Saturday, August 06, 2005

Karl Rove

The same joke is told to a republican and to a democrat. The man telling the joke doesn’t offer any political affiliation of any kind.
He says, here’s the joke, “A guy walks into a daycare center squeezing his scrotum and asks for a handout. The teacher answers that she has no money and that this isn’t the kind of a place that gives a handout. The man still squeezing his scrotum looks around the room and picks a small boy from the other boys and girls…”
At this point the republican falls to his knees laughing while the democrat looks on in horror. The man telling the joke waits for the republican to collect himself. Eventually the Republican stands up and through choking back laughter says, “1980 campaign, Karl Rove district of Columbia, on a Wednesday!”

- Chris Mansel

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