Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Personal and Political

The personal and the political, up to a few years ago I thought they were seperate but I see that now they are both as constant as life itself. One chance at life? Well, one chance politically sure but for reincarnation the textbooks change all the time.

The personal, your own space is invaded not only by terrorism and your safety but by the necessary means of survival and if you don't think that political is the load bearing wall of that despair then the house you live in, your own skin is not your own.

The political is the air you breathe and the air you are breathing, like the chemicals inside the body can kill. Not slowly over time but on contact and in the cruelest of ways. Elections are to the working man what the Atlantic voyage used to be to the wealthly. You set out with the best hopes and intentions and half-way into it you realize that something is terribly wrong and you never had any control in the process to be begin with. The sharks will come calling in both instances.

- Chris Mansel

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