Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Owl and The Crow

The brief but hidden storm of obscenities were waged into the fists of restrained house democrats as Karl Rove decried to the world that he did nothing wrong. Statues of the founding fathers leapt as one across the Potomac and sought shelter in the restful arms of the Motel 6. Washington and Jefferson spent the night sniffing the glue made from Paul Revere’s horse kept for them in a bunker hidden in the hills if West Virginia. Ben Franklin spit out chalk and vomited the entire night screeching out the eternal damnation of the Internet.
Networks reached their satellite trucks on the road to Florida to cover the impending coverage of death and high water to encircle the grave and or house of Supreme Court head Rehnquist who many in the media had privately dubbed Renfield after the story of Dracula, Renfield who would do the bidding of his master by acquiring flies and spiders and other small animals to provide the blood to save his soul. Rehnquist keep a constant vigil by walking back and forth to his chauffeur driven car and back in attempt to weaken the live feed of the major networks.
The several heads of state that took part kicking and screaming in the G8 summit declared to pledge millions in aid to Africa but did not leave their account numbers or financial info. They raced as one to the airport and took great comfort to be down with the photo-op and to instruct the pilot to fly over the smoking rubble and rush of ambulances of London. Taking their direction from Bill Frist they sought to get a little bit of the carnage in the background.
Talk radio hosts reveled in the G8 summit and boasted how they had described in their own words how it would occur and took credit silently of how they knew privately that the money would never see the light of day unless it came in the guise of terror relief.

- Chris Mansel

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