Thursday, August 11, 2005

Embedded Reporter

Can you imagine the life expectancy of an embedded reporter in Kontum or Khe Shan in Vietnam? Don’t you think these war weary troops in 1969 far too grizzled beyond their years would have put up with a FOX OR CNN reporter in their tan jacket with the pockets in front? Staring brazenly and in the epitome of mock weariness of the struggle of the troops and what that reporter had been through that day?
The embedded reporters in Iraq were trained by the American military and for the most part, maybe 94 percent have been flag wavers for the bush administration. The same pundits who are raking every one who doesn’t play ball or tout the bush regime are the same kind who used to come to Da Nang and look out at the rice paddies in the distance and go to some cocktail parties and go back home and tell the tales of war.
Journalistic integrity is still alive and kicking especially when the embedded reporters look at themselves in the mirror, well, hopefully.

- Chris Mansel

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