Monday, June 06, 2005

The Prisoners Discredit Their Own Suffering

“When money speaks, the truth is silent.” – A Russian proverb

I just don’t see any hope for this country if it continues down the path it is on. The corporations who control the press who control the networks who approve or disapprove each word that is uttered leads the citizens of the u.s. awry with hardly a wave of its hand. It is all consuming the dread and mockery of anything good. The ferocity of the public to feed off the blood that is poured into the water is disgusting. They didn’t know to recognize the blood until the Democratic Party had to shed its blood in the same way the Republicans do. The Democratic Party is missing in non-action.
Still no one, neither party reflects the suffering in this country. There is no legislation anywhere that looks out for communities like Libby, Montana. There is no meaningful work being down to combat the savage wrecking of our environment. Both parties will claim they do this or that but it all ends up the same election promise. The candidates will tell you they will fight for this or that but it is all due to the money they receive from lobbyists and the ever-ruining art of compromise. To make some of these compromises politicians should have to come face to face with the citizens they are affecting. Politics in Washington mirrors the scripted town hall meetings, the scripted debates.
Just for a second forget about poverty. Forget about education it’s easy, politicians do. Consider a new uncontrollable strain of HIV hitting the shores of Mexico or California. You can make a movie about smallpox and say what if. You can portray a nuclear blast, or asteroids hitting the planet. Those are what if situations. A new strain of HIV is a when situation, a where situation. It is very likely to happen.
You hear the term living wage being mentioned often. There is no living wage for the poorer people of this country. When you are young you are told to get a good education and that will suffice as you grow into adulthood. You will get a good job with an education and raise a family. How many times have you met a college graduate working for hardly a living wage? Often I imagine. In this new century we are often reminded of the past when we look around us. Our elderly will be glad to tell you that they have seen a situation like this before. The great depression tried its best to starve or kill off an entire generation. Poverty was the killer then and poverty still kills today, but you don’t hear it mentioned do you? Politicians who look for our best interest could very well be the caring arms around our throat.

- Chris Mansel

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