Sunday, June 19, 2005

State Sponsored Terrorism (Buy America)

I watched a video entitled, Scenes of Israeli Massacre in Qana 1996 at this website this evening,
In the video an official attempting to clear the dead away picks up the body of a baby whose head has been blown off. You see the neck and the blood have virtually exploded from gunfire or a bomb. It is chilling and as the site says you will not see this kind of reality on American news shows.
So everyone who says that they would not react the way the Palestinians have should ask themselves how would they react if the American military opened fire in your neighborhood and leveled the houses to make way for other people to build their houses on your land or to provide a road to service another segment of society. Pick up your own child with their head blown apart and tell me you wouldn’t be driven to near madness.
Salute the American flag that provides weapons, vote for the democratic or republican parties that have funded this terrorism for years, and revel in the thought that this terror is taking place across an ocean, in another country your tax dollars pay to terrorize and ethnically cleanse. Do that and we’ll get together every four years and wave signs at a convention, we’ll wear buttons and make speeches and talk about how much better it will be if our candidate wins.

- Chris Mansel

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