Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Burden of Discovery

“Whether you say a thing aloud or inaudibly,
He has knowledge of the secret and the hidden.”

- The Koran

To label those that we are fighting as just insurgents is to try and decline comment on the body in front of you. More than an insurgency we are facing the leveling of a culture, a way of life and I don’t know any American who wouldn’t become violent and attempt to stop this kind of brutal attack on our way of life. To constantly throw out the phrase, “democratic way of life” is to provide a war of misinformation that worked in other wars but not this one. We are constantly trying to spin our own press releases as soon as they are put out into the public. Indecision is the ground on which this administration builds its troubling and erratic way of providing security.
The Geneva Convention now collecting ash at the bottom of the presidential ash can is still a collection of documents that contain a future of crimes and misdemeanors no matter how this administration tries to burn it under a bushel. When you read writers who use the words, “prolonged mental harm” you have to wonder if they know something you do not.

- Chris Mansel

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