Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dinner at the White House

Dinner at the White House is the usual fair these days, Tex-Mex per the President's instructions instead when ti comes to the Vice President's plate. No, it's not a special diet for his bad heart. No you are way off base. He feeds like a mongrel dog. He has ben known to get up on the table and kick over rare bottles of wine and urinate on Kings and Queens, once biting the tear stricken face of a White House photographer for snapping a quick snapshot of his slurping.

Hide the ring in the cake and whoever gets the ring has good luck? Not at the White House. At the White House you hid a small bit of microfilm that when held up to the light reveals the body of Bill Clinton being burned alive in the killing fields of Cambodia. Six times this year alone Vice President Dick Cheney has gotten it and six times there have been large bombings in Iraq.

Last year on Vice president Cheney's birthday the entire menu came from the first Nordic cookbook printed in 1616. It has been said that the first time the President ate a meal prepared from this cookbook was at his grandfather Prescott's house. After dinner everyone retired to the White House screening room to watch The Boys From Brazil starring Gregory Peck.

- Chris Mansel

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