Tuesday, August 09, 2005

How A Documentary Became A Disaster Film

Take a look around you and you’ll a familiar theme. You’ll see the same storyline you have seen in many of the films you saw in your youth. The man in black and his gang of evil doers are carrying out their brand of evil and our hero the man in white is strapped to the railroad track as the train gets closer and closer. It all seems familiar correct? Now days the scene has changed and the film has changed its rating. There is still the gang of evildoers and his gang in black but even now the man in white isn’t as innocent or good as he may seem. Truly he may deserve to be tied to the railroad track. The gang dressed in black is so corrupt that the onlookers, the character actors, the Ward Bonds, the Harry Dean Stanton’s of the world have become color blind. Even the hero’s of today may not be worth saving. What is a hero today? Someone who doesn’t dirty himself or herself with the fight and only takes the high road or someone who gets in the middle of the fight and wears the scars, they are worn inside and out from the experience and speak from experience just what the gang in black is capable of. Now they face the real task, they have to convince the character actors, the day actors, and the people in the crowd shot that the plot is true. The light is on, the camera is rolling, and there is no need to say action, some of us have the scars already.

- Chris Mansel

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