Friday, June 17, 2005

The Devil and Mr. Jones

Inside sources, that is what they are called, either that or an unnamed source. Deep Throat is now categorized as a whistle blower since anonymity does not exist anymore with confidential sources naming and informing on their friends as well as enemies. At one point I would have said that a whistle blower had great courage but now the trek of interview, paid appearance, book, movie has incriminated the individual by their own greed instead of desire to do good. There are exceptions of course but the need for notoriety outweighs any thought of good.
You could ask when it became such a struggle to do well or to simply tell the truth but you have defeated yourself right there. You would have to go back to the beginning of time. How deep is the shame when you betray yourself? Eve took the apple hoping for something better. Adam went along to get along perhaps. We’ll never know for certain we only have the oral history translated through a multitude of opinions.

- Chris Mansel

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