Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Libby Sanction - Part Two

I. Scooter Libby turns around in his room and stops in front of his window overlooking the two streets below. He strolled four steps ahead to the window and looking down he noticed the three security guards positioned on the corners in plain sight as to notify those who would pass that an important man was top be protected. Later in the day he would start interviewing men who would be involved in the possible assassination of Castro. He dialed his satelite phone and reached the answering service for Karl Rove. he had been instructed to check in several times a day. The voice that answered instructed Libby to hold a few moments. he turned back around and watched as one of the young maids was bent over the toilet and as she cleaned it Libby kicked at her heels and laughed to hisself. He felt like a tyrant, a drug lord secure in a mountiantop resort in a foreign land. Rove came on the line.

Rove: Scooter?

Libby: First day and I'll meet with the first group later on this afternoon.

Rove: Don't give any pertinent information away. Remember the plan.

Libby: What is this I see in the press online, I am still the goddamn focus of the Democrats! Just how many car bombs does it take to get attention away from this trial?

Rove: I don't think you understand your role in this Scooter. You slid out under the door and like a rat you left the ship and you'll stay gone until you're needed back.

Libby: So now I'm a rat? I could have been a rat you know?

Rove: Think about where you are Scooter, remember Fredo? The Madam phone numbers came out today and Flynt is kicking at the door so soon enough the shit will be flying in all directions. It'll be quiet soon enough, now shut up and do your job.

With that the line went dead and Libby lowered the phone down to his side. Suddenly the heat of Havana didn't seem so hellish but did seem claustrophobic.

- Chris Mansel

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