Sunday, August 07, 2005

Zen and the Ballistics of Right-Wing Psychopaths

The right wing media to control sources is now exploring the use of a date rape drug. Who told what and when did they know it? It used to be easier to just get them drunk in the old days and take the photos, send a hooker in a summer dress to seduce the mark and secret service agents to coordinate the whole thing but now with the evil doings of the medical empires of the AMA.
Robert Novak used to participate in such cases but he figures now that he has been to enough of the “establishment’s” drown the poor kid parties he just assumes that the old order of doing things will persist. In a memoir planned for next fall Novak plans to expose that the entire Patty Hearst affair was a plan to expedite much needed funds for the George Wallace secret campaign against Richard Nixon, which led to the president’s dismissal through impeachment. Another item in the book will be the exposing of the use of the word Cuban in the Kennedy and Nixon White House. Whenever the word was used the real meaning was invariably liberal.
The one thing reportedly holding back the book by Mr. Novak for these last twelve years is the inability of the publisher to verify and fact check the issues raised.

- Chris Mansel

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