Monday, July 09, 2007

The Libby Sanction

Scooter landed in Havana and was driven quickly to the Hotel Plaza where a room goes for seventy dollars a night. The front of the Hotel comes to a point and overlooks neptuno and Zulueta streets, a good place to take a shot at someone and that is why Libby is in Havana. No Libby hasn't got the balls to take the shot but he has the authority to speak on behalf of Vice President Dick Cheney. The plan is simple. Find a witting accomplice to assassinate Castro and cooperate with the incoming president Fred Dalton Thompson to open trade and lift the embargo to Cuba and use the sudden influx of cash to fund the new far right-wing agenda and use the country as a storage depot for detainees.

Scooter immediately after arriving in his room summoned his security team to find him as many young maids to service what will soon become White House South as he sets up shop. Over the bathtub he hangs a photo of Vince Foster to remind himself that like the Roman legend tells us, "All glory is fleeting."

- Chris Mansel

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