Friday, August 12, 2005

When What If Becomes How Could You

Let’s be honest here, I agree with President Bush it would be wrong to stop a war we started, it would be wrong to embolden the terrorists in Iraq who were formally elsewhere and targeting other nations, it would silly to bring our troops home and use them in other more meaningful ways, hell it would weaken defense contracts, we might have to put billions of dollars into education or into healthcare, or education. My god, what are these damn liberals thinking? Where would we be if we did the right thing? This insanity of peaceful thinking has got to stop. The next thing these dang liberals will want is an honest investigation into election misconduct or to hoist Tom Delay from his fortress of security guards grasp and return him to Texas to stand trial. It’s madness.
But on the other hand let’s say we did try this for a while. What if we did pull our troops out of Iraq right now you can be sure that if you dug up Nixon he’d get elected in 2008, any republican would. If you made the Saudi’s happy and gave them free reign in Iraq which is what they want anyway, if you were to arm their terrorists, the Saudi terrorists they could attack and attack and attack. What if we had the money to send every American child to school with a full belly and make sure they have food when they get home, just think of it. We’ll even sign in blood that the Bush family can have the oil if they will just move over and let us all survive. Both sides of the coin are flying against each other and if you catch a glimpse in the tear in my eye you’ll see that it’s a two-sided coin and it didn’t come from my pocket.

- Chris Mansel

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