Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Victim's Rebuttal

Where will you be when the next person suffers the indignity of execution? A person who doesn’t have celebrity status the next person who cannot speak for himself or herself in the public forum. The next person more than likely will more than likely not be made a spectacle of and will not be laughed at off camera on Fox News the way Stanley “Tookie” Williams was, or did you miss that mainstream bloggers? The next person will maybe not inspire a press conference of those who watched the execution getting every bit of notoriety that can by witnessing the carnage. To take fame from another’s death is as old as this country but usually politicians and the military, not journalists, do it.
Put to death in the court of public exhibition is shameful, it is wrong and it is now accepted by a culture too depraved to notice the saliva dripping from their cable remote.

- Chris Mansel

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