Tuesday, July 31, 2007

National No Hire List

As we all know there is a No Fly List and a Terror Watch List, but is there an Unofficial National No Hire List? Corporations who give to largely Conservative causes could very well orchestrate such a list. A quick Internet search of a listing made available by the same government who illegally monitored phone calls of americans could very easily make this information available. Sound extreme, not possible? When was the last time you dreamed up something that would never happen and then saw it come true with amazing accuracy?
Here is a simple theory of how it could work. The key corporations that have not been caught red-handed by the Justice department for corruption, the multi-National, Billion dollar conglomerates make a call and ask for a better way to screen who they hire and just happen to mention that their contributions could go the other way. Right away someone in the Bush administration quickly decides to make that personal information available without said company having to pay for background checks. Sound like the kind of thing that would never happen? Think again.

- Chris Mansel

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