Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Comics And The Art of Extremism, Both Foreign and At Home

Muslim extremists are in an uproar; they are blowing up buildings, setting them ablaze and offering to gouge out the eyes of any westerner who dare laugh at a cartoon that depicts their beliefs in an unkind manner. But then again these are the same people, the extremists, who will beat and perhaps kill their wives for uncovering their face in public. Set that scenario in this country and see what it would stir up.
To be fair these cartoons are drawn well and the message is clear. Perhaps, now just perhaps we should introduce them to some of the extremists we have in this country. How do you think that would go over? The Muslim extremists aren’t too big on pedophiles, especially those pedophiles that claim to be religious. My god, could this be the end of the conservative movement? Is that the answer? Could it be this simple? Could we clean our shores of pedophile quasi-religious wacko lobbyists death adder rearing Republicans by sending them on a book tour of the Muslim world and several really sharp camera crews from the Fox Network? Just let them stay on the talking points, the imagery, the hate and who knows. But here’s the catch.
They would have to take a representative of each hate group and all of the propaganda. They would have to define and explain their reasons for molesting children in a house of worship. They would have to explain why they were put into a position of political power and saw fit to do the unspeakable acts they rail against every Sunday.

- Chris Mansel

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