Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Current Conditions and the Neon of Pounded Railroad Steel

I would like to just remind the American citizen that we have complete and clear footage of this administration lying openly about many subjects. They have lied about the war, they have lied about 9/11, and they have lied about Medicare. So you can be sure that all of the reports coming from this white house about the war in Iraq can be called into question.
The question has been asked, are there nukes being brought across the border from Iran? The administration answer has been of course, sure there are. Asked about a year from now they may answer, sure, we thought they were but we had no proof and I don’t believe anyone in this administration used those words.
When the mainstream bloggers make an attack on a high profile figure it gets reported now on a major news source which is very interesting since about a year and a half ago conservative pundits stated that bloggers were just radicals sitting in their homes typing out manifesto’s, anarchist’s, etc. I’ve said before and I will say it again a writer who is not nailed down by a corporate ceiling of conservatism can reach as far as they want into a story and can confirm what everyone in the legitimate news sources already expected or knew. How difficult is it to capture footage of a politician lying at a rally when most make the footage available to get media attention? The best way to attack a conservative is to simply let them hang themselves with their own temper and anger. Avoid their talking points and stick to the subject at hand. Honesty comes into play with bloggers obviously as well. But to that point is candor. If a blogger does not have the resources that a so called legitimate reporter does, i.e. the budget to make the phone calls, the byline to get the person to accept the calls then the blogger does the best they can. There are bloggers that seek donations to keep them going and that is fine for them if they can prove to those giving that they can indeed work hard enough to earn what is given to them, but eventually the celebrity factor comes into play as it often does with the so called legitimate reporter and then the story is second seat to the messenger.

- Chris Mansel

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