for that position also. Now that the Intelligence Bill has been signed Porter Goss wouldn’t trade his position as the head of the CIA for no amount of money. The new Intelligence ‘czar” will be under the direct light of the media while the head of the CIA can operate in the gray areas of the world. Meanwhile, President Bush it is said has tore out one of those subscription cards from Time magazine and signed up again to subscribe to the magazine.

Bad Grades Since Abu Ghraib

Rumsfeld, the name brings up quite a few images. The only question about Rumsfeld is when he will be made the scapegoat of the violence in Iraq and when he will unofficially decide to “resign.” The approval of torture in Abu Ghraib (did you notice those that were accused of abusing detainees were not able to subpoena any of the higher ranking officers who more than likely issued the orders?), now the controversy over the Secretary’s inability or lack of desire to sign form letters of thanks and sorrow to the families of those who lost family members in this war in Iraq, the answering of the question about armor for the military and several other instances all lead to Rumsfeld’s departure being imminent. There is one thing you can’t do in a Republican administration and that is attracting bad attention on the President. If things go in Iraq as they are expected and the election turns out to be a bloodbath look for Rumsfeld to resign in February or March.
Today the President admitted the “bombers have made a difference.” This is part, an early part however to slowly admit that the violence in Iraq, the violence leading up to the election was referred to by the President before it happens. Each day before the election this administration will start letting it slip that the violence could be bad, that we may lose more soldiers on the ground. In short, Bush is now doing preemptive damage control.

Just Another Mosul Mr. President, That’s All

With today’s bombing in Mosul comes perhaps, just the beginning of the worst. Our soldiers, the international soldiers, the civilians, everyone is going to have to try and survive the worst of the war in the next month or so. Attacks will continue as they have recently until the election in Iraq can itself sift through the rubble of a country under the thumb of a President who would not be denied and a band of terrorists hell bent on disrupting what could have easily not occurred.
I can just see Secretary Rumsfeld begrudgingly signing several letters and rushing out of his office for the situation room to organize more attacks. I can see the President kicking back with a beer with Karl Rove, taking sips and looking out for Laura and getting a kick out of a secret remote camera that shows the cell of Saddam Hussein.
One can only guess at where the month of January will lead us as the election in Iraq grows closer, or the lives that will be lost on both sides; the lives of the unarmed and innocent civilians. Once again, when these latest dead arrive back on American soil they will arrive under the cloak of darkness, darkness the size of America.

Democracy: Earth’s Sliding Door
(for Jake Berry)

The decade rushes to its middle point and the earth shudders at its new deeply red pigment it has encountered on its sandy soil. The earth wanders at the many cries of pain mixed with the declarations of joy. The earth will not always heal itself, we know this to be fact. So at the solstice we gather our eyes together and gaze up and away from the earth to the heavens and wonder. But the world is the one in need of healing, nor our souls, not the heavens. An act of genocide can set the earth back millions of years and its inhabitants turn away from the solstice and again after each occurrence of genocide turn to revenge and helplessness. From the biblical mythology of King James to the encryptions found around the world we learn that time has always gone on afterwards. We are like the earth, too accepting of genocide. We are partly to blame and sorely loss in the pity. The annihilation of a race of people, the destruction of a way of life, these are both carried out in the name of power and greed. If the earth had a soul it wouldn’t allow these things to occur. No one, not even the earth wants to lie down crying and to awake choking back tears. The regimes of the world, through history that have sided with evil and sided with the power of greed have always fallen, sooner or later. Will democracy turn out to be just another regime? Can we go on as a civilization without it? Can we survive it?

The Blood of Contrack Lapped Up By Halliburton

A U.S. contractor has grown tired of its workers being killed and has pulled its operations out of Iraq. Contrack International Inc. Of course the Bush administration says it is no problem. That’s what I would expect from the Bush administration to say about workers being murdered in Iraq. Soon I imagine there will be an announcement that Halliburton will be awarded the contracts that Contrack were unable to complete. Due to the violence in Iraq, Vice President Dick Cheney’s stock just grew a bit more, and all it cost was just a little blood.

The following is from Halliburton website:

This report is being submitted to the Halliburton Company Board of Directors pursuant to an agreement worked out with Mr. William Thompson Jr.'s Office of the Comptroller, which represents the New York City Police Pension Fund and the New York City Fire Department Pension Fund which are Halliburton stockholders. (approximately 318,540 shares.) The Fund's stated concern was that the Halliburton Board of Directors have actual knowledge of operations conducted in Iran or for Iranian entities by the various worldwide elements of the Company.

Just read that over a few times and tell me what you see. The New York City Fire Department Pension Fund is a major stockholder in Halliburton. The Halliburton Board of Directors have knowledge of operations in Iran or for Iranian entities. Doesn’t this spell out invasion? Look out Iran, here comes the Bush administration.

Also from Halliburton:

The total revenues from Iran of all Halliburton affiliates represent approximately one-half of one percent of the revenue of Halliburton Company and do not appear to be material to the Company from a revenue or revenue risk perspective.

Halliburton, Man of the Year in 2005?

President Bush plans to send the same 20 judges for nomination that didn’t even get a yea or nay the first time. The gall if you can call it that in this season, is that the Bush administration refuses to believe that their plans can ever be turned away. One thing about this administration is that they know exactly how to get back those that don’t support them. It wouldn’t surprise me that Karl Rove’s motto is, “Payback is hell.”
The New York Police Department and the New York Fire Department who have been under the rule of former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani and Kerik must come under some kind of suspicion. How high does the graft go? Remember Serpico? Investing the New York Fireman’s Fund in Halliburton. Knowing the past of Vice President Dick Cheney, knowing the suspicions of Kerik being tied to the mob, the past of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, I wonder what you would find if you dug into this subject half as hard as they did for Whitewater and the Clinton’s? Giuliani, Time’s Man of the Year in 2001, President Bush Time’s Man of the Year in 2004, where is the respect this year for Time’s Man of the Year of 2003, the American soldier? I guess if you start a war you win, but if you serve in that war, well, you won last year didn’t you?

Christmas Eve in Crawford, Texas

It’s Christmas Eve in Crawford, Texas at the Bush ranch. However in Iraq Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was dragged kicking and screaming on a plane to visit the troops. While in Iraq Rumsfeld did not travel in a hummer with “hillbilly armor”, preferring to ride in a triple welded shut hummer usually used by General Myers when he visits the country. Condoleeza Rice celebrated Christmas Eve by playing a recital for the Joint Chiefs of Staff whose hands were all hidden mysteriously in their laps. But in Crawford Texas the President had to be restrained from calling out to the pres core after half-dozen eggnogs. Stripped down to his cowboy boots and a skull and bones pin around his neck, the President began calling up old girlfriends and betting on Green Bay. It’s a very merry Christmas for those wounded and dying citizens of Iraq, and for the American troops who have given up the light at the end of the tunnel for the next sunrise, and the next, and the next.


Today on the Mansel Report we offer a translation of the opening of President Bush’s Christmas radio address. The President said:

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. On this Christmas day, as families across the nation gather in our homes to celebrate, Laura and I extend to all Americans our best wishes for the holidays. We hope this Christmas is a time of joy and peace for each of you, and we hope it offers you a chance for rest and reflection as you look forward to the new year ahead.

The Mansel Report translates:

Ok, let’s get this over with. Today it’s Christmas, a day I don’t have to work except for this piece of paper they told me to read, as families gather in their homes, some dying of hunger, others bleeding from the beatings of police who wrongly accused them of being protestors on a peaceful street, others crying and watching CNN for a glimpse of a loved one in Iraq, Laura and I, well, Laura anyway, extends, or sends out like an anonymous email, our best wishes or at least enough to not get us both shot or impeached, for the holidays. We know that this isn’t a time of joy or peace so we won’t even pretend that it is. We know that this isn’t a time for you to rest because many of you either have to panhandle to feed your family or habit, or the only reflection you can hope for is the ice that froze your electric or gas meter, or the ice that froze to the windshield of your car. The new year ahead will be filled with more of the same so like it or move to Canada.

Best wishes from the White House (not really) and the Mansel Report.

Halliburton, The Grim Reaper on Retainer

President Bush: 14, 425 dead and Halliburton can’t get any of the repair work?

Vice President Dick Cheney: Well, it’s still early. We have friends in that part of the world. I thought Mr. President if you could make a few calls on our, I mean Halliburton’s behalf then we could get some of the work or all of it.

President Bush: Some of that no bid shit huh? (laughing) Goddamn, Dick you’re a ruthless bastard. Hell, I don’t blame you. I suppose they’ll be requests for aid and I’ll have to sit and pose next to some damn body in a chair and say blah blah blah.

Karl Rove: You have to look at a wide view of these things. It can take attention away from what we are doing on the world stage. If we come out and say, “Oh yes, we support the cleanup and humanitarian need.” They will, the international press, especially our networks here in America, will take the focus off the elections in Iraq and what we are doing in Iran.

K Street Babylon

Something has to be done was the cry through the many biased rooms of K Street. An onlooker, one that might could be paid attention to, Michael Moore was walking down K Street not with a camera crew in tow, not with a reporter doing a walking interview, but just Michael Moore himself on a stroll in the nation’s capitol. The word was pressed into cell phones and spread like the HIV virus in an African village. Doors were slammed and faces were pressed into windows. The White House lines opened up on the switchboard, John McCain was alerted and prepared a speech to the press. Television stations dispatched their crews to K Street and the Homeland Security section organized crowd control. When all of these crews, officials and police converged on the scene Michael Moore stepped into a taxicab unaware of the crazed actions of everyone else. Passersby who were innocent were subpoenaed and cried and kicked and were arrested. It was just another grief-stricken day in the White House territory normally known as the nation’s capitol.

It’s Only Screams If You Listen

The Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the two major political parties in the United States have created and established nothing short of a class war in this country. Politicians in this country upon first term in Washington may not be a millionaire but by second term you can be sure that by the second term, thanks to the lack of campaign finance reform, lobbyists, you can be sure they are swimming in money by then. Have you ever met a millionaire in Washington that can remember what it is like to be poor in this country? Speaking to the middle class on the campaign trail, as they step over the lower class, those far below the poverty level, the unacquainted few, the left behind who didn’t even have a chance to begin with, can only read over the agenda meant for those for who many of the poor serve everyday, can pick which poison they prefer.
Just a few years ago it was mentioned on the news that many in the U.S. Army were living on food stamps, you don’t hear this anymore. I guess they are all living well and eating well-balanced meals in Iraq, if they are alive still. One question that needs to be answered is this, if the dead are brought in the country where the press or the families of the victims can see them, are we sure that the amount of dead is correct? If we can’t count them ourselves are we sure the count is correct? Can we trust the army?
Tens of thousands died in a Tsunami and as Americans switched to another channel they found other subjects to occupy their minds a few seconds at a time. So anesthetized are we that we can flip channels and pass by 20,000 to 40,000 dead and not be moved makes you wonder about those that lived near the concentration camps in Poland and Germany. In the very moving documentary Shoah about the holocaust there are several Germans who lived just a few hundred feet away from the camps at Treblinka that said, “Once you got used to the screams it wasn’t that bad.” I guess when it is you and I screaming, when it is America screaming those that live near us will get used to the noise.

Two Tenths of One Percent

Two tenths of one percent, two tenths of one percent is what the United States gives to relief efforts around the world. Ladies and gentlemen we can only offer you this month two tenths of one percent of the required oxygen you will need for the month of January. Think it will be enough? The Conservatives in the United States say that is too much to give away. With the death count of the Tsunami growing to 60,000, the threat of disease could double that amount, maybe even triple it. The billions spent on the war in Iraq is staggering but when you think about the 35 million given for the relief effort it’s indecent. It’s sickening and it is embarrassing.

Helen Wachs speaking of her daughter Faye Wachs on CNN said that when her daughter got to the Bangkok Airport there were representatives of every government greeting everyone and the American representatives were in the VIP lounge. They were then charged for passport photos and her daughter used her ATM card to help pay for some of the people in line and helped give them some money for food. This is not surprising. I suppose those from the United States in the VIP lounge were feeling put out and wished those that were on their way to Bangkok would hurry up. The United States couldn’t afford to pay for the passport photos for the Americans who were possibly in shock and stressed over the carnage they had just seen? But I guess it’s better those we as a country focus on the footage taken by civilians so we as ghouls can see the suffering of those dying and dead. Remember how everyone in this country was left shocked and how the tears poured over a few thousand dead? How would we feel if 40,000 or 60,000 had died in New York that day? America, as bad as you think you have it there is someone else who has it worse than you. America, can you even conceive of that?

The Passing of Susan Sontag and Activism

Susan Sontag said in an interview in 2003, “Chekov said that politics is the enemy of a writer.” Maybe that’s true and maybe it is not. Maybe it was true of Chekov. All I know is that I am a writer and I feel the need to write about these terribly turbulent times. This is a time we are living in, a time like any other, that the world is spiraling into scary and unknown territory. Susan Sontag died today and her work as an activist brings to mind her essays, her life bring s about a sense of calm and respect. The choice to be an activist or to speak out is a gift. In this country we have the privilege or the ability to speak our mind and my friend Bob Kincaid reminds me that this right is a tenuous right. Salman Rushdie is quoted as saying about Sontag, “a great literary artist, a fearless and original thinker, ever valiant for truth" who insisted "that with literary talent came an obligation to speak out on the great issues of the day." That says it all right there and that in better words than mine says why I write the Mansel Report. Susan Sontag wrote in her book on photography, “Photographs furnish evidence.” In this world of reporting, in a time of photographs furnishing evidence of war crimes, we have to be thankful for a writer such as Sontag for pointing out and reminding us not to allow our eyes to glaze over when looking at a photograph of a crippled child riddled with bullet wounds or a building whose front steps are covered in blood.
To understand the news you read each day is to understand the corporations that market and sell the weapons, the material used in the news. Wars, genocides, police actions, scraps, and even civil wars all use products that were bought and sold by corporations. Some of these corporations are innocent and only marketed an item like a baseball bat, which was used to beat an innocent civilian to death. Other corporations like the Dow Corporation made and marketed Agent Orange. So when you buy almost any household chemical for use in your home you are in fact supporting the company that made a chemical agent that destroyed, killed, and scared millions of human beings. Now how do you avoid this? How do you avoid supporting a corporation that would do such a thing? You have to do research, you have to be aware and most of all you have to read. How can you be revolted by the actions of others if you don’t first read about them? Stick your head in the sand and you leave the majority of your body in potentially harm’s way. Is that a sane thing to do?

What Becomes A President Most

What becomes a President most? That he is on vacation when a disaster occurs, no that is not his fault. That he stays on vacation and spends the day bicycling and clearing brush? Yes, a photo opportunity in the place of a sincere statement? Former President Bill Clinton made a comment to the BBC radio 4’s network and urged a concentrated effort in giving out aid to the victims. The White House quickly added that it didn’t like that the former President rushed to cameras to make a statement. Perhaps they didn’t understand that it was the BBC radio and not television.
The death toll is presently 100,000. The United States has as I have said earlier pledged 35 million to the relief effort and has spent in the 100’s of billions on the war in Iraq. I guess murder is a better investment than the deaths of a natural disaster.

Gouging Out The Eyes of a Blind Man

There’s a Cypriot proverb that says, “A fool throws a stone into the sea and a hundred wise men cannot pull it out.” It sometimes feels as if the Bush administration has thrown a stone and sent Republicans and Democrats alike into the waves to retrieve it. Chasing a ghost of a stone in a haystack with currents unimaginable it feels as if we are the ones sitting on the needle and watching the tide rise. The only thing accomplished in Washington these days is white washed by both parties and faces the heat of the sun to bleach before being thrown to the public like stacks of meat at a blind zoo animal. Health care? Jobs? All of those items read off in a monotone voice during the campaigns should have sounded like what they were but if we had listened close enough we would have heard war, genocide, control the information coming out of Iraq, embedded press.

Politicians, welfare workers and families trying to get insurance all complain about red tape, the bureaucracy. It was said years ago and is said today that an army moves on its stomach, the government and almost anything else for that matter move on bureaucracy. How many lives are lost by government agencies refusing to kowtow to another, the events of 9/11 we have learned through the 9/11 commission was made worse than it should have been because agencies did not talk to one another? How many scenes of disaster have been made worse by onlookers and photographers and journalists trying to get just the right photo or the exclusive interview? These items show up in print and like the bureaucracy litter the corridors of power and translate badly to the destruction of the environment, something that the Bush administration has abandoned for the search for just the right place to drill for oil in the Artic or the exclusive contract to have access to the oil in Iraq. A simple question I’ll pose to you: Was this war in Iraq like the first one just a smokescreen to enable the Saudi Royal family, along with the Bush family to get control over the oil in Iraq? Were the contracts for Halliburton that were obtained without having to bid just an afterthought?

U.N.? We Don’t Need No Stinking U.N.

President Bush has decided along with Japan, India, and Australia that the U.S. would control the response of aid to the victims of the Tsunami. By bypassing the U.N. this sets a precedent that could undermine any help the U.S. could use in the future if such an event were to take place on our shores. In Iraq President Bush has a coalition of the willing and I suppose now we have a coalition of those worthy enough to care. If the Bush administration does not care to utilize the U.N. then why doesn’t President Bush expel all representatives from the U.N. and close its doors. Install the Homeland Security offices there not too far from ground zero and immediately destroy all of our relations with every government in the world. The Bush administration seems to think of itself as above all others and this could be our downfall within the next four years of the President’s second term.

War Crimes and Peace Don’t Mix

In Sierra Leone there is a rebel force that specializes in amputation. In Rwanda the rebels will come to a village and kill every man, woman, and child with a gun, machete, or stick. In Washington D.C. in the United States is a President who will invade a country for the simple fact of acquiring oil when he already has enough in reserve.
In Serbia the F.B.I. was utilized to investigate the charges of genocide. Will the F.B.I. be called upon to investigate charges of war crimes in Iraq? I doubt it. Will the war crimes commission in The Hague investigate the actions of American troops in Iraq? Yes. Will the Bush administration allow anyone of its troops to stand trail? Henry Kissinger has escaped being sentenced for his crimes so why should we assume that President Bush and anyone in his administration should have to stand trail? Merely claiming that the United States does not fall under the provisions of the Geneva Convention in relation to their imprisoning of Taliban forces and Al Qaeda may not be enough. I guess in the Bush administration it is contrary to the affairs of state to give peace a chance.

2004: A Year In Passing

The ghost of Yasser Arafat closes in on Israeli territory. He smiles a defiant smile and wanders the grounds of the holy land previously refused him. The shadow of Emma Goldman attends the conventions of the Republican and Democratic party, the words of Martin Luther King Jr. are read by a class of third graders and the ocean erupts and lashes onto a land rich in beauty but poor in defenses. 2004 was and still is for a few more hours the turbulent kind of year that will find its home in the history book of many generations with a black halo over the graves of individuals of history and the dark cold shoulder of the mass graves of the world. The political climate in 2004 was like a cancer patient refusing both blindfold and cigarette, removing the I.V. from its arm and wandering out into the abandoned field next to the hospital and setting out to see for it if the pundits were telling the truth. No cameras captured it and there was no transcript, no airtime was gleaned for any reporter who has to sit for a make up artist before delivering the news. So while the world focuses on the parties and celebrations of the new year thousands are homeless in India, the death toll has reached 124,000, and the powers to be are basking in the radiating light of a starry sky that is so relentless as to suggest there is hope in the new year.

Give Till It Hurts Mr. President

President Bush: 35 to 350 million in aid, hell, that’s good political capital.

Karl Rove: Yea especially when you consider the government allows you so much for charity, ten percent I think. Stacked up against the gross national product of the U.S….

President Bush: You mean Karl we could write this off?

Karl Rove: Well anything is possible when you’re in control.

President Bush: I guess so Karl.

The Daily Death Toll
The United States have lost 1,329 from our military in Iraq according to the Associated Press. We are at present date scheduled to have troops in Iraq until 2006, you can almost imagine how many more we lose in the years to come. The Associated Press actually has a section on their wire service reports each day that is entitled, “A Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq.” It shouldn’t surprise us too much that we as a country are in yet another war that we had no business being in. Perhaps the A.P. should begin a new section of their reports that feature the daily count of civilians that have been killed each day out of hate, over which regime is in charge, or through acts of greed. If all people on this earth are inherently good then why does so much evil persist?

Axis of Evil: Three Is No Longer A Crowd

It’s sad to say but we may be on the verge of another war fought on two fronts. The war in Iraq is spiraling out of control and leaving a bloody and sandy trail you could follow from the International Space Station, and now it looks with the threatening talk from North Korea we could end up in another Korean War. You can guess correctly that the defense department would dearly love this. Poorly armored Hummer’s and all we could send our thinned out troops already to another disastrous war. If in fact we do end up back in South Korea a draft would have to certainly be to be used to supply both fronts. With troops almost certainly to expand into Iran after the January election in Iraq, and the possible impending war in North Korea all three of President Bush’s axis of evil would be accounted for. It may not be worth it anymore to duck and cover, it may be necessary to settle your estate and sit out in your front yard and wait.

Tsunami, An Opportunity For CNN, NBC, CBS?

The media has determined its main coverage of the Tsunami should be the precise amount given by individuals, or corporations or even governments. It reminds me of Keith Richards analysis of the concert for hunger, Live Aid. He said basically that it was great that all these people gave money for famine relief but it was like, “putting a band aid on a rash.” The amount of money given in first few days, the first couple of years is important and everyone knows that but the turning point in this disaster will be stability, the focus of the relief organizations staying on the ground and helping until the countries are back on their feet again.
Footage of the suffering played over and over again serves only the media outlet that shows it. Do you think that the people they are showing in tears or dying, the people moving the dead bodies into body bags are going to go home and watch the coverage? I don’t see that by covering all of the despair in full 24 hour coverage helps the suffering. I don’t see that media outlets and press organizations asking each person returning from these places if they have any photos or video of the disaster.

They’re Coming; They’re Coming All The Way From On High

Preceded by the cross and banner,
The poison sack tied up behind,
Fanaticism as their provost,
Stupidity following like a tail of beggars,
They’re coming, the Jesuits!

- Gottfried Keller, Jesuit Song

Victims of the Tsunami disaster, I have sad news for you…the religious right are coming. With their satellite feed that God built, with their cameras that God runs on the blood of the cross, they’re coming. Maybe you’ve seen their commercials, give to help this child we just spent five to ten thousand to travel here and film for this commercial. Isn’t it is interesting that most religious right charities are after a while discredited and those of the more liberal usually are not. I can see their chartered planes lining up on the tarmac, the make-up, the script, the handler who arranges to have sympathetic and willing participants to appear on camera and not spook the host, the kind that will say what you want and say God sent you to help me, etc, So before you right click and donate make sure who you are giving to and where the money will end up. To help, to truly help is to care enough to investigate. Lives just may be in the balance.

The Liberal Era Has Never Ended, It’s Not Even Sick

I maintain that, even when a citizen does not agree with the existing political system, it is nevertheless his duty, to the best of his ability, to work with others so that the welfare of the state may be increased and damage be spared it.

- Ludwig Meyer Von Knonau (1841)

It is possible that the recount of the Ohio vote may be challenged in the Congress tomorrow. As we all know it is the duty of every American to question the government and to bring into question its ability to count the votes in the Presidential election. Of course Democrats and possibly some independent minded candidates will accomplish this once it begins. I am reminded of a quote from J.H. Pestalozzi from his book, How Gertrude Teaches Her Children (1801), “I came to see popular instruction as a measureless swamp, and I waded around in its muck energetically until I got to know the source of its waters and the causes of its blockages and got some idea of how its wet destructiveness might be drained off.” So I invite you to listen to Bob Kincaid at
www.wwnrnewstalk620.com. You can listen on streaming audio. This subject I am sure will be explored at length in tomorrow’s show. Listen from 7pm to 10pm Eastern Time. The beliefs stressed in the Mansel Report have a voice in the show of Bob Kincaid five days a week.

A Blessing and A Curse

Pat Robertson has released the hounds of goodness at
www.operationblessing.org. He spoke at length tonight on the Fox network show Hannity and Colmes. At the same time we hear on CNN on Paula Zahn’s show that many defenseless children are being kidnapped and raped by predators. At the same time on Fox Pat Robertson is comparing the Tsunami to the end of days. Next on the Hannity and Colmes’s the topic is attacking the Hollywood left is not giving to Tsunami relief. I heard today that multi-millionaire President Bush gave poultry 10,000.
How many times have you seen the seedy shows on at sweeps week showing Americans in Bangkok or Singapore buying sex with children through their special hidden camera? If a clumsily news network can hunt out and film these sexual predators why can’t they alert the authorities and then on camera say this is the guy who paid to had sex with this kid, here we have it all on camera? Children in these Asian countries have been kidnapped and sold into prostitution for years. Now is the age of the Tsunami it suddenly becomes a hot issue in the Bush administration control of the networks. It always seem to go that the religious right seem to accompany sexual predators or the conversation of this epidemic. I heard in 1995 on a short wave broadcast about a Navy sailor called the “blond Angel” who was an American and had raped up to 25 women. Before the authorities could get to him he was taken out of the country by the American forces. Strangely, there was no mention of this incident in the American media. In the city of Florence, Alabama where I live there were reports rumors really, of rapes at the University here for a long time but you never heard anything of it in the local media. Many priests in this country and around the world have molested children for years and the Catholic Church simply relocates them to another Parrish. Whether or not they warn those in that parish of the priests’ previous behavior I do not know. So what it all boils down to is convince I guess. If you commit this sort of heinous crime in a disaster zone, a zone where the Republican candidate has given generously of money that isn’t even his to give since he wasn’t actually elected in the first election, you can expect full coverage of it, especially since there is a bloody election upcoming in Iraq.

Emma Goldman and The Times They Are A Changin'
In these days of the Bush administration you have to look back for inspiration in dealing professionally and personally with the actions being taken against you. Read a newspaper, watch the news and the unflappability, the refusal to admit wrong and the dire need to find a place where you can stand drives the liberal mind on. Do what you can.

A Lot Of Water Under The Old Watergate

In the days of Nixon we can remember John Dean testifying before the committee and calmly jabbing at the panel, especially Fred Dalton Thompson. Alberto Gonzales however is a much different story. He sits calmly and agrees often and offers no attacks on anyone and hopes and prays to that Old Testament God Elohim that this process will be over soon. Chief Justice Rehnquist sits at home watching with avid interest, placing calls to the committee room and offering his services as an inquisitor. President Bush and Karl Rove watch while sharing a bottle of Gibley’s Gin and corresponding over the Internet to the victim’s of the Tsunami and posing as concerned members of the Hollywood left.

A Concluding Mansel Report

In a time in which war rails against the civilians of Iraq and the misplaced American troops we are seeing a death count from the Tsunami numbering 150,000 but you and I must still remember that in Africa there is a virus worse than war, worse than a weather created disaster. Information from
www.data.org tells us, “Africa has been hit harder by the HIV/AIDS virus than any other region of the world. More than 17 million Africans have died from AIDS and another 25 million are infected with the HIV virus, approximately 1.9 million of whom are children.” We are reminded by the words of
Ludwig Meyer von Knonau from the late 1800’s, “Be mindful of the shameful decline of many a free state destroyed by such discord, and do not forget that the world’s ridicule and the curses of their most remote descendants pursue those whose egoism is responsible for it.” We are able to get medicine and medical treatment to the front lines of Iraq and Afghanistan, to the aid of Tsunami victims, but to the people of Africa we wave an idle hand and treat it like a problem that will go away under its own power. The Bush administration I understand from my reading has promised several million dollars to fight aids and to the One campaign but has failed to deliver on the promise. How can you actually face the dead and promise and not go through with your word? It’s simple, you don’t travel to Africa and face the dead and you say what you will for the cameras and move on. Remember, a political promise comes right off the stable floor. Emma Herwegh wrote, “Show that you can love/and have no care, whatever your destiny, and whether it lead to heaven or to hell.”
Greed irritates the selflessness of organized genocide in a time when a sexual predator can be used in the media to distract from an election in a country raped from within, I feel helpless in the face of such despair and arguably feel lost in the face of such arrogance and ignorance. This will be my last Mansel Report for a while; I hope I can come back to it. I would like to think the Mansel Report has been profound and that my caring and trust in the sometimes impossible path of good and truth in this country and the world itself has come out in my words.

- Chris Mansel

The Mansel Report True/False or I Wouldn’t Be Surprised Quiz

1. Is it true that if President Bush’s brain was to be removed it could actually be weighed?

2. Is it true that Ann Coulter’s dildo is emblazoned with a swastika at the base?

3. Is it true that Vice President Dick Cheney actually died three years ago and is being kept alive by bailing wire, silly putty and removable anal probes?

4. Is it true that if faced with feast or famine President Bush would choose famine because it sounds like the name of a resort?

5. Is it true that President Bush changed the Secret Service code for Condoleeza Rice to Foxy Brown?

6. Is it true that Karl Rove has mailed out a hit list for several men and women in the Congress and the only person to take the contract is Gary Condit?

7. Is it true that Richard Nixon was buried face down amidst a struggle for ownership?

8. Is it true that if you combine Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Oliver North you get the bloated corpse of Lee Atwater?

9. Is it true that John McCain secretly has pined for the affections of Karl Rove?

10. Finally, is it possible that the reason Armstrong Williams was paid was not to promote the No Child Left Behind campaign but to appear as if the President actually knew a third black person?

Half Mass Full Shoulder
(for the ghost of Woody Guthrie)

Prisons are in production
Out in the fields
Our dear sweet children
Is their potential yield
In fallujah and gitmo
Open sores open cells
Muslims and Christians
Serving time in hell

They were rounded up
To applaud inauguration day
Then loaded and shoved
And sent on their way
I watched it on TV
I heard a sound bite
Where will our children
Be sleeping tonight

We should have known sooner
We should have organized
Now our children are strapped down
With electrodes to their eyes
How will you save for college
Public service is the best
If you can just get
Other children off your chest


Hail to the chief forty days a week
Hung from the flagpole are the weak
Half mass full shoulder
Half mass full shoulder

Return To The Fold is Bent, Nearly Broken

It’s an interesting turn of events when a government can absolve itself of wrong doings just by deciding to do so. President Bush and his administration have decided that the Geneva Convention does not apply to their course of action in Iraq and the subsequent interrogations and torture in Iraq and Gitmo, not unlike the Germans who deemed it not necessary to abide by the rules of war when dealing with the Jewish problem as they saw it. They simply saw the Jews as criminals or as the Bush administration says of the Iraqi’s “enemy combatants” and simply go about their business of extermination and torture with a free mind. There’s a line from the film, Nuremberg, from Field Marshall Goring that states, “What do you see when you look down this row of cells? You see yes men, all the no men are six feet under.” When you look at the beginning of President Bush’s second term you see that the no men and women have been cast aside in their duty to their country and have been replaced by yes men. New CIA boss Porter Goss stated that it would be the policy of the CIA to follow the Bush administration more or less to the letter.
Why is it seemingly impossible for a conservative administration to simply follow the rules of government how they are and not to make up their own rules of engagement as they go? But it’s not just the Republican Party that acts this way. I call your attention to the Lyndon Johnson administration, to the Clinton administration that did nothing to stop the genocide in Rwanda. As long as the arm of intelligence is and can be in the United States government, I find it hard to believe that we did not know until it was too late that hundreds of thousands had been brutally killed.
I don’t believe it is the view of any administration that the American public cannot be trusted with the truth, I think it is simply that any administration just believes they are above the truth and have to behave in a way as to further their own goals when it is overwhelmingly obvious that a public discussion of the matter would be simpler and cheaper in political capital.

Suicide Solution

It now seems that the Iraqi’s are torturing detainees according to reports. What do you expect a dog to do when everyday you kick in the throat and don’t explain why? Pretty soon that dog is going to believe that a kick in the throat is normal and go on from there. If the owner says it is ok, it must be.
A request has been made for more American advisors to supervise the Iraqi’s. Do you see where I am going with this? No longer can we back them into a box canyon and shoot the Indians like fish in a barrel. Today we simply prefer to imprison the enemy and set upon them with dogs and electrodes. Calling the kettle black will leave you scalded. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind if you actually care to see. What that line from Thoreau? “That government is best which governs least.”
We’re breeding a new brand of suicide bombers in Iraq and around the world. Die in battle or be captured and tortured by the Americans. What would you do?


In that land you only hear about once in a while on the American news, more often in the newspapers, Sudan is suffering even more violence by pro-government forces. This is the same government that escorted former Secretary of State Colin Powell through its region and fought to dispel any rumors of atrocities or violence. According to AllAfrica.com the killings have misplaced 1.45 million people and sent another 200,000 flooding across the border into Chad since 2003. It’s difficult to tell if the U.N. is fueling this violence since they have the jurisdiction in the area and recently they reported that the violence is on the decline, but never to worry because as soon as oil is discovered in the Sudan and Rwanda all of these atrocities will end. Stealth bombers will arrive along with embedded reporters in their tan flak jackets grimacing into the camera with a twinkle in their eyes.

The Political Discourse To Coarse To Hewn

Good evening Mr and Mrs America, from Abu Ghraid to Guantanamo and Congress to Senate and all the troops in harm’s way. Let's go to press. ...
Russia wants to ban all Jewish groups in their country. This is on the anniversary of the genocide at Auschwitz. Some things never change is a familiar line we all hear and seem to ignore as it circles its charms slowly around our necks. The ever-reluctant arm of nostalgia can be trusted to lead us astray as we change the channel to a major network. What is more important, the fact that seven American troops were killed in Iraq yesterday or the fact that an actress wore this gown made by this designer at that event?
A U.S. hostage is pleading for his life on a newly surfaced video. Honestly, what did you think when you first heard about this? Did you see his face on the television news and think, “He’s probably already dead.” A Roman Catholic priest is taken and the terrorists listened to their disapproval and released him. So we gain from this fact that the terrorists are not afraid of bombs, of boots on the ground, of the capture and torture of Abu Ghraib, but they are horrified by the long arm of the Vatican. Maybe they are terrified of the Vatican sending thousands of priests, the ones that need to be relocated after the fact that they had been molesting children had been made public, these priests roaming the country and spending a little time with Iraqi children. I’m sure the Vatican could help World Vision get those children out of the country as they originally planned but were stopped by the Indonesian government.
1,368 troops have been killed to date in Iraq and the world press turns to the nominations for the Academy Awards. Perhaps when the celebrity red carpet is paved with the blood of our children and wives, husbands and sons in the armed forces we’ll tune in and watch the commercials.

36 Dead, Afghanistan Unaccounted For

Thirty-six troops died today in Iraq. Closer and closer to the election we have to wonder how many will die tomorrow or the next day. As the dust settles on the pomp and circumstance of the Inauguration of President Bush, medics are working feverishly in the desert heat to rescue and save the lives of our wounded. When they can they help the innocent Iraqi’s who are shot, hit by ricochet, or do not have enough to eat or drink. On the ground it’s a mission of mercy, both for the troops and the aid workers. It’s life and death even as our troops lie in their bunks, as they go to eat every morning. It doesn’t seem that any piece of technology the American taxpayer has paid so dearly for can help in our struggle against terrorists who are fighting and killing our troops with weapons we either sold to them or left behind and enabled them to take possession of.
As the dust settled from the attacks of 9/11 plans were already made to invade Iraq. Afghanistan it seems was just icing on the cake. And what of our troops in Afghanistan? How often do we hear about these brave souls? Usually the only time we hear about them is when the press covers a USO visit from celebrities. The forgotten troops of Afghanistan need our respect and attention as well. In a living room somewhere in America a wife or a mother watches the coverage everyday, every minute she can to see if there is any news. She searches the Internet and receives no word. Imagine you are that wife or mother and imagine how you would feel. Now. While concentrating on that feeling take a moment and imagine how unfeeling the Bush administration is.

Autopsy on the American System of Democracy Ruled Incomplete

I read a headline today in the newspaper machine. It read, “A Very Discouraging Day.” Under this line was a picture of President Bush. Just what is so discouraging President Bush? Could it be the lives lost in Iraq, no that couldn’t be it? Could it be that his “other woman” Condoleeza was beat up by that evil Senator Barbara Boxer or that Senator Robert Byrd? Could be. Or maybe it is the fact that all these soldiers who just insist on dying is ruining the legacy of President Bush? Hmmm, could be.
It now being said, that President Bush will declare at the very least a counting of the votes around the world, and whatever gets obtained in Iraq will be a victory no matter the body count. I wonder if it’s true that when this President Bush opens his Presidential library that there will be doors that lead to nowhere, that the booths in all the bathrooms will be big enough to seat two.
The Mansel Report strongly recommends the new book Losing America by Sen. Robert Byrd.

Don’t Look In The Mirror, It Don’t See You Anymore
(for Betty Jo Tucker)

The deepening wound of what is going on in Iraq is that now, right now, we know it is wrong. We know it is wrong now and in fifty years it will still be wrong. Time will show that this was a war fought for the sole purpose of greed. For our troops, for the civilians in Iraq who must try to live day-to-day it is a horror, a true horror. Remember the footage of the women and men in Kosovo running in the streets after doing their shopping hoping the snipers would not get them? What the snipers didn’t get the onslaught of ethnic cleansing did.
From the Oklahoma City bombing to the elections in Iraq we have watched as our eyes glazed over with panic and ignored that shaking in our body so that we have become accustomed to the sight of bodies lined up on the street or parking lot. Mourners gather and placed flowers in Oklahoma City, in New York at the site of the World Trade Center. America was moved and the media exploited even that. We saw daily photographs of the notes, the cards, the flowers etc. In Iraq it is a different story. I can imagine Iraqi’s lining up to place the flowers they don’t have on the site of a bombing and being hit by the shrapnel of another bombing just a few feet away, those that manage to make it home are bombed accidentally by an American plane that had mechanical trouble. I heard on the news today that gunmen took over a school that was to be used for a voting place and drove everybody out of the building and then blew it up. Where exactly does this fit into the budget of re-building Iraq and its allotment for education? An estimate of three hundred billion dollars has been spent on a war that could not wait for diplomacy.
President Bush dig enough graves on this earth and that aftershock you feel is not an earthquake but the earth trembling not only in fear, but also in sorrow. That shaking is the center of our only planet’s heart breaking.

Apologies and Grievances

I humbly want to ask the forgiveness of everyone that reads the Mansel Report for having to send a “corrected Version” once in a while. When I sit down to write the Mansel Report I am so caught up in the emotion of what I am writing that my eyes seem to glaze over when I look for errors. Last night as I watched a special program on CNN I learned that the chopper that went down the other day was full of troops based out of Hawaii. I have a cousin I love a great deal who is based out of Hawaii. I don’t think he was one of them because we would have heard something by now. It brought tears to my eyes at the mere thought that it could be him.
Another reason for my mistakes is that I have a learning disability, which hinders me; also my eye tends to run down the page when I read any collection of writings so I have to concentrate a great deal. So imagine my anguish when reading philosophy or some of the writers like Heidegger or reading medical journals, which I enjoy. I am also dyslexic so this causes yet another perplexing set of problems. You should see me write a check. All in all I have hindrances but it could be much worse. I could be a soldier in our army and put in harm’s way in Iraq or Afghanistan. Thanks for your indulgences. Let’s hope we can change this world a little by our trust in the truth.

Bring Me The Head of Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger: Mistah Prez-uh-dent you kan be shure that the Iraqi’s will show up at the voting booths armed with overwhelming force. My suggestion to you is to establish a shadow organization where you can utill-ilize the election in your favor.

President Bush: Well shit Henry, we never planned anything else.

Henry Kissinger: My sources in the Taliban through Egypt tell me that you will have to agree to lose considerable forces to maintain or-dur in the region.

President Bush: How many men we talking about here Henry?

Henry Kissinger: At least a few hundred Mr. Prez-uh-dent.

President Bush: What do you think Karl?

Karl Rove: I think Henry would throw his goddamn mother under the wheels of a truck in order to get the kind of information he could use.

Henry Kissinger: Karl, my mother is dead but don’t think I wouldn’t try it. (laughs)

A Dark Iraqi/American Dream State

In a brief exchange an American soldier walks by a child in the street of Iraq. As he turns to watch the young boy walk away, he notices a rifle poke out of a window. He sees the blast of gunfire almost as soon as it leaves. He runs toward the child to shield him from the gunfire. And the child turns to reveal. Under his shirt is dynamite. The sniper shoots the child igniting the dynamite.

Down the street a reporter who survived cancer, who reported the day before of the tactics used by reporters in the region, watches as shrapnel flies past his head. He crawls along the street to the humvee. Two hours later he is on his way back to his hotel to shower and shave before dinner.

In a voting station an Iraqi a man aided by U.S. troops, picks up the ballot box to take it to be officially counted. The ballot box is rigged to explode upon being lifted up. The Iraqi man and the U.S. troops are killed. The votes are extinguished. And still the Iraqi vote would be considered a victory if this did happen.

The Light Leading You To Shore Is Paid For By Corporate Sponsorship

Robert Kennedy once said, “My first responsibility is to the United Sates, not to the Democratic party. It is a responsibility to the country itself. Now, feeling as strongly as I do, I can do nothing other than what I am doing.” Sometimes I wonder if Robert Kennedy had waited until 1972 to run for President, or if he had not run at all would he still be alive? He was labeled as the ‘Black candidate” and in the America of the late 60’s and early 70’s that fact alone made it an unsafe world for Robert Kennedy. Racism was as rampant then as it is now but then it was commonplace and political correctness, or rather the sometimes rather forced political correctness of today, was no where to be seen. This was a time of Mayor Daley in Chicago and the Weathermen Underground, a time of Vietnam and a time of a country torn between the drug culture and straight society.
Today we have the Internet and worldwide television coverage and a candidate is something altogether different. What you say as a candidate will usually be recorded or reported wherever you are. The time of the smoke filled room deals are no more. The ever-present “unnamed source” is common practice. Even the White House has briefing from major players in the administration and are only quoted as “high level source” or an “administration official.”
The election of 2008 will and should be just like the 2000 election. There is much at stake. There is the war, more than likely another Bush will be running though that remains to be seen, and perhaps for the first time a woman will be a presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton has already begun campaigning by using the Karl Rove tactic of 2004 of religion. By speaking to religious groups Clinton is trying to find “common ground” on subjects like abortion. The democratic candidate will have no problem holding up the war as a bargaining tool. One recalls the image of Nixon vowing that he had a secret plan to end the Vietnam War and bring the troops home. No matter the outcome of the election of 2008 I will continue to write. If a Democrat wins then I will continue as well as if a Republican wins. If we are the party that we say we are then we should be held to the same scrutiny that we hold this administration. You just can’t put on the blinders and say all is well, that my fellow readers is how we got into the deficit we are presently in.
In Iraq the line of demarcation is collapse. When discussing troop pullout pundits reach back for the line, “Foreseeable future.” Imagine how that sounds to the families of our troops? Well, if our system of government did one thing we got our troops out of malaria infested jungle in Southeast Asia and dumped them in a barren desert in the Middle East. Where to next?

Vote Your Conscience, Run In Fear

How would you feel if you were to figure out that as an Iraqi you risked your life to vote for an election that was probably decided before a single vote was cast? The press tells us today that the turnout in the Sunni Triangle is low. Could it be that the American military presence was lower in the Sunni Triangle than in the more or less troubled regions? The Sunni Triangle does sit almost in the center of the country and most of the inhabitants there have either been killed in attacks or are too damn scared to venture out.
Today in a three minute statement President Bush called the vote in Iraq a success. He however, did not mention the almost 9 billion dollars unaccounted for. Taxpayer money, American money, sent to the region has gone “missing”, and cannot be accounted for. Now I realize that Iraq is not the United States, and in a region such as Iraq in a broad transition it is a little like frontier justice, but even in a land such as Iraq there must be SOME KIND OF GODDAMN LAW AGAINST INFLUENCE PEDDLING AND CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM! Where did the money go…we don’t know? Where did the weapons we photographed and came back later to find they were gone…. we don’t know. A reporter on television said today that despite a loss of life totaling twenty-five, the election went well. Twenty-five lives.

Vote Or Starve
(with enormous thanks to Mike Miskowski)

It was too good to be true. If something looks to god to be true it usually is. While President Bush and the networks of American television soil themselves over the election in Iraq news come out of Iraq of disturbing proportions. Many voters were told if they did not vote their food ration cards would be withheld. (For more info visit
http://electroniciraq.net/news/1846.shtml) Yesterday when I entitled a Mansel Report, Vote Your Conscience, Run In Fear, I should have called it, Vote Or Starve! If you don’t like bombs in your city then how about mass accounts of malnutrition?
So much has been made of voter turnout. I knew it was too good to be true, I just knew it. My bullshit detector was going off when I saw the relative peace of the voting day. What exactly is a registered voter in Iraq? If they aren’t registered then how do you account for them if the votes haven’t been counted? But yes, they were registered because they had to sign a form saying they had registered to vote before they could get their food card. Were the Iraqi’s who voted in this country threatened with deportation if they didn’t vote? You can’t threaten them with food ration cards. These disgusting acts from the Bush administration just details in bold black and blue how we represent DEMOCRACY around the world.

Top Ten Reasons Almost 9 Billion Dollars Disappeared In Iraq

The money was needed to suffice Prince Bandar for him to keep his terrorists on retainer out of Iraq.
The money was needed to do research into kidney dialysis in a war zone.
Hush money for the civilians working in or near the Abu Ghraib prison
The money is utilized as a political pundit slush fund.
The money was needed to produce professional video quality training videos for the torture being done at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.
The money was needed to keep the press from mentioning Afghanistan.
The money went to establish a consortium of Robert McNamara and former General Tommy Franks to do a book tour through the world “debating” the Bush agenda.
The money is used to fly Ann Coulter to Abu Ghraib to undress and tease the detainees.
The money was actually needed in the U.S. to station individuals in public places throughout the country to stand and applaud whenever the Republicans do during President Bush’s state of the union address.
The money was acquired by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to supply Kevlar to the Iraqi terrorists.

A Return to the Manifesto of Liberalism, The Dictionary
(This title harkens back to a time when only the priests knew how to read and kept from the masses what the Bible really said)

Thanks to the Bush administration we can now abandon some everyday terms for others, same meaning, different wording. Well almost. Instead of saying “down the rabbit hole” we can now use “snake hole.” The snake hole is dark, it’s shallow, and it contains death. Now that seems a better way of saying it. It certainly sums up this administrations feelings on the wounded and dying and those pesky families of the victims.
Another would be “gender specific.” Since the Bush administration doesn’t mind screwing you, whoever you are or how you pee, we can be assured that the religious right could care less which gender you are, male or female they wouldn’t want you to have the right choose either way. A definition you might have never heard of for specific is, according to Dictionary.com, “A remedy intended for a particular ailment or disorder.” So instead of “gender specific” we can now use “neutral applicant” or “explicit embodiment.”

State Of Their Union

Sean Hannity said on his radio program today, “We know what is going to happen tonight. The President will give his address and it will all make sense.” I’ll grant him that. The President will give his address and it will all make sense that he is out of his mind and will go on to commit acts worthy of a war crimes trial on any continent.
There are a few things we know will not be mentioned in the state of the union or as it could be called, State of Their Union. The environment will not be discussed unless it is discussed as a tool to create drilling stations for oil in the Alaska wilderness. Human Rights will not be discussed unless; well it just won’t be discussed. You can imagine that HIV/Aids will not be discussed, which is a bigger killer these days than terrorism and even genocide. So Sean Hannity is right, the President Bush will give his speech and it will “make sense.” President Bush who Castro said was and is deranged will take the podium and read off what was written for him. And if he seems to stutter over his words and can’t seem to get through a sentence without bungling it then remember this one point, cocaine is a drug and has lasting defects to the mind. Also, you will damn well not see a picture of Karl Rove, though I could be wrong.


I have come up with a new game you can play at home. It’s called, You Bet Your Bush! In this game you read aloud a bit of what President Bush has said and you have to translate what he was really saying. For example, a passage from the state of the union, “You and I share a responsibility. We must pass reforms that solve the financial problems of Social Security once and for all.”

Now, in You Bet Your Bush! You might translate this line as,

“We must guarantee that every financial institution that gives overwhelmingly to the Republican Party will get the lion share of the money that will be invested. Just like the junk bonds of the eighties we will rape and pillage.

Or if you are playing the adult version you might answer,

“You can damn well bet your Texas ass that we’ll fuck everyone and damn well anyone we have to get what the fuck we want! Won’t we Karl?

Either way this could be learning and often a very amusing game to share with friends and love ones, especially if they vote conservative.

Let Freedom Cling

aid workers pass in airports
commenting blurrily of the previous war’s inferno
the remains of bloodied and shattered car windows
have replaced the oil fires

the numbers of civilian dead rarely detail the number of children
their little faces twisted into metal, gored by dust
where will you find a mass grave in the sand of Iraq?

through an interpreter that we don’t need
we can understand the anguish of the mothers
just like we understood them in Rawanda, and Kosovo
we knew what they were saying in Vietnam, in Poland
but we ignored their cries and brandished their lives
with democracy and freedom
just like the Christian missionaries that ventured into the rainforest
we brought sickness and death in order to save their souls

How much has changed?

Betrayal On Both Sides Of The Aisle

The President has sent Condoleezza traveling all over the world it seems to promote and gain support for an invasion of Iran. It’s obvious we will be heading their next since we have already built bases in Iraq to work from. The planes can be re-fueled and there is space for the troops to stay. It’s funny that talk of lifting sanctions against a country you are going to invade is even being discussed.
The announcement of a troop withdrawal of 15,000 is merely a smoke screen and we know this administration is so good at this. We see what is happening but the voting public obviously doesn’t seem to mind. Stay the course, a thousand points of light, axis of evil and a vote for Bush is a vote for God, and a vote for Kerry is a vote for the devil.
Watch closely as our Democrats in Congress and the Senate seem to be casually moving towards the center. What do they want a night in the Lincoln bedroom or what? They should be made to read Sen. Robert Byrd’s new book Losing America and prepare a twenty-page report on it. When your party betrays you where do you vote?

More Grain Down The Drain
(for Bob Kincaid)

And it came to pass in the land of the Americas that indeed the warmongers sought to fuel the fire by throwing currency at the flames. No longer was there a promise land on the other side of the earth full of peace and continuing love and prosperity, just over the hill, no. It seems that the devil has come back to the earth and brought with him men who would disturb the peace and bring about unrest, death, and as many of the seven deadly sins as they could carry.
President Bush seeks to strengthen the military, this means invasion of Iran. The Associated Press reports, “The president plans to roll out his military spending proposal Monday as part of a roughly $2.5 trillion overall federal budget. But documents obtained by The Associated Press show that he will request $19.2 billion more for the Department of Defense than its $400.1 billion budget this year.”
Read the above quote from the Koran and remember it well. In the world of politics, as sad as it is, the side of good almost never wins. We don’t go back and correct our bad ideas. For example, travel through the middle of the country and visit an “Indian Reservation.” 400.1 billion dollars for war when HIV Aids is eating up the continent of Africa, the nations of Russia and Brazil, this is not madness but business as usual and we allow it to happen. How much will we spend when it becomes so rampant here? Will we just round them all up and put them in camps also?

The Henchmen Were Boiled In Their Tanks

The subway under the capitol building is full of psychopaths sniffing the fresh newsprint of a scandal, which will never see the light of day. Republicans are humping turnstiles where there are none and screeching of transvestite pages loosening their ties and pouring hot whiskey over the body of Tom Delay.
On the surface the ranch in Crawford Texas looks like a sanctuary of mules hollering into the skies and the bodies of Mexican ranchers bloating in the bright sunshine. Satellite photos reveal a basement camp for delegates of the 2008 election.
Enlarged photos of torture in Iraq are etched into the hallway ceiling of the inner sanctum of the Pentagon. The smoking lamp is lit. The Joint Chiefs of Staff cavort with captured Iraqi women and blast tapes of the recent state of the union.
In America today the television networks prepare for their coverage of the Super Bowl. The line in Vegas feels abandoned as military men, retired and presently serving have concocted a way to bet utilizing the list of dead and wounded as a points system. State by state they assign positions; the guards on defense are assigned to the state of Mississippi. The number of dead and wounded from Mississippi will serve as the number of first downs gained by each team and so on. From the White House situation room is a tally board to keep up with changes in each state in a live feed.

A Neglected Frontier

Buried beneath Iraq is the kind of squalor that could only become more indecent with the presence of Satan himself. All of the blood of the Iraq war has settled and formed a pocket of adultery. The blood of so many women, men, and children has mingled together to form a trail of sorrow that reaches almost to the earth’s core. Each life taken whether on concrete or sand, wooden plank or in the skies has settled into the earth. Many more lives and the earth will not be able to sustain it.

Misalignments In The Historical “Anal’s”

President McKinley

His father was elected to the school board. Enlisted and served in the Civil War, the last to inhabit the White House and to serve in the Civil War. McKinley served in Congress. Was elected President and received the most of the popular vote since 1872. The country and the Congress wanted to go to war in Spain. President McKinley was married and had two daughters. One died of typhoid, and the other suffered epileptic seizures and suffered from phlebitis. McKinley was assassinated in September 1901 in his second term

President Bush

His father was elected to the Presidency and served as head of the CIA
He enlisted and rarely served, thus through political connections did not go to serve in the war of his time, Vietnam. President Bush is married and has two daughters. President Bush was not elected to his first term as President but served anyway.
President Bush started a war in Iraq and did not receive the total trust of the nation or the United Nations to do so. President Bush, while serving in his first term was told in a classroom of an attack 100 years later of an attack in September of that year. He has recently been “elected” to a second term, which is actually null and void since he was not elected to his first. The matching funds and payment due for the flights he took during the campaign, meals, etc., are past due and he has yet to receive a bill.

The information for McKinley was taken from Wead, Doug. All the President's Children: Triumph and Tragedy in the Lives of America's First Familiars (Atria: New York, 2003), 456p. Listed at

The information on President Bush sadly, is common knowledge today. More is the pity.

Mansel Report for Sunday 6, 2005

Sunday, February 6, 2005 Karl Rove muttered the same words as William Holden used in the film, The Wild Bunch, “If they move, kill’em!” This was in reference to the recent cross of the aisle of several Republicans in the House and the Senate on various topics. Karl Rove spits out the doorway leading to the oval office and berates a secret service agent, “I bet you didn’t know if you abbreviate secret service you get SS! You didn’t know that did you? Ever eat your damn gun? Put it in your mouth and pretend to pull the trigger? Shit, I can get your ass transferred like that!” Rove snaps his fingers and stumbles a bit and drops the bottle of Crown Royal in his hand. He stumbles back into the oval office and the President is on the phone. “Hell, I don’t know what the hell Dick was talking about with the meat ax remark. I wouldn’t put it past Dick to swing an ax. “ The president hangs up the phone.
Karl, we got Dick where we want him. You notice he hasn’t asked for much lately. Karl Rove grins a cold steely glare, “Well, we’re cutting the Army Corps of Engineers, Halliburton can run rampant now. We damn well better get out share. I’ll rip that weal heart of his right out.” President Bush replies, “Karl, what was happening in McKinley’s second term?” Karl Rove’s face grows serious, “He was assassinated.”

The Ravines of Pennsylvania Avenue Are Over The Grassy Noll

The associated news service is reporting, “The CIA has agreed to release more information about Nazi war criminals it hired during the Cold War, ending a standoff between the intelligence agency and the group seeking the documents, Sen. Mike DeWine said Sunday.”
What better way to detract from your own crimes in a present war than to release information about other war criminals? The intellect just confuses me. Karl Rove must be slipping. How the connection between Sodom and Gomorrah and the Nazi party aren’t mentioned more also confuses me. Usually hate and violent sex go together, like this administration, the Republican Party and war criminals. Not to mention sex. Especially when you read this piece from the New Jersey Herald on January 29, 2005. It reads, “A well-known local attorney and Republican committeeman is among 39 people across New Jersey facing charges for allegedly downloading an Internet video showing the rape of a 5-year-old girl.”
While the Bush administration is fueling up for another war, or an escalation of the present one, whichever way you want to look at it, the darkness is not pulled from the shadows in this party of the Republicans, it is there at the surface and wielding its ugly head with vulgar and profane bravado. Scream and all you do is cause a riot. Riot and you cause screams. Act in these ways and you’ll become respected in some segment of society, presently, the society that makes laws and occupies our house, the White House. This house belongs to the people and we have allowed it to exhibit blood for profit and use profit for blood. The riot only seems to get stronger as the protesters disperse.
It’s been said many times before and in many situations and it seems as likely a time to say it as any other, so I will say it. The Right Wing, which preaches morality and God, seem to have found a God I have heard nothing about in my life. But just as we criticize the right wing for acting this way we have to remember the god of the Old Testament. In the Old Testament if you did not believe in God, or the right God, the Christian god would instruct his followers to destroy the unbelievers. Not just destroy them but also vanish them from the earth. The Ten Commandments are filled with the same kind of righteous indignation that fuels many a hate crime. We read in the Koran, “Not one habitation have we destroyed but at the time determined for it.” There are many ways to determine right from wrong; it is those who do not seek this knowledge, who operate on one side of the other only that we should look out for.

Barricading the Malls Without Walls

Take the date line off a newspaper and it becomes an exotic and fascinating surrealist poem.”
- Marshall McLuhan

When you look at the society we live in this country reflect on this quote from Shakespeare,

“Meantime we shall express our darker purpose. Give me the map there. Know we have divided in three our kingdom…”

There is the wealthy kingdom, the middle class domain, and the wasteland that is for those below the poverty line. Now don’t get me wrong, the domain of the middle class is right across the street from the wasteland. The wealthy kingdom isn’t located anywhere near the domain or the wasteland, however, it is close to enough for those in the domain to work for the wealthy and those in the wasteland to serve the wealthy when they eat, or need their yards mowed, or their children to be baby-sit.
Again let’s turn to Shakespeare, also from King Lear,

“Only we still retain
The name, and all th’ additions to a king. The sway,
Revenue, execution of the rest,
Beloved sons, be yours; which to confirm,
This concept part betwixt you.”

Whatever you do don’t follow too close because subjects ahead of you may seem much, much larger than they appear.

The Hateful Siege of Contraries (A line from John Milton’s Paradise Lost)

(for Bob Kincaid)

Ever wonder what it is like to be an animal in a cage and to be subjected to inhuman behavior? Ask a victim of the holocaust. Or if you know sign language maybe you could ask a lab monkey in the U.K. The Guardian Unlimited reports, “Secret documents describing how some monkeys can scream in misery, fear and anger during experiments were produced in the high court yesterday as evidence that the laws intended to protect laboratory animals are being flouted.” It goes on to say quite obliquely, “Presented in court by the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV), they describe occasions when primates are "screaming, trying to get out of the box, defecating", and state: "This is an angry animal." Think about it, nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, martial law to an animal.
Just as in the death camps the situation is bleak, and when discovered by American troops or Russian troops the camps were frozen in fear of their liberators. The Guardian Unlimited writes, “"Some were found to be dead in the morning, some were found to be in a worse condition. Yet there is an obligation of license holders to keep suffering to a minimum. The whole system is very secretive and the public does not get to see what is really going on."
Now I don’t support PETA or anything like it. I don’t believe in the extreme views they have. You won’t see me throwing animal blood on anyone. But this story reminds me of the situation in this country under the yolk of the Bush administration. The ability and all likeliness of this administration to subvert their authority and to pressure anyone who disagrees with them is a little like trying to spend your days and night s waiting for a lab technician to walk into the room. When someone like Alberto Gonzales has the ability to influence policy, when someone like Alberto Gonzales sees the world as his little laboratory, the world should cringe. The prisoners in Iraq and Cuba are screaming like the monkeys, and like the article said, “The whole system is very secretive and the public does not get to see what is really going on."
Insightful and open to all ideas, the liberal mind reaches its highest watermark when faced with the idiocy of the conservative system of government. We have added to and strayed from the constitution so much it is hard to identify with the true eccentricities of our founding fathers. But as W.B. Yeats wrote, “now that my ladder’s gone, I must lie down where all the ladders start, in the foul rag-and-bone shop of the heart.” I suppose here I’ll stay until the monkey’s are freed from their cages and the keepers are either jailed or on the lecture circuit, or at least out of office.

Fireside Chat in Gehenna

President Bush: Alberto, I want you to keep up the leaning on the Iraqi’s.

Alberto Gonzales: Yes, Mr. President. Mr. President I got a joke for you.

President Bush: Ok, let’s hear it.

Alberto Gonzales: How do you question a man who has his face forced down in a toilet?

President Bush: I don’t know, how?

Alberto Gonzales: You flush the toilet next to him and as the water twirls down the bowl you scream into the toilet and it carries your voice and the shit into the toilet where his head is. (laughs)

President Bush: Does that really work?

Alberto Gonzales: Well, we’ve only tried a few hundred times but we’re working on it! (laughs)

Darfur Is Not That Far, Mr. President

CTV.ca in Canada reports, “Romeo Dallaire says the world's silence over the crisis in Sudan bears haunting resemblance to what he remembers before the massacre in Rwanda a decade ago.” The situation in Darfur has gotten much, much worse. It is so easy for a politician to comment on genocide after it has already occurred. Former President Clinton has no trouble in saying, “I wish I would have done something about Rwanda.”
The piece from CTV.ca continues with, “It's another Rwanda," Dallaire told Canada AM from Boston. "It's not a matter of whether the scale is totally comparable. It is the whole nature of the abuse of innocent people by another group that is specifically targeting them because of who they are, and where they are."
Ethnic cleansing, that’s a word we have come to know and just accept like coke, or sky or even death. It’s just another word, right? That is hardly the case. A silenced voice, particularly the voice of the children dying in Darfur, is the greatest tragedy. All of those lives unlived have got to be hell on earth, their poor bodies lying in the sun, and cold in the dew that falls in the morning.
The report also states, “Since 2003, nearly 70,000 people have died in Darfur and another two million have had to flee their homes as pro-government militia, known as janjaweed, rape, kill and loot non-Arab villages.” Also, “What's more, his report said, while the government has implemented some promised measures, "the last six months have seen a substantial increase in lawlessness, in particular banditry and abduction, which have dramatically increased since October."
Another administration in the United States will not be present in another genocide. I’m sure after it is over with, and all the deaths have been counted, poor politicians will decide that perhaps we should send aid. Also, I’m sure we’ll demand payment for such relief efforts.

Ransom Notes and Red State Votes

If Invasion Iran were an IPO I’d expect you all to fork over your life savings and get in line. However, the deputy head of the US Central Command, General Lance Smith advises us that Iran is not on the immediate list of things to do. AFP reports, "I'm not spending any of my time worrying about the nuclear proliferation in Iran," the general told a Pentagon news conference. "I haven't been called into any late-night meetings ... to sit down and go plan for Iran." Doesn’t that make you and your life savings feel much, much better?
The AFP also reports, “At the same time, he said, the Defense Department was regularly updating its war plans for various regions, and that process included Iran. "We have a requirement on a regular basis to update plans," said Smith. "We try to keep them current, particularly if the region is active."” Did you read that correctly? I had to look at it twice. He did not just say “various regions?” Various regions, you know what that means. Well, I will give him one thing the region is active. We are after all occupying the neighboring country and we do have bases in Saudi Arabia. We do have them almost surrounded, and we have in fact started to speak of Iran in terms of war. So yes, I can see that the region is active. Seriously, what is another couple of billion dollars when you consider a trillion dollars for Social Security?

Air-Lifted From Grace

Have you ever parachuted into a minefield? Ever felt the bullet go through you and sense it coming back to hit you again? Try watching a man who does not speak for you turn your world into a living hell. President Bush has and will turn every thing you know about government on its ear, sever that ear, and then wear it around his neck as he taunts the press with questions like, “Who are you? Who do you write for? Why are you asking a question like that?”
The minefield of which I speak is your old age. Remember when you first heard about social security? Seemed like a good idea didn’t it? Seemed like the right idea to take care of people when they reached that age didn’t it? Well I guess now those people had better depend on their families if they have one. If a funeral is for the family, then I guess life is for those that care. But caring isn’t enough sometimes and we all know that. If you have ever had to watch someone you love go hungry inside, not of nourishment but of a broken heart or a broken spirit, then you get the idea of what it must be like to be told that there is no help in your final years. There is no one to hold your hand in the nursing home and you realize you are going to die alone. Somewhere in the darkness of America, in a time when all are asleep the wheels of justice swerve and hit the oncoming car of this administration, glass flies, metal is twisted, and the screams cannot be heard. Whether anyone in this administration is ever brought to justice for what they have done for this country or not, we will know as we sit alone in that room that it could have been different.
Big Brother Has A Snake In The Sack

Jeff Gannon, ever heard that name? You will very soon. Jeff Gannon, whose real name is James Dale Guckert is a plant that appeared at White House briefings posing as just another reporter.
The Washington Post reports, “Jeff Gannon, who had been writing for the Web sites Talon News and GOPUSA, is actually James Dale Guckert, 47, and has been linked to online domain addresses with sexually provocative names. He has been under scrutiny since asking Bush how he could work with Senate Democratic leaders "who seem to have divorced themselves from reality." The information about Gannon was posted on the liberal sites Daily Kos, Atrios and World o' Crap.”
Linked to several male porn sites is not only a deviant but a inept “White House burgular at that” the Washington Post states, “Among the domain names registered by Gannon's company several years ago, but never launched, were Hotmilitarystud.com, Militaryescorts.com and Militaryescortsm4m.com, along with Exposejessejackson.com. The bloggers also have linked to a since-withdrawn America Online photo of a man who appears to be Gannon, posing in his underwear, with a screen name bearing the initials "JDG."
Gannon if you are a republican, or Guckert if democrat, operated under the guise of a reporter and fed the President with easy questions. The Washington Post goes on to write, “Under the headline "A Voice of the New Media: The Voice Goes Silent," Gannon wrote on his personal Web page that because of the attention "I find it is no longer possible to effectively be a reporter for Talon News" and that he is quitting "in consideration of the welfare of me and my family." Gannon added in a brief interview that "my family has been victimized" and that he wanted to "put some separation between Talon News and the White House."
Along with the fact of subverting the process of the freedom of the press there is a bit of espionage at play here also. The Washington Post writes, “Several White House correspondents say they saw Gannon wearing what appeared to be a permanent White House pass with his picture and pseudonym -- legal names are generally required because of the Secret Service background check -- and that McClellan sometimes called on Gannon when he wanted a softer question. McClellan disputed this, saying he calls on reporters "row by row." He also said Gannon did not have a permanent pass and was admitted on a day-to-day basis like many other journalists, adding that he does not meddle with the process on political grounds.” So President Bush has subverted the freedom of the press by not allowing suitable press to be there, those that are qualified, and he has used the secret service to do it. Scott McClellan must have known about this otherwise why would he call on him when a softer tone, more conservative tone was needed? If Gannon was seen with a permanent pass then why did McClellan say that he saw one that was not? Now once again, we know this is wrong and it has been proven in the press. Will it be taken care of in “due process” or will it be just “an unfortunate event” or will the blame fall somewhere a dozen or so bodies away from the President? Only time will tell, and time sure does some telling doesn’t it?

Nepal and Democracy, Mr. President?
An item on CNN.COM reported on Friday, January 21, 2005 stated, “ Bush called on the "force of human freedom" to "break the reign of hatred" and "expose the pretensions of tyrants" in the world.”
Ok, President Bush, on February 10, 2005, I call your attention to the situation in Nepal. The AP reports from Katmandu, Nepal, “ Police in Nepal's capital arrested 12 rights activists and quashed a rally to protest the king's emergency rule Thursday, while rebels in the southwest killed five policemen and freed comrades from a jail during a raid on a town.”
In Nepal the government is detaining activists who are pro-democracy, Mr. President. Now you called on the “force of human freedom” to “break the reign of hatred” and “expose the pretensions of tyrants” in the world” remember Mr. President? You have said now and then, time and again, all the time and very often that you have supported those that seek freedom. But then Mr. President I recall that there are men and women who believe in peace that are jailed all around the world and you haven’t done anything to help them either. The AP continues with, “Police in Katmandu detained the activists as they arrived for a rally by human rights group Peace Society Nepal, hustling them into police vans and slapping a security cordon around the planned rally site to block other activists from gathering.”
In this land, which is the exiled home to His Holiness The Dalia Lama, the government is acting like a tyrant Mr. President. Mr. President the AP also reports, “It was one of the first attempts to hold such a rally since Feb. 1, when King Gyanendra sacked an interim government, imposed emergency rule and suspended civil liberties, saying the moves were needed to control the intensifying Maoist insurgency. Security forces have arrested dozens of politicians and activists, drawing strong protests from foreign capitals including Washington, which urged Nepal to return to the "democratic path."
Mr. President someone in your administration has issued a return to the “democratic path” in Nepal. But Mr. President, imagine if the “left-wing extremists” in this country prevented your own Jeff Gannon to pursue his civil liberties in establishing porn websites, what if your own Scott McClellan wasn’t able to call on members of the press sympathetic to your cause or ability to answer their questions? Well, I hope you or someone in your administration will look into this matter in Nepal. Just close your eyes Mr. President, and pretend there are vast oil fields in Nepal, huge contracts for Halliburton. If nothing else Mr. President, do it for His Holiness, you have met him before and spoke to him, remember? If you don’t I have a photograph of this meeting I can send you.

Hat Check In A Crowded Room

There is a war going on in the press and as usual he who controls the media, wins the war. The AP reports, “Senate Democrats demanded Thursday that President Bush order a halt to personal attacks on the party's leader, Sen. Harry Reid, and expressed regret that they had failed to mount a stronger defense for his defeated predecessor.” Now you should know that President Bush and this administration is not going to go down without a fight and you can be sure that they will win, because he has the media on his side.
Bush and his administration are obviously not going to admit that they are doing anything wrong. The truth is not a mistress, maybe the only one in town they have not slept with and reduced to a crying mass.
The AP states, “But Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois, the second-ranking Democrat in the Senate after Reid, ridiculed that assertion, as Reid did earlier in the week. ``This is the Abu Ghraib defense, that a few renegade soldiers are responsible for their own behavior and the commanders are not accountable,'' said Durbin. His remarks referred to claims by military officials that a few low-ranking enlisted personnel were responsible for the shocking abuses at a U.S.-run prison in Iraq.” If you follow that same defense or the idea of it then Richard Nixon would have served out his second term being that the “plumbers” were solely responsible for the breaking and entering. Uh, right. Governor Ann Richards of Texas has a saying she flaunted at the Republican Convention once that went like this, “That dog don’t hunt.” Well, this dog couldn’t feed itself with its face stuffed into the bag of dog food with a funnel down its throat.
What I don’t understand is why the Democratic Party expects anything else out of this administration. Haven’t they proven themselves to be cheats and liars who would hire their work done? Plumbers? Hell, they hire journalists, pundits, and what would you call Jeff Gannon anyway and still keep a straight face?
I can see how we should all be worried about the spare change falling on the floor in this so desperate of a matter when we have a possible genocide about to happen in Darfur. When over a hundred thousand died in a Tsunami. Remember them? The civilians dying in Iraq, our troops, remember we are a nation at war. Now I know it must be difficult for our elected officials to do business as usual with lobbyists throwing money at them all the time, money covered in child labor, blood, and oh, well, all kinds of things crawling all over it. Can you imagine the look on Thomas Jefferson’s face if he saw what goes on in the hallowed halls these days? You know, when I think about it for a minute I am not so sure I want to know.

Superbug They Called It

As terrifying as it seems, and I certainly hope I am wrong but it very well could be that the United States could become the next continent to be completely eaten up with the HIV virus, no matter the medicines we may have. Forbes.com is reporting,

“New York City health officials are sounding the alarm about the possible appearance of an HIV "superbug" -- a strain of the virus so powerful that it's resistant to nearly all AIDS drugs and rapidly weakens the immune system.”

What must the people in Africa have thought when they first heard of Aids? It is accepted now even by some conservatives in this country and around the world that AIDS is not a gay disease; it is not a new plague brought to the earth. You know when most people realize this? It’s when someone they knew contracts the disease in their family, a friend, or someone they admire. HIV Aids is in the blood supply now so when you have surgery, give blood, donate blood it is at least possible that you could contract it this way.
Forbes.com also reports,

“Typically, it takes an average of about 10 years for someone to be stricken with AIDS after infection with HIV. In the New York man's case, full-blown AIDS appeared in a matter of weeks, not years. What makes the man's case even more exceptional is that he's also resistant to three of the four types of antiviral AIDS drugs that combat the disease. "To go from infection to disease in a matter of a few months is very unusual. To do that in conjunction with such a highly resistant strain is also unusual," Frieden said. "Putting them both together is what's so unique."
For many years we have gotten inoculations before entering school and when the supply makes it possible we get a flu shot. Relatively few people get an HIV test. It may not matter now if this new strain builds to an epidemic level.
Finding this so disturbing I went to the website for the Center For Disease Control and looked up some statistics, and it is so much more disturbing. In 2003 there were 59 cases of HIV/Aids in children under the age of 13, the same amount of children between the ages of 13 and 14. These are children, children who are innocent and someone somewhere loves them and now they have to deal with not only growing up but also a disease they do not understand. Like I said before about blood transfusions there is this cryptic remark and the bottom of the page, “Includes hemophilia, blood transfusion, and risk not reported or not identified.” In Africa, last year 25.4 million adults and children are living with HIV/Aids according to the CDC. Politicians of the United States will we be under martial law when this new strain does this to our country? Instead of destroying Social Security, perhaps we should be on the lookout for the oncoming wave of deaths. Please, I hope I am wrong.

More Apologies and Grievances

If you receive my writings it is because either Jake Berry or I have emailed it to you. Some of those who receive it have given me some feedback and for that I am so grateful but it is not essential. You certainly don’t have to respond. You don’t even have to read it for that matter. I am prolific and read way too many books so my mind is always filled with more ideas than I can get down on paper. I guess if I was doing this right I would have a “blog” somewhere on the net and then you could choose to go there and read it but I can’t afford that. So, you get numerous emails sometimes from me in a day.
Some of you are writings pieces like this also and some share their writings and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. When I started writing these pieces, those political in nature, I was just writing for Jake and myself as always. But some of you have gotten interested in them also so I have voiced the reports in the manner of a larger audience. I just believe these are pretty desperate times and I feel in my heart that I can’t just look away and not write anything about it. Some you that read my pieces are very good friends of mine, some I know only through email and some of you I have never met or corresponded with. I do hope all of you get something out of reading what I write.
To choose to see the world politically and not just another channel you can change is to take on quite a task. To keep up to date politically is to invite disgust, depression etc. I truly believe that. We learn in the film, My Dinner With Andre, that the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman only reads the daily newspaper or watched the television news at the end of his day because it is just too depressing to do so earlier in the day. I used to be that way. Again, I hope you are upset at me for writing too much and filling your mailboxes everyday with more and more reports. I don’t feel like I should a0pologize I guess I just felt the need to explain myself.

The Blood In The Water Trickle Down Effect

The Drudge Report (http://www.drudgereport.com/flash3ir.htm ) is reporting,

“The Bush administration has been flying surveillance drones over Iran to seek evidence of nuclear weapons programs and detect weaknesses in air defenses, the WASHINGTON POST is planning to splash on SundayNewsroom sources tell DRUDGE: The small, pilotless planes, penetrating Iranian airspace from U.S. military facilities in Iraq, use radar, video, still photography and air filters designed to pick up traces of nuclear activity to gather information that is not accessible to satellites, the officials said. The aerial espionage is standard in military preparations for an eventual air attack and is also employed as a tool for intimidation."The Iranian government, using Swiss channels in the absence of diplomatic relations with Washington, formally protested the illegal incursions, according to Iranian, European and U.S. officials."

Just as many members of the Bush cabinet are crisscrossing the world faintly trying to make a case for an Iranian invasion. More like going through the motions if the steps they took before the Iraq invasion are any example. With all this talk of Iran having nuclear weapons you may have noticed that there has been absolutely no talk of weapons inspectors. I suppose since Bush has a mandate, or what you might call the blood in the water trickle downstream effect, he believe that the weapons inspectors would all be anti-U.S. and he must take it upon himself to invade and kill.
A report (
http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-cia12feb12,0,5143074.story?coll=la-home-headlines) that just came out from the L.A. Times,

“Dozens of CIA informants in Iran were executed or imprisoned in the late 1980s or early 1990s after their secret communications with the agency were uncovered by the government, according to former CIA officials who discussed the episode after aspects of it were disclosed during a recent congressional hearing.As many as 50 Iranian citizens on the CIA's payroll were "rolled up" in the failed operation, said the former officials, who described the events as a major setback in spying on a regime that remains one of the most difficult targets for U.S. intelligence.”

Now if the L.A. Times is on the team with the Bush administration and is helping with the campaign against Iran or if they were actually “holding” this story or just miraculously found out about this is anyone’s guess. I might even say that all members of the Intelligence committee should watch closely how they handle this situation but as things have occurred in this administration, doing wrong just doesn’t make a difference. There have been so many slaps on the wrist you can wonder if there is not a desire to be slapped? In the Senate and the Congress there will be so many cases of “covering your own ass” that may just be another sex scandal on the hill.
So who is next? Syria? North Korea? Indonesia? Canada?

Mansel Report: Jeff Gannon’s Future Resume for Change

Since Jeff Gannon has lost his position in the White House pressroom he has gone back to his not so private life of web hosting. He is reportedly working on websites for these individuals; this is just a preliminary listing at press time.

1. A website for Ed Meese called,
2. A website for Bob Dole called. www.limpononeside.com
3. A website for Ken Mehlman called www.mehlmansmailmen.com
4. A website for Dick Cheney called www.dickslesiflicks.com
5. A website for Nancy Reagan called www.cowboysdoit6ftunder.com
5. A website for Alberto Gonzales called www.abugrahaiddegrades.com
6. A website for John Ashcroft called www.deathsbedisgoodhead.com
7. A website for Richard Shelby called www.alabamarammajamma.com
8. A website for Jerry Falwell www.exploitthechildrenforjesus.com
9. A website for Strom Thurmond called www.uhhhhhh.com
10. A website for Karl Rove called www.bushietushie.com

The Old Speechwriter’s Home

In a suburb of Virginia or Maryland, somewhere near the site of a power plant atrocity sit several ashen-faced old speechwriters now retired. They sit each day staring out at a dumpster and a employee parking lot and reflect.

“Soundbite, Jesus, remember when we had to struggle to cut a speech down?” One says.

“I tell you, if I ever had to change a word today because he couldn’t pronounce it I think
I’d just quit.” One stammers.

“Hell, you did quit but you went back.” One laughs and coughs black bile into his hand.

“Choose or lose, what goddamn little duck butter eating neophyte thought that one up? When haven’t we lost with a choice? I read somewhere where George Washington himself used to sit and drink himself into a stupor over John Adams following him. What was that Adams said, ‘"People and nations are forged in the fires of adversity.’ Shit, where would politics as we know it be without adversity.”

“Didn’t you hear, they changed the spelling from adversity to controversy!” Laughs all around. “But it don’t matter anyway, one day they’ll be an old bloggers home in somebody’s basement emailing out re-writes of the State of the Union transcripts.”

A New Strain of Democracy?

WRAL.Com is reporting a very disturbing story. It echoes of Vietnam and Agent Orange, of the gulf war and whatever illness it was that caused so many veterans to get deathly ill. WRAL.com reports,

“RALEIGH, N.C. -- The mysterious death of a third soldier with North Carolina ties is raising questions. All three died from flu-like symptoms after returning from overseas deployments. Sgt. Clay Garton was a flight medic at Fort Bragg. He spent 16 months in Iraq and returned home in July. Then, he got sick. "They came out in five minutes and said, 'He's gone,'" said Duane Garton, Clay's father.”

This soldier obviously caught this, whatever it is in Iraq. Since there is no evidence of the insurgents using anything like this it would seem that our ever-industrious government has used our troops yet again as guinea pigs. Have you seen the film, Jacob’s Ladder?
Could it be a new isolated strain of an experimental virus? Could it be that our government can be just as bad as the terrorists we are fighting? How cold blooded do you have to be to experiment on those fighting for “democracy?”

WRAL.com also reports,

“According to a preliminary autopsy report, Garton's liver and spleen were swollen. His wife said doctors told her he died from infection.
It is the third recent example of soldiers dying after exhibiting flu-like symptoms. Capt. Gilbert Munoz was a special forces soldier at Fort Bragg who was deployed to the Middle East. After he got back, he died from a bacterial infection.”

Now if I remember correctly one of the reasons we invaded Iraq was that Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons on his own people, isn’t that right? The report contains what could be a clue, unfortunately it may turn out to be just a hint.

WRAL.com reports,

"Chris was admitted with flu-like symptoms. Whatever it was, it shut all of his organs down -- shut them all down -- and I want to know what happened," she said.
Garton's family has questions, too. His wife said while Garton was in Iraq, he treated someone exposed to depleted uranium. Garton's father wonders if that had something to do with his death.”

Uranium. I found this story in the Korea Times written by Kim Tae-gyu,

“A small amount of liquid uranium that sneaked into Korea last June caught the nation by storm but it proved to be a storm in a teacup as its quality is lower than even that of natural uranium.
Rev. Kim Suk-joon from the main opposition Grand National Party revealed on Monday 10 grams of liquid uranium was found by the Pusan police in June, raising concerns about the nation's security.
Some media went even further, presenting the possibility that bombs could be made with the uranium and terrorists were using Korea as a stop-over before smuggling the dangerous materials to rogue nations.
According to the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), however, the enrichment level of the uranium is just 0.7 percent, far short of the 90 percent level which is needed to make atomic bombs.
``It doesn't make any sense to talk about weapons with this. Only 46 percent of the liquid was uranium with the enrichment level of 0.7 percent. It was coarse with many impurities,'' KAERI president Chang In-soon said.”
Could it be that our soldier, like several others that have been made ill by this “flu” could be similar to the impurities mentioned in the story from the Korea Times. One way or another the source of this “flu” will come out. Whose hands will be bloodied? Who exactly are the terrorists anyway?

Negroponte’s Death Squads

Site of Reference,

The possible appointment of John Negroponte stinks of bodies resting in the earth. If you don’t believe me go to the site of reference and see the photo the AP clarifies as, “In the photo above, nuns and others pray over the bodies of the four US churchwomen raped and murdered by US-backed Salvadoran death squads (Associated Press).”
Raped and murdered, yes you read it right. Hard to believe some people can see this and call it democracy. These are the same people who want to have a hand in what is taught to your children. This isn’t a case of the lambs to slaughter but atrocity. We should know this word well if we have read our history. SOAW.org reports,

“The 'Salvador Option' may put death-squad-like kidnapping and assassination teams in Iraq Newsweek reported in January that the Pentagon is intensively debating an option that dates back to a still-secret strategy in the Reagan administration's battle against the leftist guerrilla insurgency in El Salvador in the early 1980s. Then, faced with a losing war against Salvadoran rebels, the U.S. government funded or supported "nationalist" forces that allegedly included so-called death squads directed to hunt down and kill rebel leaders and sympathizers. Eventually the insurgency was quelled, and many U.S. conservatives consider the policy to have been a success-despite the deaths of innocent civilians and the subsequent Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages scandal. (Among the current administration officials who dealt with Central America back then is John Negroponte, who is today the U.S. ambassador to Iraq. Under Reagan, he was ambassador to Honduras.)”

Is it some kind of requirement to be nominated to a Republican position of power that you either have to be gay, a supporter of torture or the approver of atrocities? This administration just may be the most corrupt we have ever seen. To serve and protect, preserve and defend must have been confused with kill, murder, and mayhem.

Dictionary.com gives these two definitions of atrocity.

Appalling or atrocious condition, quality, or behavior; monstrousness.
An appalling or atrocious act, situation, or object, especially an act of unusual or illegal cruelty inflicted by an armed force on civilians or prisoners.
That’s the Bush administration all right.

A Colder War Turned Hot?

Site of reference:

The Associated Press is reporting,
“Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that he is convinced Iran does not intend to develop nuclear weapons and said he plans to visit Iran.
Putin, at a meeting with Iranian National Security Council chief Hasan Rohani, also said Russia would continue its nuclear cooperation with Iran. Moscow has helped Iran build a nuclear reactor, a project that has been heavily criticized by the United States which fears it could be used to help Tehran develop nuclear weapons.”
Some time back I wrote in the Mansel Report that President Bush and his administration of tormenters and violators were trying to bring back a cold war. Well, it looks like we have it. With Russia now in the Iran and Syria debate there is a similar situation of reference, the Korean War when China decided to strike across the North Korean border to engage us. Another thing to remember is the threat of North Korea (notice how we seem to exact revenge on ourselves by starting an argument), which is a communist nation, something dear to the heart of Russian President Putin.
One of these days the United States government is going to go to far and we will end up as we were before, a nation divided not of territory or placement but of the starving and the dying. If 9/11 sent this nation into turmoil just imagine what a nuclear blast would do. Why start a fight when we can barely support our own peacekeepers?

Enemy Combatant

I got a government who knows me by my name
I got a government who’ll shoot down commercial planes
Wherever you are, here or there
They can come and grab you by the hair
Enemy combatant, enemy combatant

There are people on the no fly list who are members of the AARP
There are children being held in Cuba the light they never see
The Patriot Act recalls slavery, and the British Colonies
Where king and country could break you at the knees
Enemy combatant, you’re an enemy combatant

Held without charges, held without a name
That information is just a link in the chain
Holding back the dogs in the photographs
The urine, feces, menstrual blood spread by psychopaths
Enemy combatant, enemy combatant

These truths we hold self-evident to further our claims
If someone calls anonymously they will get your name
Guns drawn and cocked they’ll enter your own home
Just like Gandhi said in India even if you’re not home
Enemy combatant, you’re charged as an enemy combatant


The trail of tears and internment camps
Both sealed with the official U.S. stamp
Enemy combatant, enemy combatant
I’m a noncombatant I deserve to be free

ACLU vs The Dobson’s Of The World

Site of Reference:

“An item I found on the site for the ALCU dated February 17, 2005 states,

TOWANDA, PA-- The only vocational training program available at a Pennsylvania county jail forces prisoners to participate in religious discussions, religious lectures and prayer, the American Civil Liberties Union charged today in a complaint filed in federal court.
"Incarcerated men and women should not have to subject themselves to religious proselytizing in order to get the skills they need to reenter the workforce," said Mary Catherine Roper, an attorney with the ACLU of Pennsylvania. "Giving public dollars to private groups to teach inmates job skills or promote other non-religious services is an important part of this country’s social safety net, but using taxpayer dollars to convert a captive audience is unconstitutional."

As I understand it the freedom of religion guarantees the right to NOT practice religion. The right to not believe the prison-funded religion is and should be a part of the rights of every prisoner being held in America today. Mary Catherine Roper states in the above quote, “Giving public dollars to private groups to teach inmates job skills or promote other non-religious services is an important part of this country’s social safety net, but using taxpayer dollars to convert a captive audience is unconstitutional." A captive audience is the correct term here. Prisoner’s rights are a case that hardly ever gets addressed but should be high on the list. Thanks to the ACLU for looking out for the rights of the individual. This seems to be yet another slant of the Bush administration to control every facet of life, including those imprisoned. Does this mean those prisoners in Cuba and Iraq, and whatever secret jails we have for supposed terrorists are re-educating prisoners again the Geneva Convention?

The report continues,

“Today’s complaint, filed by the ACLU of Pennsylvania and Americans United for Separation of Church and State, details how the publicly funded Firm Foundation in Bradford County, improperly uses tax dollars in its Christian-centered job training program by pressuring prisoners to engage in prayer and listen to staff proselytizing. The complaint also charges that program administrators discriminate in hiring workers based on their religious beliefs and affiliation.”

U.S. tax dollars, that means you and I are paying or funding if you will the forced prayer of prisoners when the same government tax dollars will not allow children in schools to pray as they wish or not to pray at all. I myself was the victim of not wanting to pledge allegiance in school years ago. I also was not hired for a job because of where or where I didn’t attend church. The Patriot Act not only increased the pressures it can use but expanded these pressures and made them legal where before it was just business as usual.

Site of Reference:

The Bush Tapes

The Bush Tapes, you always hoped something like this would exist and they do, conversations about many in the administration and even conversations mentioning the Rev. James Dobson. Like the link of Jeff Gannon to Karl Rove, the Bush Tapes is yet another nail in the administration that thought that they could lie, cheat, steal (elections) and run rough shot over the entire nation.

The New York Times DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK reports,

“Variously earnest, confident or prickly in those conversations, Mr. Bush weighs the political risks and benefits of his religious faith, discusses campaign strategy and comments on rivals. John McCain "will wear thin," he predicted. John Ashcroft, he confided, would be a "very good Supreme Court pick" or a "fabulous" vice president. And in exchanges about his handling of questions from the news media about his past, Mr. Bush appears to have acknowledged trying marijuana.”

But Mansel Report reader it doesn’t stop there. It only gets better.
But Mr. Bush also repeatedly worried that prominent evangelical Christians would not like his refusal "to kick gays." At the same time, he was wary of unnerving secular voters by meeting publicly with evangelical leaders. When he thought his aides had agreed to such a meeting, Mr. Bush complained to Karl Rove, his political strategist, "What the hell is this about?"
Mr. Bush, who has acknowledged a drinking problem years ago, told Mr. Wead on the tapes that he could withstand scrutiny of his past. He said it involved nothing more than "just, you know, wild behavior." He worried, though, that allegations of cocaine use would surface in the campaign, and he blamed his opponents for stirring rumors. "If nobody shows up, there's no story," he told Mr. Wead, "and if somebody shows up, it is going to be made up." But when Mr. Wead said that Mr. Bush had in the past publicly denied using cocaine, Mr. Bush replied, "I haven't denied anything."
You read the words right, “I haven’t denied anything.” The drug-raddled mind of the President mixed with the jackal that is Karl Rove are an interesting pair. Also mentioned is the “smoking gun” statement so to speak about elections in Texas and Florida.
Mr. Bush threatened that if his rival Steve Forbes attacked him too hard during the campaign and won, both Mr. Bush, then the Texas governor, and his brother, Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida, would withhold their support. "He can forget Texas. And he can forget Florida. And I will sit on my hands," Mr. Bush said.
I’m afraid that in the 2000 election there was just a little more than “withholding support” and this proves just an inkling of misconduct apparent in states run by the Bush family.
The New York Times also reports this interesting bit of the Rev. James Dobson’s influence over the candidate.
Preparing to meet with influential Christian conservatives, Mr. Bush tested his lines with Mr. Wead. "I'm going to tell them the five turning points in my life," he said. "Accepting Christ. Marrying my wife. Having children. Running for governor. And listening to my mother."
In September 1998, Mr. Bush told Mr. Wead that he was getting ready for his first meeting with James C. Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, an evangelical self-help group. Dr. Dobson, probably the most influential evangelical conservative, wanted to examine the candidate's Christian credentials.”
He said he would like to meet me, you know, he had heard some nice things, you know, well, 'I don't know if he is a true believer' kind of attitude," Mr. Bush said.
Mr. Bush said he intended to reassure Dr. Dobson of his opposition to abortion. Mr. Bush said he was concerned about rumors that Dr. Dobson had been telling others that the "Bushes weren't going to be involved in abortion," meaning that the Bush family preferred to avoid the issue rather than fight over it.
"I just don't believe I said that. Why would I have said that?" Mr. Bush told Mr. Wead with annoyance.”
By the end of the primary, Mr. Bush alluded to Dr. Dobson's strong views on abortion again, apparently ruling out potential vice presidents including Gov. Tom Ridge of Pennsylvania and Gen. Colin L. Powell, who favored abortion rights. Picking any of them could turn conservative Christians away from the ticket, Mr. Bush said.
"They are not going to like it anyway, boy," Mr. Bush said. "Dobson made it clear."
“Dobson made it clear.” President Bush is a man who would indeed say anything to anyone to get re-elected. Who knows how deep this connection and influence with the Rev. James Dobson goes? The separation of Church and State is apparently a thing of the past.
Now keeping in mind the rumors of several members of the Bush administration of being gay, read this section of the New York Times report carefully,
“Early on, though, Mr. Bush appeared most worried that Christian conservatives would object to his determination not to criticize gay people. "I think he wants me to attack homosexuals," Mr. Bush said after meeting James Robison, a prominent evangelical minister in Texas.”
But Mr. Bush said he did not intend to change his position. He said he told Mr. Robison: "Look, James, I got to tell you two things right off the bat. One, I'm not going to kick gays, because I'm a sinner. How can I differentiate sin?"
Later, he read aloud an aide's report from a convention of the Christian Coalition, a conservative political group: "This crowd uses gays as the enemy. It's hard to distinguish between fear of the homosexual political agenda and fear of homosexuality, however."
"This is an issue I have been trying to downplay," Mr. Bush said. "I think it is bad for Republicans to be kicking gays."
“Told that one conservative supporter was saying Mr. Bush had pledged not to hire gay people, Mr. Bush said sharply: "No, what I said was, I wouldn't fire gays."
In this section a Bush/Ashcroft ticket is explored, the bloodthirsty hatchet man in the role as Vice-President?

The quotes continue from the New York Times,
“Mr. Bush could hardly contain his disdain for Mr. Gore, his Democratic opponent, at one point calling him "pathologically a liar." His confidence in the moral purpose of his campaign to usher in "a responsibility era" never wavered, but he acknowledged that winning might require hard jabs. "I may have to get a little rough for a while," he told Mr. Wead, "but that is what the old man had to do with Dukakis, remember?"
I suppose the apple containing the worm does not fall very far from the tree. Dirty tricks in politics do start at home. They are taught over supper perhaps? All in all this a damning report on the President who can’t go on unscathed forever.

Ecstasy For The Troops
Site of Reference:
In the war against drugs it is never mentioned that some of the dangerous narcotics are sometimes used to combat the war on the senses suffered by our troops. “
Described by many as a dangerous narcotic that will cause brain damage or in some death, ecstasy is going to be used to combat the horrors of a war, sorry experimented with on those that are suffering, a war that should have never happened. This brings a new meaning to term “coalition of the willing.” If you have been busted at a rave or on the weekend with your friends sign up for the Army or Marines and serve your country, you too can be a test subject and receive your hit of ecstasy. You won’t get your record expunged but you will get high.
With the numerous reported rapes in the armed forces by women who are discouraged from reporting their claims, who are brutalized more by the system sometimes than the rape itself, the army demoting and bringing forth criminal charges against the victims, it is always believed that through drugs or medication we can help those that are suffering when the real cure is not to expose these individuals to the situation to begin with. But how can the corporations make money from war if our troops are safe at home? The answer is they can’t. Defense contractors who own as many politicians as the religious leaders in this country will get their way as they always have.
The report says that music is played for the soldiers during this trail. What kind of music do you play for a soldier who is suffering horrifying flashbacks? The long term risks of ecstasy, never mind the long-term effects of rape or war. The best and the brightest is always what the armed forces are looking for, so why not drug the best and the brightest unless that is, unless they happen to be the prominent son or daughter of so and so. If they are the prominent son or daughter of so and so then they probably won’t be seeing any time in combat, if they serve at all.
It seems that LSD will be used in studies as well as ecstasy. What’s next, heroin for sufferers of dry mouth, peyote for anyone who can’t seem to make it from March to October?

Fear and Loathing in Crawford, Texas (for Hunter and Jack Random)

We were somewhere near Crawford, Texas when the bullshit began to take hold. I remember saying something like,” Terror cells could camp out in the brush by that ditch over there.” Then what looked like strange gothic entanglements of James Dobson started swooping around the car! The radio was blasting the BBC and my friend Jack Random was hanging out the window trying to shoot the Dobson’s with a shotgun we had bought at the truck stop before we left Wyoming.
Between the two of us we had the severed heads of several Ohio delegates, twenty-three photos from Abu Grahaid, four sheets of the state of the union, a filing cabinet of the Mansel Report, and a entire Gigabyte of Jack Random’s writings, two copies of Jake Berry’s Brambu Drezzi. Also, we had affidavits of testimony from Florida vote counters, the depositions of detainees, and secret documents sent to us anonymously from a Congressman from the hill proving the existence of Karl Rove’s secret vault of Nazi memorabilia. It wasn’t as if we needed all this to make our case against the Bush regime, but you never can tell when you are faced with a dozen drooling Republicans

Independent Media

There is already a backlash against bloggers and it didn’t take long. You’ve heard his or her cries, it’s not real journalism or anybody with a computer can just say stuff and expect someone to listen. Well it isn’t true. The blogger isn’t tied to the owner of their newspaper, television news, etc A free hand in collecting the truth is and has always been a vital and absolutely necessary facet of our democratic society. Who do these established reporters go to when they arrive at the scene of a crime? The search for eyewitnesses, these days those eyewitnesses just might be a blogger. The blogger, i.e. eyewitness will tell you or write exactly what they saw, they won’t have to think about how to word the story so that it will get past their editor. Politics, especially local politics handicap more journalists than the Patriot Act.
Even Leon Trotsky mentioned “pundits.” The idea that the established media can put the almost nameless hordes on television and allow them without a filter for their bile tell the viewer what they should believe. Before television the American citizen only had to discern from the opinions in the newspaper or their neighbors. Now there is importance placed on every pundit on television. On television there is no voice for the left, hardly even a voice for the Democratic Party. How would it be if the tables were turned and the right-wing pundits were suddenly rounded up and placed without charges in Guantanamo? You can imagine someone like Bob Novak vehemently demanding to speak to his lawyer with his hood placed on his head as he is allowed to pray to his God behind the electrified gate on the gravel while American soldiers stand over him with weapons.
It’s endless now to name all of the news items the bloggers have discovered. If you really think about it, under the long arm of the Patriot Act the bloggers are indeed brave souls for writing, stating their opinions. Some use a pseudonym and some use their real names. Stand up and be counted used to be the battle cry, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. The Independent Media is the “right” place to turn in a “right-wing” media.

Saving Lives, The Lives of Children

Proving the fact that you can get more done out of office than you can battling the Washington machine, former President Clinton has inked a deal to save the lives of children. Alexa Olesen of the AP reports, “Former President Clinton signed an agreement with China on Wednesday to provide a year's supply of AIDS drugs to 200 children to help Beijing battle the disease. The program is part of a three-year, $10 million deal reached last year between the Clinton Foundation and China's Health Ministry.” The AP also reports this sobering statistic, “The Chinese government says an estimated 840,000 people nationwide have been infected with the AIDS virus. The U.N. AIDS agency says the number of infections could increase to 10 million within five years if urgent action is not taken.”
The AIDS virus that is terrifying families around the world is so rampant in some countries namely Africa, Russia, and China that it could very well wipe out an entire generation if not treated. The AP reports, “Tens of thousands of people in central Henan province were infected in the 1990s because of an unsanitary blood-buying industry. In some villages, nearly every family has a member with the virus, giving parts of the province some of the world's highest rates of AIDS infection.” I can’t imagine that situation in the United States going almost unnoticed unless it happen outside of Washington, New York or California. Under the media’s radar the starving children in this country have gone unnoticed for almost every presidential election in the last 50 years.

Forget Bandar, Now We Have Bucky Bush!
The L.A. Times is reporting yet another story on yet another member of the Bush family and their hypocrisy. Well it seems that yet another Bush has profited from the war in Iraq. The L.A. Times reports, “The Iraq war helped bring record earnings to St. Louis-based defense contractor Engineered Support Systems Inc., and new financial data show that the firm's war-related profits have trickled down to a familiar family name — Bush.” Are you curious as to how much this member of the Bush family made on the war? Well, the L.A. Times has the information for you, “William H.T. "Bucky" Bush, uncle of the president and youngest brother of former President George H.W. Bush, cashed in ESSI stock options last month with a net value of nearly half a million dollars.” It sort of reminds me of the Martha Stewart incident. Why would a multi-millionaire family or individual risk anything over a measly little half a million dollars?
But wait, before you think the worst of it is the money, then you have to read this item, “William Bush, 66, a onetime St. Louis bank executive and head of an investment firm, joined the board in 2000, eight months before his nephew won the White House.” So there was no plan to invade before 9/11 huh? You know you can fool some people some of the time…
The L.A. Times proves that this story only gets better, “Dan Kreher, vice president of industrial relations for ESSI, said Bush was one of several people added to the company board about five years ago, and that he was selected because he had "a long history of involvement in the local business community. We've known him for a long time."
"Having a Bush doesn't hurt," said Kreher, who acknowledged that the company was routinely engaged in Washington lobbying efforts. But, he said, Democrats, including a party fundraiser, also serve on the panel.
"It certainly doesn't hurt to have people who know who to talk to," Kreher said, adding that the president's uncle played no role in winning the firm's government contracts.
Some of the firm's Defense Department work has included no-bid, sole-source contracts, including a $48.8-million deal to refurbish military trailers.”
Let’s see no bid contracts, and "It certainly doesn't hurt to have people who know who to talk to." Well that’s all If you need me I’ll be outside screaming and pounding my head on the side of my house. This is the Mansel Report signing off…

The ACLU and the Freedom of Information Act

The ACLU is an incredibly vital organization that defends the rights of anyone who is being oppressed. Sometimes they might defend someone you despise or disagree with but at the same time on the other side of the country they are defending someone you would take a bullet for. Civil liberties, take them for granted and you will make yourself obsolete in any situation.
In an email I receive from the ACLU periodically was this story ACLU IN Court Over Torture FOIA’s. The article begins, “Army files obtained by the ACLU reveal previously undisclosed allegations of abuse by U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Among the documents are reports that a detainee who was beaten and seriously injured was forced to drop his claims in order to be released from custody.” Don’t sue us and you can leave and as an added bonus we won’t track you down and kill you so you can’t testify. Ok, now that we understand that section let’s move on.
“The release of these documents follows a federal court order that directed the Defense Department and other government agencies to comply with a year-old request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filed by the ACLU, the Center for Constitutional Rights, Physicians for Human Rights, Veterans for Common Sense and Veterans for Peace. The New York Civil Liberties Union is co-counsel in the case.” If it wasn’t for the ACLU and other organizations, the FOIA, and a sympathetic judge here and there we would never find out anything about anything. But to be sure federal black markers have highlighted the files.
The report states, “One of the recently released files reports that U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan posed for photographs of mock executions with hooded and bound detainees, and that some of these photographs were intentionally destroyed after the Abu Ghraib scandal to avoid "another public outrage.” Yet another case of our soldiers behaving like, well, terrorists almost. Where is the chain of command? Where are the superior officers? The answer is in most cases I am afraid is like the scandal in the Abu Ghraid scandal, the common soldier is mere cannon fodder. The story will break and the decision is made somewhere in the chain of command to throw a few guys out into the light of day and let them take the heat. It’s not like any high ranking member of our armed forces will allow themselves to be scolded by these continual actions of malicious behavior.
If you would like to access more information about this story please go to this site of reference,
And let your voice be heard. On this site you can view the documents in question.

Pascal’s Blue Abattoir of the Bush State

Could it be that Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) foresaw the Abu Ghraid and Guantanamo Bay acts of torture by our government when he wrote, “Let us imagine a number of men in chains and all condemned to death, where some are killed each day in the sight of the others, and those who remain see their own fate in that of their fellows and wait their turn…This is the picture of man.” Firmly believing that a new Cold War is upon us through our own creation, I offer for you to take into context this quote from the Indian Country Today, “William Blum in ''Killing Hope'' urges that the Cold War against an international communist conspiracy was a fiction and that the real enemy was any person, movement or country that stood in the way of American expansion. Over the past 60 years the U.S. has bombed about 25 countries, tried to overthrow 40 governments, and tried to crush 30 nationalist movements. Through all this mayhem and aggression a string of U.S. governments claimed that their motives were pure, that they were fighting against threats to America and for democracy and freedom: but the outcomes were often demonic regimes.” I’m sure you are familiar with the idea that if you think you are right and everyone else is wrong…
Forced into this war, and that other one in Afghanistan, President Bush has taken the focus and legislation away from the problems we have in our own country. You could sit and name them all day, hunger, education, AIDS, etc., By the end of the Bush term in office we will have likely spent close to a trillion dollars on two wars meant to satisfy a blood lust for oil. In his book Redesigning Humans: Our Inevitable Genetic Future, Gregory Stock writes, “A sad irony of life is that brutal decay is the fate in store for each of us lucky enough to live long enough to reach it.” Did you ever think in your life that your country, the land you grew up in and loved would see such a time as this and that it would be supported by a majority of the population? Dig in, and scream out hellishly into the night and then get back to work trying to elicit some change.

Delay-Gate, How To Get Back More Than You Spend

Site of Reference:

In a story that could end up being called Delay Gate, Tom Delay and a host of friends traveled well on the money of the American taxpayer and got caught doing it. Of course they did nothing wrong no Republican ever does. But we’ll go on with the story anyway.
Instead of quoting a bunch of the report I will just give you the highlights and you can read the Site of reference if you wish.
They spent “$4, 285.35” and want to be reimbursed “$13, 318.50.” That is conservative math. You know, the kind of math that is taught in only your finer schools. Of course it goes on from there and I encourage you to read the story in its entirety, just for the simple task of seeing how the better, more righteous, and the truly sincere jackals of modern day politics live and go about their business.

What Century Is This Anyway?

Site of reference:

The Associated Press is reporting of a dark chapter in Dakar, Senegal. The AP reports, “Homosexuality is such a deeply ingrained taboo here that it is punishable by law as an act against nature. The threat of violence and rejection, experts say, is scaring gays away from treatment and making them a high-risk group in a country that has been spared the ravages of AIDS seen elsewhere in Africa.” Ignorance or turning a blind eye will end up killing more and more in Senegal. The last thing the continent of Africa needs is for more people to die of AIDS. Aids is not just a homosexual disease evidenced by the many cases that prove otherwise. Even if gay men or women get the AIDS virus should we turn our back and let them die? Certainly not especially if a film about someone who is gay gets nominated for the academy awards, right? The war of public opinion can be confidently changed when it enters the mainstream. But it seems that the immediate turn of a blind eye to the people of South Africa is constantly amazing. Still the color of someone’s skin is used as a barometer to determine whether they should live or not. If the situation of AIDS in Africa were to be played on television as much as the effects of the Tsunami recently were, and in fact the Tsunami killed over a hundred thousand where AIDS has killed millions in Africa, then the world would be forced to see for themselves the terror in the eyes of the children, the horror of the parents holding a child that will die in a matter of days. The AP reports, “Doctors say that because gays fear revealing their sexual orientation during medical examinations, many carriers of HIV may be afraid to visit medical facilities and may not know they are infected.” Ignorance can kill and as evidenced by the recent events in Senegal, it will continue.

Site of Reference:

A Man of Peace: Peter Benenson
How many lives did Peter Benenson change? How many lives did he save? The News Telegraph is reporting, “Peter Benenson, who set up Amnesty International in 1961, has died aged 83. Mr Benenson founded the organisation after reading an article about the arrest and imprisonment of two students in a cafe in Lisbon, Portugal who had drunk a toast to liberty.” An organization started in the name of liberty, that kind of organization started today would fall under the eye of the Patriot Act. The News Telegraph goes on to say about Mr. Benenson, “Irene Khan, secretary general of the organisation, said that "his vision gave birth to human rights activism''.
Amnesty International is something that the world takes for granted until they are jailed for political reasons, taken off the street somewhere in the world and tortured, unless, that is if you are of Arabic descent. Then the American government will tell you that it is above releasing you or treating you in any civil or decent manner.
The News Telegraph also reports, “"Peter Benenson's life was a courageous testament to his visionary commitment to fight injustice around the world,'' Ms Khan said.
"He brought light into the darkness of prisons, the horror of torture chambers and tragedy of death camps around the world.
"This was a man whose conscience shone in a cruel and terrifying world, who believed in the power of ordinary people to bring about extraordinary change and, by creating Amnesty International, he gave each of us the opportunity to make a difference”
An amazing man who built an organization that fights for Human Rights all over the world. Peter Benenson was a good man who did something instead of nothing.

Dahr Jamail’s Sane Voice From Within The Heart of Darkness

I read an interview with Dahr Jamail at (
In the interview Jamail states his purpose well, “After watching the worldwide demonstrations on February 15, 2003 be brushed aside as a “focus group,” I knew then that the minds of the American public had been misled by the corporate media who mindlessly supported the objectives of the Bush regime, and reporting the true effects of the invasion/occupation on the Iraqi people and US soldiers was what I needed to do.” I could almost say the same thing. I know in my heart that writing about this war and the treacherous acts of the Bush regime (I no longer refer to it as an administration, it’s simply a war crimes tribunal waiting to happen) are the right thing to do. I may not change anything but I feel it is something I must do. It’s with that same idea in mind that I have decided to stay with this blog despite any inconvenience or aggravation it may cause me. I feel ashamed for even saying it in the first place. Here I sit in my living room typing this, relatively healthly, while my cousin who I love very much is in Fallujah braving god knows what.
Also in the interview Jamail states, “Iraqis are of course shocked and outraged by the beheadings and kidnappings of people like Margaret Hassan. So many also believe it was a CIA/Mossad plot to keep aid organizations and journalists out of Iraq in order to give the military and corporations here a free hand to continue to dis-assemble and sell of the country.” You really have to wonder about the truth of that statement. We are not in country like Jamail so we don’t have the pulse of the nation. As for whether or not our government is seeking to keep journalists out of Iraq you can simply look to the training that was enforced for journalists, the embedded status

Assassination Wags The Dog
Before we go to war with Syria and Iran it would be a good idea to keep an eye on any mention of the two countries in the world press, or especially the American media. On February 18, 2005 a story appeared concerning the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. (
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/4276719.stm) A very interesting part of this article states, “The Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud Al-Faisal Bin Abdel-Aziz, said unless the perpetrators were brought to justice, there would be unforeseen consequences for the entire region.” Right after this it was reported that the U.S. had recalled our ambassador. The Saudi government speaks and we jump. The report also says, “One of the main reasons for Washington's hardening attitude towards Damascus is its support for the militant Lebanese group, Hezbollah.” Catering to the whims of the governments of Saudi Arabia and Israel has always been the context of our foreign policy.
So bearing all this in mind we see a report from the BBC (
The story sates, “However, a BBC correspondent in Damascus says the Syrian authorities must be worried the situation in Lebanon is spiralling out of their control and might result in a new government demanding the immediate withdrawal of Syria's estimated 15,000 troops in the country.” So it would seems that the U.S. as it has before has assassinated a leader in order to place a friendly leader in power to get what they want. Remember Chile?
The story delivers rather cryptic remark, “Earlier, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State David Satterfield, on a visit to Lebanon, called on Syria to withdraw its troops in compliance with UN resolution 1559, passed in September.” The United States government insisting that another country abide by U.N. resolutions is laughable. Someone should drop leaflets on Pennsylvania Avenue listing the Geneva Convention.
The story concludes with, “Syria says not even the Lebanese want a full Syrian withdrawal, but last week it said it would draw troops back from western Lebanon to areas nearer the Syrian border.” Troops moved to the Syrian border just in time for a precision bombing by the U.S. government. War is one event in history that demands certain events to happen beforehand. Anyone that believes that the assassination and resignation of the Lebanese leader “just happened” is blindly following the shepherd over the cliff into the waves crashing into the shore below.

Wolfowitz for Currency Czar
Site of Reference:

Tom Ridge was recently hired by Home Depot whose CEO is a good friend of President Bush. Now Paul Wolfowitz could be the head of the World Bank. Isn’t it great when you have friends? The Financial Times is reporting, “Paul Wolfowitz, US deputy secretary of defense, has emerged as a leading candidate to replace James Wolfensohn as the president of the World Bank.”
While it takes some severe arm-twisting to get this White House to forgive poorer countries the debt they owe, you can imagine that if Wolfowitz gets the job the World Bank will not only not forgive their debts but also collect every penny and try to convince them they will be the better for it. Imagine Wolfowitz in the boardroom like Porter Goss. We must follow the President and his idea of what the world should be.
The Financial Times also reports, “The nomination of Mr Wolfowitz, one of the chief architects of the Iraq war and a former US ambassador to Indonesia, would likely be highly controversial, and could raise new questions about the process by which the World Bank chief is selected. One administration official said his nomination “would have enormous repercussions within the development community”. Controversial doesn’t seem to quite put it in perspective. This administration, regime, etc., has proven time and again that it will get what it wants when it wants despite anything else. Defying the U.N. like Harry Truman and going to war, getting elected when not receiving the votes honestly, the list goes on and on. But consider where we will be if a Bush drone gets to be in charge of the money in the World Bank?
The most enraging piece of this story is a quote from Rob Nichols, “The effort to pick the US candidate has been led by the White House National Security Council and the Council of Economic Advisers. The Treasury is leading consultations with other World Bank shareholders. Asked about Mr Wolfowitz's possible nomination, Rob Nichols, Treasury spokesman, said: “We don't speculate on personnel appointments before they are made.” Speculate? I can see where they wouldn’t to speculate on nominating and electing on their own, remember Florida in 2000?
President Bush: Hey Jeb, we gonna get the votes down there?
Governor Jeb Bush: What do you think? (laughs)

Death Takes A Holiday

Site of Reference: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20050301/D88I8SPO1.html
I have always felt that the Death penalty is wrong. It is as some say, “Government sponsored murder.” Those like me who believe that capitol punishment is wrong, though unexpected, have won today a victory. The AP is reporting,
“The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that the Constitution forbids the execution of killers who were under 18 when they committed their crimes, ending a practice used in 19 states.
The 5-4 decision throws out the death sentences of about 70 juvenile murderers and bars states from seeking to execute minors for future crimes.
The executions, the court said, were unconstitutionally cruel.”
I agree completely with the Supreme Court for a change, it is “unconstitutionally cruel.” It is so refreshing to hear the constitution mentioned during the Bush years. President Bush comes from Texas where more people are executed every year. Now take former Republican governor of Illinois, George H. Ryan. Former Governor George Ryan pardoned 167 people who were on death row because he felt that the death penalty was wrong. The most surprising point of this is that the Governor is a Republican. The apple doesn’t always fall too far from the tree but sometime, just sometimes maybe the apple is so sweet it tends to just float down with ease.

The AP also reports, “It was the second major defeat at the high court in three years for supporters of the death penalty. Justices in 2002 banned the execution of the mentally retarded, also citing the Constitution's Eighth Amendment ban on cruel and unusual punishments.” Friedrich Nietzsche wrote, “How good bad music and bad reasons sound when we are marching into battle against an enemy.” The thumping of the drums you hear today are not protestors outside the capitol protesting the Death penalty, it’s the sound of the president’s fingers rapping on the desk in the oval office biding his time until Chief Justice Rehnquist retires.

Where Nature Meets The Ends Of The Earth

“Nature is often hidden, sometimes overcome, seldom extinguished.”
Francis Bacon (1581-1626)

The shift of humanity into this century has been hindered with death, disease, and hunger. Natural disasters notwithstanding, the species could use a rest from the turmoil. I don’t think even Lewis Carroll could have foreseen the snake hole, which has replaced the rabbit hole that we inhabit today in relation to the acquisition of simple medicine that could save millions amidst startling research. We are moving closer and closer to cures for Alzheimer’s and Cancer but we still cannot prevent a common cold from spiraling into pneumonia in some parts of the world.
Marcus Garvey wrote, “God and nature first made us what we are, and then out of our own created genius we make ourselves what we want to be…Let the sky and God be our limit and Eternity our measurement.” If nature did help in making us who we are then why have we so disassociated ourselves from our source? The environment has been riddled with man’s ignorance, man’s own passive view of corporations who carry out their own environmental atrocities in front of us. If nature originated with a specific gender then it has been lost through time and fossilized into an unmanageable science.
I’m afraid our future may be awash in a haze of ammonia and treated with common sense medicine that will be created under a strain of government regulations and the political correctness of whose name it is to be published. Where nature meets the ends of the earth is where we will find our genetic marker, too little too late.

The Generation That Could Cease To Be

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The Guardian is reporting a staggering item, “Despite government efforts to improve the living conditions of poor children, the UK still has one of the highest rates of child poverty in the developed world, Unicef reported today.” Unicef a very trustworthy and viable entity whose only intention is to save the children of the world cannot save the children alone but it can bring attention to the worst areas of the world, but who would ever think it would be Great Britain that is one of the worst, anyone that keeps up with events in that country and certainly someone who lives there and is suffering in relative silence on the world stage. The Guardian also says, “Approximately one in seven children grow up in poverty in the UK, defined by Unicef as households with income below 50% of the national average. With 15.4% of British children falling into that category, the UK ranked seventh from bottom of a list of 24 industrialised nations studied by Unicef.”
What is most troubling is the next item in the story though it is far from shocking, “Children in the US and Mexico fared worst, with poverty rates of over 20%. Italy has the worst child poverty level in Europe, at 16.6%.” In Mexico the poverty level is clearly understandable. Anyone who has been to Mexico or watched a documentary or spoken to someone who has been there knows of the squalor that exists right next to a hotel that caters to foreign investors and tourists. The Guardian goes on with its sobering story, “Unicef said that, in the UK, the percentage of children in poverty was falling in response to government efforts to reach the children of poor families. However in 17 of the countries studied, childhood poverty was getting worse, with between 40 million and 50 million children growing up in poverty in the world's richest countries.” Bearing this in mind again we turn to the idea of Paul Wolfowitz as the head of the World Bank. Our own economy is in the worst shape it has been in since the previous President Bush was in office. The same problem has befallen the U.S. that tears the poorer countries apart. The U.S., the world’s supreme power borrows money from other countries on a regular basis and instead of trying to fix this situation engages in a unnecessary war and go further into debt. If it were their children would they act the same?

Obiter Dictum (Ward Churchill)

Site of Reference: www.JackRandom.com

Of Ward Churchill Jack Random writes, “I would dearly love to say that Ward Churchill is not important, that it is the principle of free speech, the essence of a democratic society, and the foundation of academic excellence, that is at stake here, but I simply do not believe it. Ward Churchill is important. His is a singular and distinct voice in American society and, if it is lost, we are all impoverished. His crime is not that he misspoke or that he spoke out of turn, too loudly and too proudly, but that he dared to say what many thought. Moreover, the sentence he committed to paper on September 12, 2001, would never have garnered any significant attention had not the writer crossed a threshold of influence.” How right he is. When a man or woman in this country is afraid to stand up and say what he or she feels, state their opinion then all is lost. Democracy will cease to exist and another form of government will evolve and many in the opposition will die. If you think that sounds just a bit absurd then read the history of Guatemala, Serbia, Poland, just to name a few.
Ward Churchill may have chosen too strong a representation in using the word, Eichmann, but in all sincerity he was right to a degree. Many of those who work in the technology and money markets are contributing to acts of terrorism whether they know it or not. They do compete to find brand new ways of inciting terror and launder money. Of a bank is discovered to be washing money for a drug cartel they don’t arrest everyone who works for the bank, they arrest the higher ups in the company and hold them accountable. Can you imagine the man who mops and buffs the floor being in on the crime with the president and board of the bank? No you cannot but you might easily make the case that a few mid-level positions in the bank were either asked or told to look the other way. It is doubtful that their names will appear in the indictments. Are they just as guilty? Yes.
The events of September 11 were horrific and stirred a nation into two separate directions. The first was anger and an insistence to attack those who would attack us but the second was much more disturbing. Few elected officials called for caution and in this tense restraint of panic sweeping changes were made under the nose of those that serve in Washington by bills such as the Patriot Act. To use the events of the worst attack ever on this country to push your agenda is just as bad or worse than the attacks. Politicians for years have rushed to have their photos taken at the scene of a fire, at the slaughter of innocent civilians and the events of September 11. It’s despicable and it reeks of a total uncaring and self-preservation that says everything about the sincerity and dignity of that official. Most of the contents in the Patriot Act sought new restrictions over domestic surveillance. Let the shoplifter keep their prize and punish the employee for letting him get away.
In an essay entitled, True History, Jack Random writes, “The greatness of our country and the greatest hope is that there are those who have broken free from the bindings of our indoctrination and declared themselves free. These individuals have discovered the greater truth that where one falsehood lies it is often accompanied by many others. They have uncovered the lies of manifest destiny and equal opportunity. They uncovered the lies of blind justice and the moral imperative to war. They have uncovered the lies of American sovereignty, American democracy, American superiority, and they have discovered the underlying truth: We are a nation born of great ideals yet we have failed to live up to them.” Failure to live up to those ideals can be the conclusion of a great noble idea. To protect the people of the United States should not come at the price of liberty and freedom. If it does then we’re facing the wrong end of the barrel of the gun.

Sun Wyung Moon Over Washington
Sun Myung Moon who has served time in prison (13 months) and who has ties to the Bush family, and who owns considerable holdings in The Washington Times has had a few things to say in the recent past that were very interesting. For instance, on January 13, 2001 at The Coronation Ceremony of the Kingship of God in Chung Pyung, Korea he stated about African-Americans, gays and homesexuals, and AIDS, (
http://www.unification.net/2001/20010113_1.html)"Among the Unification Church members, is there anyone who wants to suffer more than me? Western members in particular must desire to receive more persecution than I have. Did you come here to go sightseeing? Or did you come here to listen to me and go through a suffering course? It is a problem. There cannot be individualism here. Graduating from Yale or Harvard makes no difference. Lowly laborers can do better than such. Who likes free sex more, white people or black people? If black people like it, they do because they learned it from white people, right? Free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism will end due to AIDS and drugs. In large parts of Africa, 60% of the people have AIDS. They will collapse in 15 to 20 years. The AIDS virus hibernates for 8 to 12 years. They will be destroyed in two generations."He also said this about Unions, "One reason why a free, democratic nation like America struggles is because of the unions. I will tell you how you can resolve problems with the unions. In the same way blue-collar workers form a union, stockowners and executives should also form a union. They can work together to raise money for their family members. Then each year will be much more productive than the last. There must be mutual benefits for both parties, the employees union and employers union. They can compete with each other and see how much money they can make within three years without returning any profit to the owners. If employees have worked hard, we can give a bonus to their union. If the employers have worked more, they deserve to receive more. In this way they will never fight. In western society, there is no one who has given this any thought. If this doesn’t work out, I will call all the religious organizations and blessed families of the world. We will make a religious union. We can do that, can’t we? Let’s say I make a religious union. Will you join with me? Will you make it? (Yes.) Your answer should be yes."He shares his true Washington Times views about unions ( http://www.unification.net/2001/20010113_1.html) in the same speech, " Our unification members work all their lives and receive modest pay. Not only that, they even offer some of their earnings. Can a union exist in this kind of environment? No way.. I can clean the mess America has within three to seven years.So, unions eventually will disappear. Does Russia have unions? Does China have unions? Does North Korea have unions? What is this? Why do advanced societies have unions?"Another interesting fact is that in 1996 the father of President Bush gave an address at a Sun wyung Moon conference, "YFWP (Youth Federation For World Peace)was founded in 1994, and the second world conference was in 1996, with keynote address by George Bush, Sr., as well as Edward Heath and Jerry Falwell. In 1997, our Founder made our purpose clear: to establish youth as initiators of change and as creators of true families, nations and world."John Ashcroft also got into the act and appeared as most Bush family friends and family do, he appeared at an event (http://www.unification.net/news/news20010120.html) "John Ashcroft, the president-elect's nominee for U.S. attorney general, dropped in on an overflowing interracial and interfaith inaugural prayer luncheon yesterday and brought down the house of 1,700 religious and political figures with a tale of amazing grace."This is a country worth praying for," Mr. Ashcroft said, and told how he was drawn the other day to the poignant wail of a street musician's trumpet playing the notes of the hymn "Amazing Grace.""He stopped in midnote," Mr. Ashcroft said, "and put out his hand with a cry, 'Senator Ashcroft, I'm for you, man."These quotes are all made by Sun Wyung Moon who owns the Washington Times newspaper in our nation's capitol. The remarks he made about unions you can only guess that the Bush family might support these views. If you are a union worker and have lost your job in the Washington area you may now have an inkling at why you did.

Blowing In The Wind

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This is from an interview in the Washington Post with Patrick Radden Keefe: “In the end, Keefe argues that the vital debate over where to draw that line should not be left just to intelligence officials and Congress. The public, he insists, must educate itself as best it can and weigh in on the decision: "The one conviction I came away with is that if we ignore this issue, put off by the level of secrecy or the technical complexity involved, we do so at our own peril." His concern is reflected in another old Latin phrase, Quis custodiet ipsos custodies: Who is watching the watchers?”

An excerpt from Mr. Keefe’s book Chatter: Dispatches From The Secret World of Global Eavesdropping,
Over the next several hours, Alistair (Alistair Harley) and I drove around the area near his house, listening. The dashboard of his car was a jumble of receivers and switches, black wires and knobs. He fiddled to get the right frequencies as we zipped along, listening to the messages flying around us. As we drove down empty roads, without a person in sight, the inside of the car sounded like a cocktail party in full swing; cellphone conversations, the bark of walkie-talkies and CB radios, the gibberish of encrypted calls.
This was in the summer of 2002, and on the other side of the planet the war on terror was under way. We stopped at Lakenheath, the largest American air-force base in England. Bombers and supply planes bound for Afghanistan maneuvered on an endless runway. Alistair fiddled, and soon we were listening to exchanges between ground crews and the control tower as the planes were readied for takeoff. “It works out well,” Alistair told me, as he took a pair of binoculars out of the glove compartment. “I can sit at th eend of the runway and look like an aircraft spotter.” I can sit at the end of the runway and look like an aircraft spotter.” For the first few minutes, I didn’t even register that the voices crackling through the receivers and into the car were not British but American.
It was a peculiar kind of voyeurism: the knowledge that the flight plans of Amercian F-15s would qualify as extremely valuable intelligence for a broad assortment of enemies of the United States and that the signals were right there in the air, asking to be listened to. “If you listen to the ground crews at night, you can hear their mission briefing for the next morning,” Alistair told me with an excited grin. He explained that as a general rule “if it uses radio waves then there is nothing that cannot be intercepted, monitored, stored. There’s a certainly not a lot around here voice- and data-wise that I can’t intercept. And with GCHQ’s equipment, it must be tenfold.”

As you can read in the words of someone who has witnessed this first hand and who is a recognized authority on this subject, you can well see that we are not as safe, our military and therefore American citizens are nowhere near as safe as we might have thought we were. These two men, Keefe and Alistair Harley are of Arab decent, they do not have brown skin nor thus they would not be judged suspicious. You do not have to be of Arab descent or to be an Islamic fundamentalist to attack our interests in the U.S. or abroad. If we are to believe the Bush administration we need only to look for people of color. The answer is we may never know who is spying on us or intends to do us harm but before we go to war it would be helpful to have evidenced that can be verified.

The NSA And The Tabernacle Of The Inquisitorial

In West Virginia is a base operated by the NSA, National Security Agency, that was originally used to monitor the message traffic of other countries. But as Patrick Radden Keefe writes in his book, Chatter: Dispatches From The Secret World of Global Eavesdropping, “The third base in the original triptych of Echelon stations was Sugar Grove, hidden in the forest of the South Fork Valley in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia. The use of this site goes back to the 1950’s and early sixties, when it was home to an ill-fated effort to create a radio telescope so powerful that it could listen to Soviet radio communications and radar signals reflected off the surface of the moon. This expensive disaster involved the construction of a satellite dish that was an astonishing six hundred feet in diameter. The project was eventually abandoned, but in the 1970s the existing two-story underground operations building was augmented by a series of new
Satellite dishes, and the windowless Raymond Eugene Linn Operations Center was built. (The building is named after a naval technician who lost his life in the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, an NSA Sigint ship, on June 8, 1967.) The station began its new operations as a listening post around 1980. The area has unmatched radio quiet, because in 1956 the West Virginia state legislature passed an unusual zoning act establishing around it a hundred-square-mile National Radio Quiet Zone, which zoned out any electromagnetic interference.”
When you consider the utter devastation of West Virginia by Coal Mining companies, when you consider the patriot Act and its inclusive permission to listen, snoop, and invade the privacy of everyone they want to. The site www.tripzine.com posts this challenging piece on the Echelon listening stations, (http://www.tripzine.com/articles.asp?id=eschalon) “The facts drawn out by these sources reveal ECHELON as a powerful electronic net--a net that snags from the millions of phone, fax, and modem signals traversing the globe at any moment selected communications of interest to a five-nation intelligence alliance. Once intercepted (based on the use of key words in exchanges), those communiques are sent in real time to a central computer system run by the NSA; round-the-clock shifts of American, British, Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand analysts pour over them in search of . . . what?”
The piece continues with a chilling, very chilling expose of the Echelon listening stations, “Originally a Cold War tool aimed at the Soviets, ECHELON has been redirected at civilian targets worldwide. In fact, as the European Parliament report noted, political advocacy groups like Amnesty International and Greenpeace were amongst ECHELON's targets. The system's awesome potential (and potential for abuse) has spurred some traditional watchdogs to delve deep in search of its secrets, and even prompted some of its minders within the intelligence community to come forward. "In some ways," says Reg Whittaker, a professor and intelligence scholar at Canada's York University, "it's probably the most useful means of getting at the Cold War intelligence-sharing relationship that still continues."
Could this station be used to gather information on activists that fight against the coal companies? Do the coal companies receive regular briefings? If they sought to gather information on Greenpeace and Amnesty International, do you think they would even think twice about snooping on activists in West Virginia? Activists that is located quite close to the station at Sugar Grove. You can back an activist in a corner, you can try to intimidate them with threats, but you cannot break the spirit of someone who has lost their home or a loved one to a coal mine made dangerously unstable by a company that has committed these acts. I’m told West Virginia won’t stand for it and I have no idea to doubt them.

The Eradication of a Nation

90 million people, it made me cry to read this figure. The horrible loss of life in the Holocaust, in the genocide of Rwanda, the number of lives lost in nearly every epidemic in the history of man hardly stand up against Ninety million lives by one preventable disease. The BBC somberly reports, “Nearly 90 million Africans could be infected by HIV in the next 20 years if more is not done to combat the epidemic, the UN has warned.”
The story also reports this statistic; “Some 25 million Africans have HIV, which causes Aids, at present. The world body estimates the next two decades could see 89 million new cases of the disease in Africa - or up to 10% of the continent's population.” There is medicine that could help those that are dying; there is medicine that could help prevent this from happening. The next time you feel sorry for yourself imagine watching everyone you have ever met, not just your family or your friends but everyone you have ever seen in your life (have you actually seen 90 million people in your life?) Is going to die of a disease that could have been prevented. This is not a horror story to scare the children, it’s not part of a blockbuster script for the movies, and it’s as real as the sun shining and the earth revolving. You’ve read of the age of the plagues. You’ve read of Hiroshima and the lives lost. How can you conceive of 90 million lives lost?
The BBC also reports, “The UN report concludes that if millions of Africans are still being infected by HIV by 2025, "it will not be because there was no choice". "It will be because, collectively, there was insufficient political will to change behaviour at all levels... and halt the forces driving the Aids epidemic in Africa." So don’t change the channel, don’t say I am not going to read another article about AIDS. Face the miles of children whose graves dug end to end could reach across the continent of Africa. What will we do if this disease ever comes to our shores in this way? Have hearings? Put up roadblocks?

The U.S. Army and the Recommended Policy of Illegal Behavior

Site of Reference: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A8873-2005Mar4.html
The Washington Post is reporting of an attempted cover-up on behalf of the U.S. Army, “An Army intelligence sergeant who accused fellow soldiers in Samarra, Iraq, of abusing detainees in 2003 was in turn accused by his commander of being delusional and ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation in Germany, despite a military psychiatrist's initial judgment that the man was stable, according to internal Army records released yesterday.” So don’t shoot the messenger, just accuse him of being insane. Previously in the detainee abuse scandal it was “determined” that the soldiers acted alone and without the knowledge of their superior officers. The Washington Post reports, “Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, asked about detainee abuse yesterday on CNN's "Wolf Blitzer Reports," said he was not surprised. Gonzales said that he presumed the military used lawful interrogation techniques but that "sometimes people do things that they shouldn't do. People are imperfect . . . and so the fact that abuses occur, they're unfortunate but I'm not sure that they should be viewed as surprising." Asking Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales for advice on the proper use of detainees is ridiculous. It would seem that no act of treachery is out of bounds in the U.S. Army these days if you are of necessary rank. The overextended Army that will soon march into Syria and Iran is as full of criminal acts as the time spent in Vietnam.
The reporting continues, “The soldier had angered his commander by urging the unit's redeployment from the military base to prevent what the soldier feared would be the death of one or more detainees under interrogation, according to the documents. He told his commander three members of the counterintelligence team had hit detainees, pulled their hair, tried to asphyxiate them and staged mock executions with pistols pointed at the detainees' heads.” The very same tactics used against our men or women in Iraq would be labeled as a war crime, but since President Bush seems to think he Geneva Convention doesn’t apply to torture, (Perhaps he should have someone read the article to him) we can expect more treatment of our soldiers in this way and then we can all be very subtly shocked and bewildered as to why.
But the violent acts and criminal behavior do not stop there. The practice of documenting these acts has become vogue in the military these days. The site
www.undermars.com shows photos taken by American soldiers of decapitated bodies of Iraqi’s and are cruelly labeled with gruesome comments as if it were all a game. When you read of the detestable act of Iraqi insurgents posting videos of beheadings and other acts of torture it is criticized from all corners of the earth, especially in the White House briefing room. The same acts are being posted on the web, mailed and handed around by the troops and should be denounced as something more than a “few bad apples.” The Washington post reports, “In another case detailed in the Army files, soldiers in a Florida National Guard unit deployed near Ramadi in 2003 compiled a 20-minute video that depicted a soldier kicking a wounded detainee in the face and chest in the presence of 10 colleagues and soldiers positioning a dead insurgent to appear to wave hello. The video was found in a soldier's computer files under the heading "Ramadi Madness," and it initially prompted military lawyers to recommend charges of assault with battery and dereliction of duty for tampering with a corpse.” The unit commander attempts a feeble case for these acts, “The unit's commander told Army investigators he was concerned about the images becoming public and promised to take steps to "minimize the risk of this and other videos that may end up in the media."
Turn a blind eye and you get what you deserve but I don’t think this is a blind eye. I think this behavior is authorized and is only deemed inappropriate when it is made public. How far the U.S. military will have to go to clear its name is unforeseen. The nation’s character is ruined around the world and our days as a world power may be in serious jeopardy.

The Bush Jihad

“In my year-end forecast for 1968 I had bucked the optimistic official view of the war and predicted that “the biggest and bloodiest battles areas till to be fought” in Vietnam, but never in my wildest imagining did I expect to see combat at my doorstep.”

Peter Arnett, Live From The Battlefield

Bearing in mind the incidents in Iraq and the many days where we have lost many of our troops, the actions yet to be taken in Iran and Syria could prove to be much worse. Iran and Syria are not countries in transition of any kind. These are far fiercer countries and their troops have been fighting for years, not just simply killing their own citizens.
The New York Times (
http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/06/politics/06intel.html?ex=1110690000&en=1fdb637441fa1563&ei=5065&partner=MYWAY) is reporting, “The Bush administration's secret program to transfer suspected terrorists to foreign countries for interrogation has been carried out by the Central Intelligence Agency under broad authority that has allowed it to act without case-by-case approval from the White House or the State or Justice Departments, according to current and former government officials.”
There is no secret that this plan is devised solely to enable the CIA and “civilian contractors” to torture anyone taken into custody. For years the United States has been building bases all over the world, bases that can be used for an array of training and peacekeeping duties. Now these duties are torture and denying the Geneva Convention, (
http://usmilitary.about.com/od/deploymentsconflicts/l/blgenevaconv.htm) which we signed in its second incarnation, not the first. It was actually the third Geneva Convention that dealt with prisoners of war; there have been four in all. A country that allows its leader to make the rules up as he goes is a country that is leading itself by the nose to defeat and complete collapse. What will those on either side of the aisle do if the President decided tomorrow that the draft was not necessary and sent troops out in public to “draft” someone they deemed a proper candidate for service? You are walking down the street on the way to work and a deuce and a half pulls up and two men get out and take you at gunpoint to recruit training, but wait, if you didn’t see the news that morning (I say see because so few Americans read the newspaper) it is legal now by Executive Order. Woe to you if you are a conscientious objector you’ll end up somewhere being tortured by somebody.
In this new war to come we have to remember who we will be fighting. For instance, Hizbollah. Reuters reminds us, “Hizbollah, or Party of God, was set up during the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon by Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a small guerrilla force with a security arm widely blamed for anti-Western attacks and hostage taking in Beirut.”
If the entire region erupts as it very well could be, then the Hamas could enter the world- wide call of terrorists to attack America and other enemies of Islam as they see it. Our use of torture on “enemy combatants” seems to fuel this fervor.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (
http://www.time.com/time/magazine/printout/0,8816,1034670,00.html) gave an interview to Time magazine:

TIME: What do you think will be the consequences for Palestinians of events in Lebanon?
ABBAS: It's clear-cut. President Assad said he will withdraw. But for us, we don't know yet the consequences. We don't know the demands of the Americans.
TIME: In Washington, many think the growing democracy movement in the Middle East comes from President Bush's pressure.
ABBAS: I don't think that we made democracy because President Bush pushed us. We decided that we should have a democratic process, and we did it without any pressure.
TIME: Now that you've been elected, your progress depends on your cease-fire with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the Islamist groups opposing peace. How secure is it ?
ABBAS: I concluded a truce with Hamas when I was Prime Minister.
After I became head of the Palestinian Authority, I conducted talks with them, and they accepted without any pressure on them. It is a democracy. We have to deal with them accordingly. TIME: But when they launch suicide-bomb attacks like the latest one in Tel Aviv?
ABBAS: They said they are not responsible and they'll stick to the cease-fire. All of [the Islamist factions]. Even those that are in Damascus.
TIME: Who was responsible, then, for the Tel Aviv attack?
ABBAS: It was individuals. We arrested five. If you ask me who is responsible, the Israelis are responsible. The bombers came from the suburb of Tulkarem to Tel Aviv, crossing the wall. So who is responsible? The wall and the Israelis.
TIME: Hamas won seats in municipal elections in January. Now the P.L.O. has an opposition? ABBAS: This is proof that they are going to be a political party, which is good. TIME: Israelis and Americans are shocked to think Hamas could be in your parliament.
ABBAS: Why not? They should be in the parliament. They will share responsibility. Israel has more than 33 political parties from right to left and in between.
TIME: What's your plan to reach a peace agreement with Israel?
ABBAS: We suggested to the Israelis and Americans to work in back channels on final-status issues while we are working on earlier phases of the road map. If we start now, we have a lot of time to work with the Americans to find ideas, to find compromises. But if we go [without preparation] to the third [final status] phase of the road map, and then we get a make-or-break situation like Camp David [in 2000], it's unworkable.
TIME: President Bush wrote Israeli Prime Minister Sharon a letter saying that in a final deal, there will be no right of return and there will be adjustments to the 1967 borders and the status of Jerusalem.
ABBAS: President Bush doesn't have the right to prejudice final-status issues. These issues should be discussed in the final stages, not now. He can't make commitments on behalf of the Palestinian people. It is our right to say yes or no.
TIME: To get a final-status agreement, do you think you will have to make unpopular decisions, unpopular compromises? ABBAS: I promise any compromise will go to a referendum. People will accept it or not.
TIME: Do you think you can achieve a deal in one five-year presidential term?
ABBAS: I have to do it because after that I won't be President anymore.
TIME: Yasser Arafat was a symbol for Palestinians around the world. Do you see yourself as a different kind of leader?
ABBAS: There are differences in our ways of thinking. I want to put everything on the table, and you can take it or leave it. Even when I was running for the elections, many friends advised me not to. But I said, "No, I have to tell the people everything. Either they'll elect me or not."
TIME: Are you worried that might anger people? Are there threats against your life?
ABBAS: Everybody is under threat. We are Muslims. We believe that when life comes to an end, it comes.
TIME: It's risky just to be a Palestinian?
ABBAS: It's risky. But it's also risky to be an American. You remember the Twin Towers. So if you believe in God, you won't be afraid.
TIME: You were born in Safad, in what is now Israel. How did it feel when you went back for a visit in 1995?
ABBAS: Very sad. It's my country. I know every street and store. But now I'm not allowed to be there. That's life. I'm not asking for Safad. I'm not asking to return there.

Where President Bush’s own jihad against the world of Islam will end is undecided at this point, but you can be assured that none of the children of those in his cabinet will lose their lives on a battlefield. The war will come to our shores in acts of terrorism and high prices that will make the economy that this administration had so unstable, even worse. The darker days are on the horizon and the smell of cordite is not a warning of the years to come but a promise from the terrorists we are torturing now.

George and Bandar Bush: The Cartographer’s Nightmare

To understand the idiocy and the dangerous outlook of Mr. Bush’s next war you have only to look at a map. (

Bordering Iran is Russia and Afghanistan. The converging force idea that is obviously swirling about in President Bush’s head is not a good one. I can picture him moving his little army men around on a table while his generals look on, sound familiar? We have in the past used our bases in Turkey to re-fuel our planes so they will be drawn into this war too. Apparently Bush tires of hearing about a two front war and now he wants to consolidate. How many American lives can he fit into his little grid?
Never mind the Golan Heights, never mind that Saudi Arabia is actually controlling this war and the Bush White House, never mind that Egypt could erupt into this action as well, and never mind that all of the violence in the Sudan is conveniently nearby on Mr. Bush’s map of little army men. This whole situation reeks of a World War.
Just out of coincidence it is somewhat interesting to note that in Iran there are two places on the map that just call out the Bush legacy. One is Bushehr and the other is Bandar Abbas. Bush and Bandar, the two responsible for this war. Soon we’ll see Tom Selleck and Sean Hannity selling war bonds.

A Watershed Moment

Site of Reference:

Not long ago I wondered aloud if bloggers would be targeted and it seems it has come to pass. The AP is reporting, “Though many companies have Internet guidelines that prohibit visiting porn sites or forwarding racist jokes, few of the policies directly cover blogs, or Web journals, particularly those written outside of work hours.” Now a suit by Apple computers may end this supposed freedom. Who knew that big brother worked for Apple?
The AP also reports, “On blogs, which are by their very nature public forums, people often muse about their likes and dislikes -- of family, of friends, of co-workers.
Currently, some 27 percent of online U.S. adults read blogs, and seven percent pen them, according to The Pew Internet and American Life Project.
With search engines making it easy to find virtually anything anyone says in a blog these days, companies are taking notice -- and taking action.”
This is a watershed moment for the First Amendment. Do you have the freedom to say what you will at home or somewhere else under your own screen name or web address?
The AP states, "Because it's less formal, you're more likely to say something that would offend your boss," said Lewis Maltby, president of the National Workrights Institute, a workers' rights group. I urge you to read the entire article.

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