Thursday, June 23, 2005

Long Live The Ghost

A ghost prowls the streets of heaven clanging a scythe on the gates, his hat is slightly to one side and his voice ravaged by years of alcohol and drugs. He screams loud, “Get out here, goddamn it! Wake up you swine, George Bush raped your mothers with his grandfather’s cock!”

The ghost tears through heaven sending gravel down to the earth causing enormous dust clouds in the desert outside of Las Vegas. He screams at the top of his lungs into a loudspeaker, “God, I know you’re here somewhere, you can’t let this shit drag on anymore! Bolton was sent by the devil, he hides the scars of a pedophile under that mustache! Send your agents to cripple the bastard, sever every nerve in his hind legs! Bloody up his hair and photograph him in his underwear! Send it to the new Nazi Pope!”

By now everyone in heaven is awake and startled at the reality crushing through they’re silence. The wind rages through the hole where the bullet escaped the ghosts body and sends a shrill cry onto the earth. And then just as soon as it began the noise stopped and there was an eerie silence. The only sound heard was the clinking of ice in a glass, the igniting of a propane torch and the smell of marijuana in the air.

- Chris Mansel

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