Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Collaboration of Ideas

The question is not why the attacks to place in London, but you could almost say they were expected. The world press is in England this week to cover the G8 summit so any action taken by terrorists would get extraordinary coverage internationally. The announcement of London acquiring the right to hold the Olympics yesterday is of no importance when placing blame or explaining a reason for the attacks. An attack such as this could not have been conceived that quickly, the real reason for the attack is to remind the participants of the G8 summit that their real reason for meeting should be to pull out of Arab states, such is the thinking of radical terrorists. Previous bombing s through the years by the IRA has prepared London for such an occurrence.
President Bush’s comments about how we care about Human Rights is laughable and that reason alone, and England’s complicity in the tortures of prisoners, could very well be the center of the reasoning by the terrorists. By re-wording, or just plain abandoning of the Geneva Conference and its rules on how to treat prisoners the U.S. and England has unquestionably decided to forego any safe haven of their own citizens and sacrifice them for their own gain. Any blame for an attack in England or the United States by terrorists should be placed at least in part by the actions of the government. You can’t expect to take the law, international law into your own hands and not expect the retribution to come your way. The only question is whether or not American or British flags will be photographed as they cover the dead of ordinary citizens.

- Chris Mansel

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