Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Nigeria: Oil


Oil. It’s all about oil and the rape of another country and its natural resources, the next country to be entered oh so slowly by a corrupt administration like the Bush regime is Nigeria. Nigeria is rich with oil and as you can read in the above link the President of Nigeria is trying to interest Russia in investing in their Nigeria’s oil. Now you and I both know that the United States and England cannot stand by and let another country like Russia take honestly what they can take either by force or by corrupt means. I would call this a prediction but I can almost tell you in the affirmative that it will happen. It’s oil after all. You won’t see this mentioned in the U.S. press until our interest in the oil in Nigeria is judged a worthy subject by the networks.
Another important point is that Nigeria is on the coast with easy access for the American and British ships. This means that the U.S. and England could skip right by the thousands of deaths in the Ivory Coast, disregard the atrocities in Chad and the Sudan and take what is most important to them, oil. This could be such a beautiful world if only those who hate is so much could conceive of anyone else’s life outside of their own.

- Chris Mansel

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