Sunday, June 19, 2005

Karl Rove and the Pretty hate Machine

The Mansel Report has written some fictional pieces in the past and some of them have seemed to the author that they could or might happen. Sometimes they are just a bit scary. The other day the Mansel Report wrote a piece about Karl Rove entitled, Karl Rove: Bishop to Rook, Queen to Pawn. In this piece I described the incredibly organized effort led by Karl Rove to discredit the Clinton family and to smear the name of Hillary Clinton so that she could not seek the presidency. In this piece I describe Karl Rove conceiving a headline to send to Matt Drudge also I mention an unnamed source. I read the Drudge Report today and see a headline about a book that suggests that Bill Clinton raped his wife Hillary and that assault eventually gave birth to their daughter Chelsea.
Ed Klein, the author of this book is slanderous, libel and criminal for the price of defamation all a part of the hate machine of Karl Rove, the genius behind the suffering, the architect of the new Fascist state.
The worst part about this story is a line by Matt Drudge that proves he is a disciple of the hate machine that is the Republican Party, “The rape claim is just the beginning of Klein’s alleged revelations, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal.” Just when you thought that nothing, nothing could surprise you about these deviants they have outdone themselves. That the Mansel Report could foresee such a thing occurring just shows you the power of an idea and how a party that would defile its own person to ruin another can use it for corrupt means.

- Chris Mansel

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