Sunday, June 26, 2005

Jailing The Torch, Feeding The Flame

Distinguishing between whom you associate with based on social status is at the core of the conservative view, relation does not base on income but the democratic view does. Together they work together to misalign the nation from democracy to fascism. The idea of the citizen being on equal status with all others has been lost to access and affordability.
The poor of this nation operate on a completely different level, a level kept balanced by the swallowing of pride and the lack of genuine shame.

I am the nothingness
the sun is my grave
and my absence is

- Georges Bataille

While surfacing their anger only remotely the poor maintain a civil balance and continue as they have always done, to seek more compelling arguments than servitude or belief. The lime in the river does not hide the dead or mask the smell. The poor after all were employed to place the victims there by chemical waste. It is never the worker that decides where or how to pollute but the management who profit from the actions of others.
The media that serves both parties can be found reading over the shoulders of the poor and compiling that data into polls to be used for circulation.

“This is not your house, you’re a man of the wilds.”

- Carlos German Belli

The balance of power often mentioned is the result of the scales being held up by a woman, lady justice, whose blindfold shields her from the weight. With a calculation such as this being considered is it no wonder that the distribution of wealth is often leaning toward those that do the counting?

- Chris Mansel

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