Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Bohemia Grove Texas Style (for the folks at

(The above photo drew many calls that an aircraft was flying towards a building in Washington)

On the same day his second father King Fahd was laid to rest in Saudi Arabia President Bush put on the same clothes he always wears to clear away brush, sweat, and hint at what he will do later in the day and get his hands into the dirt as to try and channel the goateed overweight sheik who meant so much to him that he had to hold his hand when he walked. If you will notice in the footage during the campaign he did not hold his mother or his father’s hand as he walked but then again there were not pretty flowers growing in a desert to gaze at.
In a story credited to Washington Post staff writers, I suppose all the big name writers were either overwrought at the King’s death, hung over from celebrating the King’s death or too tired from following ol’ puppy blood sucker Bob Novak to his office where he has a life size cardboard cut out of Ann Coulter with her mysterious Adam’s apple circled in red ink or back to his home where he enters into the basement and reappears hours later dressed for an appearance as to which he will be reminded of during the drive. The Washington Post story stated that this is the longest absence from the White House by a sitting president in 36 years. Now we won’t discuss Washington Post journalistic integrity but we all know who is minding the store even when ol’ Georgie is in the building. However, if you are still curious about all the clearing of brush on his Crawford, Texas ranch it is being done to secretly create a new Bohemian Grove on Texas soil. This news comes from an ex-lover of Karl Rove, the young man asked not to be identified, though at one time it is rumored he enjoyed a White House press pass.

- Chris Mansel

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