Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Monstrosity of Conformity

It seems to be the practice these days in this country to bury the living below the dead. If a Republican commits a crime he is rewarded with either a promotion or a rousing support behind him and in some cases, if not all, a Democrat is blamed for the crime or incident. How a Republican can claim that the media is attacking the conservatives in America when the news media in this country is owned and operated by conservatives is beyond comprehension. Like William Blake said, “Perverted into fable…” Each day brings a new story to light which by the time it hits the airwaves of radio or television it has been sanitized by the editors of the news outlets and scrutinized by the official policies of a dishonest government for posterity. The National Archives contain more lies than the walls of the oval office.

- Chris Mansel

“The world’s more full of weeping than we can understand.”

- Yeats, The Stolen Child

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