Friday, August 12, 2005

The Dialogue of Sadists

President Bush: What do we do about this new Iranian President? Do we let him have a visa?

Karl Rove: Of course, we can’t be perceived as being totally resistant to talks with them; that he wants to come here and that the press has not caught onto the fact that we invited him is working in our favor.

President Bush: Karl, you think they’ll get wind of it?

Karl Rove: No I don’t think so not unless we fall through on the aid we promised him under the table. We know he was in on the terrorist kidnapping we have slowly evolved that information. That is how he worked his way up through the ranks of the Iranian government. While we really have no problem with that, it’s not unlike a CIA operation we would carry out.

President Bush: So we have got things in common with terrorists?

Karl Rove: You’re in you’re second term I think there are some things you should be made aware of.

President Bush: Karl you old bastard you. Tell me what you want to, whatever you think I need to know.

Karl Rove: Halliburton has been doing business with terrorists for years. Whenever the books need to balance terrorists through the years have sabotaged or attacked certain installations built by Halliburton so they could re-build. It’s a clever and legal way of laundering money until you get found out.

President Bush: The citizens of this country have no idea just what lengths we will go to in order to protect them.

Karl Rove: Christ had his crucifixion and we’ve got the youth of America, kind of poetic if you think about it.

- Chris Mansel

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