Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Soul Burst Open and A Million Little Lives Devoured The Host

It’s time for the Mansel Report to take a different direction; it’s time to tell the truth as the truth can be told in these days of the Patriot Act and FEMA induced labor luncheons. It’s time to act as though everything has happened, which it has and it’s time to say fuck this and fuck that until this and that mean nothing and all you are left with is fuck. Because fuck, that dreaded word we all supposedly fear and all secretly desire can set you free, free enough to harbor ill will and capitol murder on those who say they love you and still refuse to come to your aid when you are screaming in pain on their lawn, the lawn in this case being the terra firma of the America’s.
Let’s begin.

Is it worse that Coretta Scott King is dead or that Michael Bolton sang at her funeral? Speakers at the rally, one of the latest in this nation’s political rallies that featured a casket, rushed to the stage to read the words someone else may have written to express their sympathies to a woman most had no idea about. Four presidents appeared at the rally and four presidents stuttered and consoled themselves into sympathy for themselves and spoke endlessly of what they thought of Mrs. King and not what Mrs. King meant to others in a time of need.
Almost as bad as Michael Bolton singing at Mrs. King’s funeral is the idea of comparing Jackie Kennedy Onassis to Mrs. King. Jackie O as she was known, a woman who walked around like she had crystal under foot and smiled a gleeful look of pre-mortis look of disgust and medication became famous for not being shot, for putting up with a cheating husband, and for simply wearing outfits and not clothes. She married a billionaire and the hearts and minds of commercial America became fascinated with her because they were told to.
Somewhere in the streets of America African-Americans everywhere who could not afford to travel to the funeral and who would have not been perceived important enough or white enough to be admitted to the rally mourn the loss and never lose sight of the fact that the promise land is still over that next hill.

- Chris Mansel

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