Thursday, June 23, 2005

The State of the Blog (Celebrity Status)

Just because planes are no longer slamming into buildings doesn’t mean that the terror is over. The real terror begins when it becomes public that the administration was complicit in the attacks. The terror begins when we face the truth that our government has prolonged the war on terror ruthlessly taking thousands of lives in the name of greed.
The underground news organizations of the past, the short wave broadcasts, the letters smuggled out of countries and into the hands of brave magazine publishers are over. Today there are broadcasts of the guilt sprayed across a sea of ones and zeros like targets painted on an electron. The blogger is the new resistance movement but even that has been fortified by greed. The successful blogs have garnered attention and thus have begun to believe more in themselves than in the message. It is not more important to be featured on this radio show or that television news broadcast, face time as they call it in the industry the bloggers are supposed to be fighting against, the message, the truth is what matters and to be seduced by the make-up chair, the readership or the hits on a website is to get away from the central idea, the originator of the movement which has collapsed into a internet form of the Nielsen ratings system.

- Chris Mansel

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