Thursday, December 29, 2005

Open Letter To Those On The Left

Let it be known that nothing we are doing on the left is thus far working and we need a new plan of action. The House and the Senate are in control of the wrong people and we still have people that believe as we do not showing up to vote. We still have old men serving in offices of power who still worry about what their voters in their states think about issues unworthy of their time. Anyone who has served over 6 consecutive terms in office can rest assured they have their base and can afford to take a risk now and then even though the issues at stake are not risky but vital. Anyone serving in office whomever sweats their future in office in a financial mindset can rest assure that a lobbyist on either side of the aisle will more than likely pay for whatever ails them.
Let it be common knowledge to our elected officials on the left that whatever they say, however they vote and whatever television show they appear on will be seen more than likely by more voters on the other side than ours. Let them also realize that debating and debating the right on television but on the floor of the house or senate from which they serve do not do the work on the left.
When you receive a call or an email or a piece of mail in your hand that asks you to take part in convincing someone to see our point of view and you do nothing that it like guaranteeing two points of view for the other side. We on the left cannot outspend the right but we can work harder because I am convinced the left converts more to our side than the right does to theirs.

- Chris Mansel

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