Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hell Is An Arsonist In Trouble's Way

An aide walks into the oval office where president Bush and Karl Rove are sitting and sharing a beer.

Aide: Mr. President, there has been an incident in Texas with the Vice President.

President Bush: Yea? What happened?

Aide: Sir, the Vice President shot someone while hunting.

President Bush: He shot someone while they were hunting?

Aide: Yes sir, and the Vice President was hunting as well.

President Bush: So they were both hunting?

Aide: Yes sir.

President Bush: Is anyone dead?

Aide: No sir.

President Bush: Ok, thanks.

The aide walks out of the room and Karl Rove begins to speak as soon as the door is pulled shut.

Karl Rove: It must have been Whittington he shot. Hell is an arsonist’s in trouble’s way. Every single goddamn time we think we have this place wrapped up tight someone ends up screwing us that actually works for us. Shit.

President Bush: Why you say that?

Karl Rove: Well you know the situation between those two. Shot over a parking lot, my god. Still we better get our doctor’s down there just in case he starts rambling before he gets under the gas. We should also have some folks there to coordinate the spin. We’ll throw McClellan to the wolves on this one. The little limp wrested bastard should have known better than to second-guess me.

President Bush: Maybe a guy with a pillow to stuff in Whittington’s face.

Karl Rove: Yea an orange pillow.

- Chris Mansel

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