Thursday, February 09, 2006

Three Animal Socities

My country tis of thee
All of these celebrities I see
It’s of them I sing
Land where children die
Land of bling bling and lies
From every award show live
Let the truth come to life

Watching, if I had actually watched the recent slew of awards shows I would be reminded that so many whores have entered the mainstream that the self-possession which in another time would have been struck down by ax and mace have become so rampant that the character study of most would reveal demeaning traits.
With so much wrong in the world and who can name it all, it would seem right and the only path to take as to award the survivor than the pretender, the victim rather then the supplier, the addict than the reporter.
From the depths of every good-natured applause is the sound of those very hands pulling away from one another.

- Chris Mansel

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