Thursday, July 05, 2007


Computers hum and charts that were once three dimensional are printed onto large graph paper and delivered to the office of the Vice President. These charts bypass the office of the Secretary of Defense and contain information about the movements of Bin Laden and his body guards as they move across the border of Pakistan and travel under the protection of private security forces to the shores of Europe. A special meeting arranged to be spearheaded by former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld will discuss possible organized attacks of american soil in the next year to spark voter turnout in the U.S. presidential election.

An independent force to be reckoned with, the office of the Vice President has become the underlying exhausting line of demarcation in all things military. The wars fought in this century aren't fought on a standard front nor or they waged in a conventional way. The myth of a situation room in the White House where a President waltzs in and makes a decision and everyone snaps to are gone. War is not conventional of course, and no longer shall the government be allowed to rule outside the arm of corporations who can and do negoiatiate their punishment when breaking the law so blanantly it shames even their future generations.

Nigeria, the front of a war that officially doesn't exist like Afghanistan has taken victims like a thunderstorm reaching down to the ground with no notice. The winds pick up and debris is thrown around and the rain is sudedenly horizontal. Victims, people who will soon be victims run for shelter and some do not run soon enough. In a war they are called collateral damage but in a freak weather incident they are categorized as victims. Ecology mixed with Meterology and you have the narrow margin to understand and evaluate the losses. In a war, the type of war that goes under the radar, you must first understand the singular force of voilence and its seducing fear and power and in those three vices is the world of politics.

- Chris Mansel

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