Saturday, February 25, 2006

Open Borders: A Sinister Tale on How America Didn't Sleep Again

Let’s abandon all thought, all wisdom and let’s scream into the howling wind of worldwide terrorism and ask why are our borders being put into the hands of those who have harbored terrorists and done business with terrorists? The real question is how long do we have to wait to charge the Bush administration with treason? Do we wait until we have another attack? Do we wait until the new guards of our borders refuse to take our calls?
I have been reading a book by Terror expert Peter Bergen and in that book is a horrifying passage. When you read what is below imagine that our new watchers of our borders have just let this car by on their watch.

- Chris Mansel

“Come upstairs, I have something to show you,” said a Middle Eastern dissident I was visiting in London in 1997. In his study he pulled out a videotape and popped it into his VCR. The footage, shot through the windows of a slowly moving car, showed some of the tens of thousands of Americans living in Saudi Arabia. The camera panned to a sign announcing a housing complex for employees of Aramco, the oil company. Then the cameraman drove into the complex and zoomed in on an American woman pushing her child on a swing. In the next sequence, the cameraman overtook a U.S. army truck driven by a female soldier, who glanced nervously at the camera when she realized she was being videotaped. The tape was poorly shot, but fascinating in a voyeuristic way. It had no narration, but its message was plain: “Look at these infidels trespassing on our holy land.”

- Peter Bergen, Holy War Inc.: Inside The Secret World Of Osama Bin Laden

On the website of Dubai Ports is a note that sends chills down the spine and anger up the sleeve of every American. The note says, “Dubai Ports Reorganized To Create One Global Business.” Below is a date, September 28, 2005. How long ago was this decided? Was it our intention to attack Iraq only after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001? No, it wasn’t. We now know that we were lied to by our government on more than one occasion and is this just another? When this administration took office was all of this planned? As the President has so jokingly remarked, “In fifty years we’ll all be dead.” In fifty years we will all know through the Freedom of Information Act but I don’t think we’ll be laughing! Not even when we walk across the graves of our fallen troops or perhaps the scattered steel fragments of the Twin Towers on a New Jersey shoreline. This is insane, it is unprecedented and all indications show that it could be fatal.

- Chris Mansel

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