Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rwanda and State Sponsored Genocide

If you have read the Mansel Report from the beginning you'll know that I have a deep concern for what happens on the continent of Africa. There is no other place in the world today that suffers more. In particular Rwanda is dear to my heart. To know that we as a nation could have prevented close to a million deaths and that we did nothing makes me cringe with shame every time I think about it. I own a copy of the documentary Ghosts Of Rwanda, and if you have never seen it I wish you would. PBS and their show, Frontline, produced it. I believe Frontline is the purest news source you can have access to on television.
Today's link concerns Rwanda and the genocide. The story mentions the fact that the genocide was discussed in cabinet meetings while it was being carried out making the entire government in my mind complicit in the killings. The old saying goes how could it happen here but the response is chilling. The response is why doesn't it happen more often. I juts don't know what to think of this world sometimes.
We are supposed to just accept the fact that the money pledged for Africa will be delivered in 2010. Meanwhile two million people die each year in Africa right now, 6,300 everyday from AIDS. It is five years till 2010, so we can just accept that those 10 million that will die before the money is hopefully delivered were worth it? 10 million? I find it hard to live with that number.

- Chris Mansel

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