Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Failing Departing Crowd

There are three kinds of conservatives. One is the close party member not unlike the Gestapo, the second is the Hitler Youth, those that were born into the ideology and never looked back. The third is the propagandist. The men who you saw on the sidewalks and were have age to join the army and did not, the shopkeepers and the printers. They were the ones who stayed behind to guard the fatherland and help load the bodies of Jews into the trucks and train cars. However, it is of no use comparing George Bush to Hitler. Hitler did not have to defend himself as Bush does. Hitler did not have to worry about another party in the congress or the senate disrupting his orders. As bad as the administration of George W. Bush is it is still not as bad as it could be.
Yesterday I mentioned that thanks to John Conyers I have new belief in the Democratic Party, well let me explain that remark. I have faith in what the Party used to be and could be again, not what it is today. The Democratic Party of today resembles more of a new conservative party, a slightly watered down version of a compassionate conservative. The right-wing media has spoon fed the liberal voter for years with its terms like liberal, or neo-con, or even staunch conservative. What the Democrats have not understood is that by allowing the right wing to tell us how to speak they have controlled what we say. They have railed against issues and made us defend them. When we should be more worried about the hungry of the world they trot out social security then later abandon it after the harm is done. We get ourselves into wars with the express purpose of building up defense contractors, lining the pockets of the wealthily. The right wing has no concern for the poor Vietnamese, the poor Iraqi, or the desolate citizens of Panama.
Don’t believe what a conservative tells you; don’t immediately jump into their argument because this is just what they want you to do. Allow their rhetoric to simply undermine itself. Egg them on if you will but choose the ground on which you care the most not the ones they want to argue about. If you play their game you will lose not only your soul but also the case it came in.
- Chris Mansel

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