Sunday, July 15, 2007

The John McCain Straight Talk Winnebago Express

Due to a constant lack of funds the Straight Talk Express has been reduced to the Straight Talk Winnebago. John McCain can be seen kicking the totally modern sofa attached to the completely life-like modern kitchen at all hours of the night and going on and on about the Trilateral Commission and why New Hampshire shouldn't be first on the ballot in Atlanta and taking yet another whiff of a bottle he keeps in his jacket pocket.

Staffers have taken to ducking their heads and looking out the smal but cramped opening used to drive the Straight Talk Express Winnebago and sighing quietly and gazing on sunny days as John Edwards staff drives by and moons them. Only last week Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul armed with two 24 count roll packages of toilet paper each were seen headed towards the Straight Talk Express Winnebago and chuckling madly.

These are the times that try loyality and cramped bathroom conditions.

- Chris Mansel

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