Thursday, June 02, 2005

An American Scoundrel

The process of discovering an American scoundrel is as simple as it can be distinguished by the act of reasoning, or of eyewitness. To actually be present at the insidious acts of government and to do nothing is as treasonous as the bullet from an assassin’s gun. To not act, to do nothing as so many great have done is to defy the office of congressman, or senator, of representative and of President. To openly support an illegal war for the promise of government workers repairing or building a structure, a road, or a pipeline in your district is shameful and should be deduced as what it is, criminal.
The fervor over the identity of “deep throat’ in the American press concerns the wrongdoings of a former president, of a cabinet, “plumbers”, a general collection of law breakers but what is to be understood and it is vital, is the fact that the identity of deep throat is but a mere footnote in the legacy of the Republican party. How many in previous administrations have been privy to acts of illegal behavior and said nothing? Not just in the FBI, or the CIA, of this committee on the hill or that committee.
To survive in office in Washington takes a few things and one is dishonesty. You cannot survive in Washington without, not telling all of the truth, you just can’t; because if the American people knew what is truly discussed in the halls of power they would revolt, they would strike, and yes they would turn away from the mission implied in the constitution. Another is money and the money in Washington comes from the very corporations that the candidates are sent there to office to combat, the gross negligence, the dumping of illegal waste, the child laborers. All of these things come to your political leader you voted for in the form of lobbyists. What is truly bribery in every sense of the term is cast about like a envelope to the boys down town and used to pay for homes in Washington, homes in their home district and trips, and educations private, it goes to enable the candidate that they will never have to live as you and I as long as they tow the line of the corporation and enable the corporation to do as they see fit. A teacher has tenure and a politician has his or her soul. The price of a soul that resides in an American scoundrel is…well; it’s cheaper than you would like to think.

- Chris Mansel

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