Saturday, August 06, 2005

Do What Thou Wilt Without The Guilt

In Sept. of 1972 Hunter S. Thompson wrote, “How low do you have to sink to become President?” In August of 2005 you have to ask how low do you have to sink to prove that you are the President? If you compiled a list of everything and I mean everything a President could do that was impeachable and not be called on the carpet for, you might find that same list in Karl Rove’s pocket scribbled in pen and dated from 1987.
The last few years have proved one fact and that fact is you can no longer look to the past to analyze the Bush agenda. It serves no purpose to look to the McKinley administration, or any other. The new ground being broken by this regime is already charred before the sun hits the remains. It’s almost as if the tractors were dispersed upon the graves of the unknown soldiers to build a pool for the Bush twins to paddle around in and hold keggers.
Somewhere in the bowels of the White House, directly beneath the tree house of Karl Rove, about a hundred feet straight down is a room that is fully secure from any listening source, even the Echelon listening posts spread out around the world. In these room minions of Karl Rove control data, video and print. Like a modern day Hearst Karl Rove decides which stories make it in front of American eyes and those that do not. Sound improbable? Then what is your answer?

- Chris Mansel

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